100 thoughts on “Hill climbing Montée Impossible Bernex 2009

  1. Я на своём восходе показал бы им как надо но, не на ходу, с переди колбаса, поршня надо менять, свежюю отработку залить😂😂😂

  2. Самый идиотский видеоряд в мире…. какой идиот такие кадры смонтировал??? Нахер мне смотреть на каски по бокам стоящих??? Дайте, блять обзор!!! Вид!! Общий план!!! Сука! Идиоты!!!

  3. Not one of them knows how to ride a bike up that hill !
    Since when do you power the back wheel with everything you got, and keep it spinning bounce it off the ground and expect it to continue to get you up that hill !
    Learn how to trials ride and you can make that hill easily, and you don't need a lot of power

  4. Most of the guys that make it to the top do so never having to plant thwir feet down for support. They ride the bike, many in the standing position. Never having to put a foot down to keep from tipping over. Great riding, great balance.

  5. Whatever advantage the humongous bikes with their HD or other large-bore 4 strokes have in power and torque, they lose with the monstrous high-centered weight penalty that comes along with it. Case in point, watch @3:40 with the long-wheel base KX500 2-stroke (muuuuch lighter and nimbler than the other heavy 4 strokes with monster engines.) Hell he almost makes it look easy! Quickest hill-climber I ever saw was some guy from New York that would show up once a year at our hill climb in Waterford, OH. He ran a CR based bike with a extended swing arm and long wheel base bike with a late 70's air cooled Kawasaki 750 triple 2-stroke. Still light weight compared to the big bore 4-strokes shown in this video, but this insane bike was putting out 180hp. It was the only bike there that you wouldnt stand too close too when he took off because it was so loud it hurt your ears lol

  6. До конца не досмотрел, сомневаюсь что кто то въехал по этому склону.

  7. Берегите природу,мать вашу.. 😉 всё колесами распахали. ..египетская сила 😀.

  8. Plus con tu meures !…
    Foutre en l'air la montagne et emmerder le monde avec leur boucan… têtes d'épingle, plus plus gros.

  9. la unica forma que una moto pueda subir una colina es haciendo una moto mas liviana y que te.nga doble trasmicion en ruedas trasdras y delantera ok

  10. Когда я на охоту или на рыбалку еду , мне такие бугорки никакой преграды не составляют ❗

  11. I don't get it. I've walked a Honda 250 motosport up a rutted hill that in no way would you stop yourself from falling to the bottom if you lost it. The only thing steeper was a human built wall. I'm talking 60 feet in first gear. Yes it had to be dry.

  12. Hill climb is the most violent motorcycle activity except you know Evil Kanivel shit the French love this shit. Those that get anywhere near the top flip over backwards

  13. Well, Some people could reach the goal at top. I do not know how many did it. So, it seems like kind of challengeable sports, I think.

  14. You should give a prize to the first one to burn there bike to the ground😊🤗😃🙂😉😀😄😋💀💀💀💀👹👹😋😄☠️😀😉😁😎

  15. why does it seeem they all go to the left or at least a vast majority? is it just cause of the right hand rule of spin torque and shit?

  16. Very enjoyable. Much better made video than most that are made of this sport. Thank you.
    Can someone please tell me what are the regulations [if any] – engine size limits; weight or length of bike; fuel type; age of rider; …whatever. I don't think this is done in England; and I can't find any such information online.

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