GTA SA – 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] – Feat. MrMario2011

76 thoughts on “GTA SA – 4 Amazing Cut Things 💣[Beta Analysis] – Feat. MrMario2011

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  2. They wasnt able to add these features because ps 2 wasnt too powerfull for all of these features

  3. #8, #6 and #3 of the screenshots of carl when I see a girl with a 10/10 booty on the streets

    #1, #2 and #4 of the screenshots of carl when she turns around and I realize it's a dude

  4. Considering the fact that the state has the same name as the actual fault in California, the earthquake feature makes sense.

  5. 2:24 the faces your son makes after you try to explain to him that you married your sister to keep the bloodline pure

  6. 4:10 IM LATE I KNOW!!! But Rockstar Games™ implanted this type of feature in their upcoming games such as Bully,The Warriors, and Red Dead Redemption for evidence either you have the original for PlayStation 2™ or the scholarship Edition for 7th Gen consoles(XBOX 360™)you would use the left analog stick and it would vibrate to open the safe/locker not saying this was entirely cut from the game seen as the betting shop in Montgomery and the bank in dilimore(correct if I'm wrong)Where CJ(Carl Johnson)would rob the bank with a another protagonist's cousin (Cesar Vilipando) and physcopathic girlfriend ;Catilina Vilipando which commands Carl to blow up the safe and also which when Carl has to point the gun at civilians and local bank workers you can see cartilina unlocking the banks safes. JEEZ MY TEENAGE BRAIN CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! Also "Ask a wise man not a fool"-Melvin (Big Smoke)Harris " That what I was doing"-Carl(CJ)Johnson~2004©Rockstar Games,Rockstar North

  7. Furniture might make a return in GTA:Online, the penthouse decorations are a first step towards that, and the decoration preview room even has some vanishing/re-appearing furniture, imo as a hint

  8. love your channel, love how u get them narrated for us English speaking ppl to enjoy easier. although i still appreciate your old text videos as much. have an Awesome day Vadim!

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