Guess The REAL Gross Food  (GAME) | 2 FOODS AND A LIE

100 thoughts on “Guess The REAL Gross Food (GAME) | 2 FOODS AND A LIE

  1. I suspected Jordan of lying the first two times- he was telling the truth and Matt was lying. Then I suspected Matt of lying the third round- Jordan was lying 😑

  2. Okay… Have I got this whole game wrong or do they actually believe that we put cheese in our coffee in Sweden? I have NEVER met or heard of anyone who does that.

  3. I'm swedish and this is the first I've heard of this x) I do drink bulletproof coffee though (mct oil, coconut oil or butter/ghee) 🙂

  4. Wait so the liar has to eat the dish for lying too well? What? What’s the point of this whole thing then?

  5. The coffee and cheese dish Emily had on round 2, they literally just ate/drank on LTAT. Wierd that they already forgot it existed 😂

  6. Link is right. Fish have a very calcified clear round lens. Its like a tiny mineral marble just as rigid and stiff as a glass one

  7. Who else likes this video before it even started? Lol. That's how big of a mythical beast I am 😉 love you guys!

  8. Old town roads is full of weird comments…

  9. I just thought of the most italian think after the brooklyn Pizza was discussed. I shall make this grand pizza and It will be amazing.

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  11. As a non-american, I had never heard "Cloche" pronounced "klowsh" and I literally had to pause the video to Google and see if they were just making it up.

  12. Can you please please please do a video of properly prepared, what some would consider, grotesque foods, as in, not just boiled, and have Rhett and Link try them without them knowing what it is. Let’s see if they genuinely like it.

  13. I’m from Sweden and we don’t put cheese in our coffee, for real. It’s origin is actually Finland which makes it more realistic given how disgusting it is…

  14. Rhett and Link had the cheese coffee on LTAT not too long ago… I find it hard to believe that no one remembers that. Especially since they all liked it..

  15. The ones from Japan should give it away, because its Japan they make alot of wierd dishes over there and most are actually pretty good that I've actually tried

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