Gun Game – Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Online Game Play

Gun Game – Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Online Game Play

New Gun Game – Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Online Game Play New Gun Game – Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Online Game Play how to make it count fellas yeah yeah hey what’s going on guys its panda here
and I’m going to bring you a WP GM Call of Duty online multiplayer gun game
gameplay so sit back relax and enjoy okay so know what you’re thinking is
that Vince in there is that wvg in Vince we’re in a pan ahead absolutely is this
a shameless way to maybe get more views in our videos absolutely but if you
liked it go ahead and click that like button don’t forget to subscribe and
comment down below tell me what you think is it gonna be
tough for me to play this game with this panda head on absolutely is it possibly
messing up the audio definitely but who anyway guys or about you started also
I’d like to say one more thing we are a family gaming channel family-friendly no
cussing family fun type of entertainment if we just happen to be not your type of
of channel which is unfortunate because I think we got a little bit of something
for everybody but if we are give me a favor and check out our buddy
angry red beards channel I’m going to go ahead and put a picture up here and
we’ll be posting all I’ll link to his channel down below he’s got some really
funny gameplay it’s I wouldn’t call it family-friendly but depends upon your
family so hey go ahead and check it out angry red bears the name oh oh I’m an angry Panda I hear something I hear something
fire Saturn where are all these dudes I’m ready down four zero it’s not
looking good for this panda bear aah aah they understand a panda panda I got
broads in Atlanta zoo yeah buddy aah all right this pen has got some
catching up to do boys and girls all us horrible that looks horrible
hmm why why why cuz that dude did I lose again yeah your
boy pandas on the lose pandas make a boos ah please don’t tell
me knock me back again he did they nothing back someone in here is just
being very not cool very not cool oh oh pandas don’t like guns
oh good that you’d lid right into me you got this mr. panda bear so guys let
me know in the comments below what you think what you think about this game
whoa did I just disappear am I losing my mind yeah
woo hey Jack let me know down in the comments below if you like this type of
game play like I said before don’t forget to Like and subscribe and do us a
favor tap that notification oh ah tap the notification Delhi if you
want to get notified of whenever a new video drops off horrible how to make account fellas
yeah yeah handers handers are still friendly letter now to aim panda ah
pandas got horrible eyesight – that may not be true I’ve just I’m just kind of
saying stuff that really does it ah this pandas got horrible aim ooh nice where all these dudes that no I just
want to be happy panda and not no one likes a sad panda hmm what yeah
nail them to the wall oh come on we’re family squad
nobody likes failing but we here at WGN say if you have and fun that’s that’s
basically what it’s all about when in isn’t everything but if you win kudos to
you that’s pretty amazing oh yeah oh no no no another sniper I mean I
really like sniper rifles but spend such a long time since I’ve played with one
Oh No so I hope you guys enjoyed this gameplay I mean as you can see we almost
got first definitely going to do some more gun game it’s fun fast paced fast
action that’s kind of neat getting to play with all the gifts the guns let me
get my guy to give a little salute and we salute you guys for watching our
channel like I said before don’t forget to Like subscribe comment down below hit
that notification button and if our videos aren’t your cup of tea definitely
go check out our buddy angry red beard it’s got some really
cool gameplay not necessarily PG but definitely worth a check out all right
we’ll have his description and a link down below as well so once again this is
a end up and then we’re signing off see you guys in the next video bye Oh

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  1. Once again you have made a great video Mr. Panda! Also you were the highlight of my day with the shout out. Keep doing what your doing and the Youtube gods will come to bless you — If not message me and ill go hunt them down!

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