Hello Kitty Mess Free Game Book Imagine Ink

Hello Kitty Mess Free Game Book Imagine Ink

welcome 2wd toys Hello Kitty Mess Free Game Book Imagine Ink hike kids look what I found here wow it’s Hello Kitty mess three games the pages are invisible lines hide you take this marker when you write on
it words and pictures magically appear see we will try it now let me go ahead and to open this market
here part let’s take a look at the back for C see here as you’re drawing there’s nothing there when you draw all
great the colors come out wow that is so I’ll call weekend try some of these out I’m really
excited to try this I want to see what pictures there are let’s go sleep K start process to start on this page some gonna open a marker
see not the marker has no collar bone watch
see to see how this book works why I’ll look
at that see we have to go over it to see this
secret message to see what little lets you a Hello
Kitty ones to tell us of Hall law it says only your imagining marker will repeal in Ceres
clues and images in this block PC have a call I
was there was nothing there namely colored
over it and a picture appeared this to some are luck look at all the flowers hello Katie
planted collar inside the dotted lines to repeal
the pictures okay let’s see Missy what’s
inside these flowers see but we have to stay in the lines
okay alkali lines are all that’s a nice
flower law all the flowers call see that they disappear like magic look at that there’s nothing there you
caller over it and it’s there while taiwanese big ones Missy what’s here open looks like there
are flowers that’s cool would try another page okay the see what on another each it now we have to connect the dots what
there’s nothing here and he take the marker right see it invisible pot lock now we’re going to connect the dots see
one to 3 for my 6 7 be 9 10 11 Paul 13 14 15 16 17 1819 twining 21 22 23 24 and we’re gonna hear 25 26 27 28 and 29 and then it tells us okay looks like is just the tires so
we’ll go ahead in colored here she that while that’s awesome just appears on a nowhere see that Hello Kitty is driving and nice
tractor with pink tires while that is call okay let’s go see what some of the other
pages have I’ll take a look at their he did a really good job colors and the up there the new the 0 duh the the and don’t you see a match a/c she has stripes on here so let’s see is it this fund this
one has stripes and this one has stripes okay what is the difference are I think
I see the de France not the Sun has stripes on the sleeves and this one has polka dots and so this Sun has polka dots you’re a see the match you’ve got this one here and this one here we found a match good job okay working and with this one
is said we had a lot of fun playing with you today caller inside the dotted lines to read
our specimen special message just for you okay to see what their
messages wow look at their a south pole words
just appear out of nowhere I like this colouring book you can make
a mess that their assume a good if you going on trips in
the car maybe your parents is scared to let you
use crayons or markers in the car you can’t make a method s while look at those words just coming are now where all I like this one okay what’s done here we’re almost done there must see their
message yeah a lot says we hope to see you again
soon and see here’s her mom and dad and of
her friends they’re telling you goodbye they hope to
see you soon filed now is that cool set if you like
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  1. gueess what i have anew version of this you now that you have to take the marker out from the front in mine you can take it out from the back and put it back in and + in yours thers only the colour pink in mine there is all the colours

  2. wow thats so nice and you did good job, i like it
    please check out my channel and my videos, THANKS

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