GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

Time to crack that diamond, baby. That casino… Would clear any one of us out. Today, their luck is gonna run out. We have planned… We have prepped… And we are ready to go. Afterparty… My penthouse… Who’s coming?

100 thoughts on “GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

  1. Since i got the new pistol every 10 minutes or so i will lose all pistol ammo even if i didnt use any! I dont know where to go but ive lost about 100k on ammo for my pistol

  2. This is hard but fun I only got 145k cuz I had to restart with a random person and I’m new he was like rank 218 and I was 12 now I’m 21

  3. Lester: Time to crack the diamond.

    Every GTA player:Oh damn Right

    Updates:Sees that he has to buy a Arcade
    Really bro not again

  4. Potential Arcade Game Suggestions
    -A 1/2 player Afterburner type game (Lazer vs Hydra or Lazer vs ufos?) Lazer vs Hydra vehicle cabinet like Race n Chase.
    -Pinball Machines. -Mini Basketball Machine. -Billiards. -QUB3D from IV.
    -A 1/2 player arena/tourney fighting game. Like the Street Crimes art thugs fight with crowbars, tire irons n chains. I thought Street Crimes would be like Double Dragon by the cabinet art.
    -A 1 player Street Crimes: Gang Wars vs the Cops trying to catch you. More Cops each level.
    -1 player Don't Cross the Line vs white/red cpu.
    -The Arcade Games from San Andreas. Maybe a blue/red sequel to Duality that could be called Bi-Polar.
    -A DDR dancing/button timing game, like the lowrider meet in San Andreas.

  5. No wonder u guys didn’t even advertise this trailer, it has a horrible song for such a subject as heist… Rap songs should stay in the hood.

  6. The best part of any rockstar update is the trailer Rockstar can be hired to make any trailer for anything and guaranteed they’ll sell whatever

    They could sell me a 12 inch dildo and I’d say no then Watch the trailer and you’ll find that thing on my shelf the next day

  7. Yo rockstar i buyed ps plus for 3months on ps4 i din’t get mi 1.25mil$ and i sing up on the mailing list and didn’t get my 200k$ wtf can i have my money back if you wont fix this?

  8. Hey rockstar the other day I was playing gtaV it was normal like always but then happened something my game glitched or something cause my nightclub won't fill up with goods anymore like my weed farm and my mempathine thingy won't deliver to my nightclub I tried everything shutting down my business excetra so I hope you can fix it for me btw I'm playing on ps4 name : smitfam

  9. Just 2 let u azzholez at Rockstar know I will b filin a complaint with tha FCC 4 your Gamez kikin me off PSN,I'm sick of y'allz bullshyt

  10. When you have billions of dollars but, you decided to make GTA 5 Online a grind in order for people to buy shark cards and make money from it 😞

  11. Верните обновления для GTA5 на PlayStation 3 пожалуйста. Не у всех хватает денег на покупку PlayStation 4!

  12. Здравствуйте, я играю на пс3 в GTA 5 Online, и хочу выразить свое возмущение и свое недовольствие к вам насчет гта, почему вы не выпускаете на пс3 обновление к игре, почему на пк и на пс4 есть обновления и миссии открываются дальше после банка, а на пс3 вы грубо говоря забили, почему люди если у них нету возможностей купить себе консоль или пк по мощнее вы так их обламываете и измываетесь над ними так! Прошу прислушаться и применить меры!

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