If I crash, change the game. Simple. So we
are going out I will take my Buffalo for a ride. I
need to check both the sides before going in. Yo man ! I won’to be very slow
here. oh that uh no no ! That was scary that was scary
let me go ahead of you let me see let me see okay there’s a turn there’s a turn
it’s somebody coming here – no no no he was almost going to crash into me. Guys I don’t even wanna touch anyone at all I’m not going to crash don’t worry. I’m standing at a stop sign. okay so I
think I should go to somewhere there that’s a shooting range right? we will go
there. let’s go full speed. I wanna try my luck. Just kidding I don’t wanna crash no no no! We are in gta 4. Who could
have guessed it. To be very honest with you guys, I am very bad at driving in
this game particularly out of all the GTAs. So please don’t blame me if this
ends very quickly. As the braking and stuff I don’t like it. by the way let me wait here. We should get a objective. Where should we even go? Niko it’s roman lets go bowling. right that’s the place you should go to. cops cops get
out man I don’t want to I don’t want to crash
into you man. Please please please whoa that was close one. Going faster the roads are empty
and I think I can do it pretty easily no I forgot to take a right there.
I can take it from you though. See how bad are those breaks. I hate it okay. I
don’t care if it is realistic or not right now I’m hating it. I am still- I am
still okay. Nooo. I’m on the wrong way by mistakely. Let’s let’s take right here
I’m good I am good. still going. I see lots of cars now. There are so many cars why?why today? NOO we are in San Andreas.
let’s use the car which is in our garage no no cars. dude there’s no car in there.
so I will take- so I will borrow a car from the street any car will work.
like that one. this looks amazing no no we have cops, cops after us and I
have to actually not crash while cops are behind me. This is gonna be insane hey man shut up no cops right? yep there are no cops. I
think so we are good Oh
remember crashing to NPC is not good as so I will take this bridge and go on the
other side. Yoooo. I managed to do that I managed to do that. oh no no not crashed
not crashed. I’m good I’m good the brakes are so difficult but I was
about to crash into that pole I’m good.
I can’t actually believe it. I’m can’t actually- oh dude seriously we need a objective wait.
let’s go get some burgers. I don’t want thes.e I want a burger. We are going
they’re not good not good I am getting my burger. That dude turned
so fast. Still I’m gonna get my burger. we are getting ourselves a burger. I am in
Vice City. This is the fastest car. I will get it I think this would be the perfect
car for today’s video obviously this is so fast so it must be good right. yo that
cheetah drove past me. I know that there are cops please please please please
the handling is bad. what is going on? I mean it is not bad but it is not what
I am used to. where should I go? Wait wait wait let me turn let me turn That was so close one. That was so close
and there are cops. nice. Where should I even go now? Wait! I will just drive
around randomly in the vice city without any motive maybe see where I can end up.
I think I can end up pretty good I don’t think so. I am doing pretty nice
now gta3 and let’s get our car? Oh there there is our garage. hello
can I get this car? Hello. I want this car. oh no I got the taxi what is my
garage door doing? ha ha where should I even go now
I don’t know anything around this city Let me be very honest with you.
Oh see I don’t know anything whoa I don’t know where should I even go let’s turn around and go that side maybe
oh this is GTA 2 and I don’t like driving in this game at all. give me a
car faster please Any car? yes this looks so fast and it
is faster nope we are all the way back to GTA 1 and I
don’t think this is gonna be

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  1. I love your vids bro..We both are Indian that live in America so yeah high-five..keep up the good work homie

  2. GTA V (2013) >> GTA IV (2008) >> GTA SA (2004) >> GTA VC (2002) >> GTA III (2001) >> GTA 2 (1999) >> GTA 1 (1997) >> THE END (2019)

  3. You didnt even pull out of your driveway in gta 1 and you hit someone. In gta 3 the AI just jumped right into your way like she wanted to kill herself. So I'd say gta 1 and gta 2. Best videos ever. XD

  4. Its my first time to see a Onespot

    The guy who can laugh me With the Dangerous Toy xD i love your videos
    Onespot can you make mods like minecraft mods in san andreas?

    Of course The gta2

  5. This is the only YouTube I have seen so far that has 1 million subs and gives heart to majority of comments. Btw love your vids . You upload videos of ideas that I have in mind but I can't play GTA V , so I watch your videos .

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