Hello Neighbor In Real Life Captures Pikachu! – My Partner Pikachu!

(upbeat music) – Pikachu. – This video’s sponsored
by Wicked Cool Toys. (maniacal laughing) Pikachu. – Pikachu. (zapping) Pika, pika! Pika, Pikachu! – Now I gotta catch him,
how am I gonna do that? Oh yeah, this’ll do the trick. (giggling) Gotcha now! (maniacal laughing)
(zapping) Yes, Pikachu, you’re gonna
be so much fun to play with! All right, Pikachu, let’s play. – Pika, pika. (clicking) Pikachu!
(zapping) – Oh yeah, thunderbolt, that’s awesome. All right, let’s figure out another combo. (clicking) – Pikachu, pika, Pikachu.
– Pikachu. – Dad, we’re inside the
house, are you there? – [Dad] I’m here, guys. As you know, Hello
Neighbor has turned Chase into the neighbor again,
and taken over our house. To defeat him, you need to find the three My Partner Pikachu he’s captured. – The neighbor’s already playing with one. – Great, I’m gonna keep listening for more information to help you. Call me back when you’ve
got the first Pikachu. – All right, come on, guys. Let’s go spy on the neighbor over there. – [Shawn] Okay. (clicking) – Pikachu, Pikachu, pika! – Yeah, I like how you move
your ears, and your arms. Yeah, I also like how your
tail lights up, that’s cool. (suspicious music) (clicking) – Pikachu, pika, Pikachu. – I gotta hide you now. (giggling) – Gotta go, he’s coming, he’s coming. (warbling) (suspicious music) (dramatic music) – Come on, guys! (dramatic music) – Where am I gonna hide you? That’ll work. (dramatic music) (stomping) – All right, guys, he’s gone, let’s go. (bold music) – All right, we saw the
neighbor come in here, but he didn’t have the
Pikachu when he left, so it’s gotta be in here somewhere. Lauren, you keep guard, okay? Tell us when the neighbor comes. – Karlie, you go check in the bathroom, I’ll check out here. – Sounds good. I gotta find it, is that? Oh no, oh no, no, he’s going to notice. No, no, come on, come on, stay up. Stay. (dramatic music) (whizzing) – Where is it? – Come on, come on, stay up. The neighbor’s gonna know we’re here, and he’s gonna catch us. (clicking) I better go look with Shawn. Shawn, what are you doing? What is this? – I was just looking for Pikachu. – The neighbor’s gonna know we’re here, we have to clean all this up. – No problem, I’ll clean it up. – The neighbor’s coming. (screaming) – Clean up, already.
– Clean up, already. – We gotta hide. (suspicious music) – Right where I left you. Wait. (dramatic music) Those kids have been here! (dramatic music) – He’s gone. – Okay, now we gotta find that Pikachu. – Where should we look? – Guys, look, I found it! – Yes! (twinkling music) – All right, dad, we’ve got
the first Pikachu, ya there? – [Dad] Yeah, I’m here, and
I’ve got some new information. If you interact with Pikachu, he’ll give clues that’ll
lead you to another Pikachu. Now, there are two different ways to play, discover mode and training mode. – Hold on, dad. – The neighbor’s upstairs,
we gotta go out back. – Okay, so what do we do? – [Dad] Try discover mode first. Use different combinations
of the three touch sensors. There’s one on the head,
the nose, and the belly. Call me back when you
find another Pikachu. – All right, talk to you later. – I wanna play with Pikachu first. The neighbor! Hey, those kids! (dramatic music) – Shawn, I thought you said
the neighbor was upstairs? – I thought he was. – [Karlie] We’ve gotta hide. – In the bedroom. – [Karlie] Come on. C’mon, Lauren! – I lost ’em. – All right, I get to go first. Head, nose, belly. – Pikachu. (cooing) – That’s awesome. Your turn, Lauren. – Thanks. Belly, nose, head. – Pikachu, pika, Pikachu. – [Shawn] That’s so cute. – [Karlie] Head, head,
nose, nose, belly, belly. (zapping) Cool. – [Lauren] That’s cool. Belly, belly, belly. (giggling) That’s cute.
– That’s so cute. – Guys, look, the clue! Come on, let’s follow the arrow. There’s another arrow right there. (twinkling)
(dramatic music) The neighbor’s down there too, though. (sneaky music) – It’s gotta be somewhere
in those cabinets. Guys, look! – You got the next Pikachu! – Who’s up there? (dramatic music) – Let’s get out of here. Shawn, let’s go. (dramatic music) Come on, guys. (dramatic music) All right, dad, we got the
next Pikachu, now what? – [Dad] Try training mode. – How do we do that? – I hear those kids down here. (dramatic music) (squeaking) – That was close, guys. Okay, we’re back. – [Dad] Pikachu will give you a reaction. You need to touch the right
combination of sensors for that reaction, then
you’ll get a response. He should laugh and move
his arms, is he doing that? – Yeah.
– Yep. – [Dad] Okay, touch his belly five times. – One, two, three, four, five.
– One, two, three, four, five. – Pika, pika, Pikachu– – That’s it, we did it. – The next clue! (twinkling) – That means the last Pikachu’s that way! (gasping) – The neighbor!
– The neighbor! – I’ve gotcha now! (dramatic music) I lost those kids again. – Come on, guys. – Let’s go check over here. (suspenseful music) (gasping) It’s the neighbor. (dramatic music) – Oh no you don’t! – Pikachu!
– Pikachu! – Whoa, you guys did it! You defeated the neighbor! – Yeah!
– We did it! – What’s in the Wicked
Cool Toys box, Chase? (shuffling) – It’s a My Partner Pikachu, I got my own! (tearing) Whoa, this is gonna be awesome! (shuffling) Yeah, Pikachu! Let’s go play with the Pikachus, guys! – [Karlie] Yeah! – [Lauren] Yeah! – [Dad] Hey guys, are you still there? Hello? Hey, you guys didn’t
forget about me, did you? Hello? – [Shawn] My Partner Pikachu has 19 different emotions and responses. There’s discover mode and training mode. – [Chase] There are over
39 touch combinations with five random, different
reactions for each combo. (giggling) – That’s almost 200 different reactions! – Thanks for watching! Poof!

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