GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch *Grand Theft Auto Online Gaming & Money Glitches* Xbox One, PS4 Working %100

GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch *Grand Theft Auto Online Gaming & Money Glitches* Xbox One, PS4 Working %100

what’s up gamer and welcome to this
segment right here I’m your boy a sheriff you guys know how we do it man
just like you see it on the left and right of this screen we are giving away
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video right here and represent baby alright what’s up guys it’s your boy
here guy Adrian coming at you today with another video made by me obviously move
on me alright this is my idea coming at you but today first of all we’re going
to get you guys into a contest what is that contest guys pardon that
amateur beginning alright doesn’t know what he’s doing this this is how we do
let’s stop boys welcome to this segment right here on your boy a share my method
of life my admit might be mine is better he was lifeless you let us know who’s
better okay – be honest man there’s nothing scary about it his bias you tell
me to fire this guy and he’s gone he’s actually a we can actually strap them in
Vegas job done so I guess they’re off the contest contest you guys you know
the rules we’re always giving out what Xbox Live
shark card PlayStation Network card the dishes are the hard to play a little bit
beyond PayPal okay if you’re a PlayStation player please make an
account on PayPal and we’ll hook you up okay the contest all the details has to
be built your boy hasn’t built it yet we’re very tight on time okay we’ve had
two days to ourselves with guide a guide a guide a what I night man’s night so we
just came from dinner all right we went on a romantic dinner the two of us and
then I bought the best idea Pompeii no three chemicals you guys are always
sending us messages on xbox heyboys doesn’t really scrap it and we
don’t see them yeah I know some of them are nice someone are like funny some of
them I swing and I want to see these okay here you wants to see the of wanna
keep them okay and gotta see them there’s gotta see them okay so we’re
going to look at some of the comments some of them have been opened recently
one of them haven’t been opened but it’s random and we’re not
taking nothing out you give us a hate comment we’re going to read thank you
this man he got like GTA 5 GTA 4 always lined up help gotta get GTA all right
calm down on dating all right hey we really exciting 131 friends thank you
guys but only four guys are showing thank you thank you okay so here we go
here’s the metal right what are you gonna start off well that’s actually me
I applied I was trying to be nice and smooth
oh yes hey you yeah because it’s a girl hey you okay nice and calm with theirs
like they want to be too forward right and you want to be a little bit holding
back hey are you alright that’s there’s nothing she says hey are you around yeah
she said I don’t who are you I have this giant guy right yeah dancing mice are
you well hey you done for me okay those days are
gone but we love you okay you know
could you imagine can you imagine if a guy like oh we going to look at the next
one why do you think why is just so many hearts I think that’s me that’s me I
think that’s me I why are you so much ice cream yeah after that share I’ve
been sub to you since the beginning so happy I finally played with you in my
favorite youtuber today wait favorite youtuber today you didn’t like you
didn’t like what saw yesterday dude what happened you don’t man I’m not
a hater like the gun up in yesterday’s jealous room where were you yesterday
and do the honors plug it because me no angle easy pain are you in a race um not
right now okay I thought I subscribed but could you lend me some money I have
no no no how do we get how am I supposed to lend you my I want to shift off my
mic my chest not off my back no off my chest bro I’ll give you mine oh good
okay no I can’t give you money bro we tried to hook you up with the best
glitches that are working among them in the morning be on the notification squad
make sure you subscribe and you’re going to get the videos once I did glitches
not every glitch is going to be for everybody so you guys have to be active
right if you want to progress in the game please he’s got bones
I’m not even scared babe I love you but you’re not your content yeah well you’re
very wise up yes some private stuff on the low-low okay all right look um can I
join can I join let me
and hey buddy you guys know that we awaited notifications I don’t get these
messages and it’s another shake on that they shared content you share something
with no I’ve been trying for an hour which is I think it’s showing the glitch
oh it’s trying to glitch thank you guys please be on the notification squad you
know what I mean and there’s going to be an easy glitch coming down the pipe next
I’m a sub I’m a slug we can sing that well little bit good school a little
thing I was rapping here dude okay no I liked it I want to feel myself do I look
like I’m a sub hi yo hi – I’m Artie hi yo are you real good from
back um I broke your word ID a bug but I’m wondering if glitch still works I
can’t hit it anymore well glitch you know desert day I got a
message from somebody right after I put a video out he was saying I think it was
on today’s video you just sent the message thing how much is the vehicle
click but I invested so much time making that video where us funny but they’re
infinite for two minutes to see how much the vehicle is you’re asking me that
question no you’re being and message them hey you yeah I’m not gonna beggar
hey you hey you oh my goodness I guess now you see what I have to go with I’ll
do you what I have to deal with some bullshit idea alright we’re not going to
leave you hanging okay we’re going to give you guys a money glitch right here
let’s get into it I’m going to take the FaceCam away we’re going to make this
part of the channel that we look at your comments so always drop comments here
today we did it on Xbox next time we’re going to do it on YouTube so make sure
you leave your comment you got to be active on the channel I’ll hook up with
you guys on the next segment we are going to switch over to the money glitch
by you I must admit that was an awesome idea from Adrian taking your questions
and comments anything like that I was looking forward to some questions but it
didn’t happen this time which is all good men it’s the first segment we do
this so it’s all good ok did you guys see this man I want to give a big
shout-out to the no life he just demonstrated the glitch for us now if
you guys don’t know as we demonstrate this glitch I’m going to have a
step-by-step instructions on it as we go through here you get a position that
caddy that you have inside your bunker right beside the blue circle once you
come out of it you’re supposed to accept a mission from Simeon that you have on
your phone and once you accept it back out from it you should be in the blue
circle to get sucked into your MOC but you’re trying to get in the Caddy at the
same time when that happens you’re going to a long black screen and you switch
from care one character to another listen since we’re not syncing with
what’s happening in the background I’m going to have a text tutorial at the
bottom of this video on top of that I think a lot of people
are on the same page when it comes to the steps for this glitch but just in
case you’re brand new I’m going to have a step-by-step
tutorial for this and at the same time I’m going to have a video linked up that
I took my time with you guys in order to explain but I want to give a big shout
out to the new life for handling this clip I’ve been having a hard time
hitting this glitch to be awesome honest with you guys I’ve tried this morning to
hit it after the brand-new vehicle came but you hit it like a boss and as you
can see he’s going to grab his retro allergy and he’s going to go outside one
thing that is happening right now is when you go outside the garage it tells
you that you can’t get the MOC to be delivered to you and that’s what we
addressed in the last video and when that happens you need to request it when
you’re outside the car and you’re getting into it once that happens it’s
spongy right beside it for me to be honest because I’m not really active on
this glitch as much I haven’t tried it in different places I also see that when
other people are doing it in different apartments they get to spawn in a
different area then the doc your boy here was getting spawned at the dark
time and time again but as you can see it spawned them all the way near the
army base or near the Trevor Airfield I think and he’s gonna requestor and we’ll
see one more time he’ll drive into it and once he drives into it he has to
drive back out for this glitch to stick he shows you a plate and the number on
it and that’s the number that was on your retro or that normal rh8 before he
got switched so the glitch is still active but I want
to tell you guys a few things there is another method for doing this and that
other method I tested it mean agent the other day I didn’t really put too much
time into it it took like maybe half an hour you go
and you align that blue circle with one of your businesses that tutorial that
the dude shows you of course it doesn’t show it to you in real time he shows it
to you edited it is a little bit difficult once I align the two circles
and I actually put myself in the blue circle it froze me and it put Adrian in
a black screen after he was in a mission waiting for me to come and join him it
was completely messed up I kind of got worried of all the banging that’s going
on and stuff and I’m like you know what I’m not going to mess around with it
that much because this one right here is working and I think if you are going to
spend the time in order to align the blue circle perfectly man we are talking
perfectly you cannot have that blue circle like one millimeter to the left
or right from the entrance to your factory or business or warehouse it has
to be spot-on and you guys remember people were complaining about lining it
up with the car when it used to get bricked a whole car man
so it’s kind of difficult it might get passed across as an easy glitch but I
would take this one over it any day of the week just trying to get the
animation and getting into the caddy it’s personal preference I’m here to let
you know there’s two methods the method that you see in this video and the other
method that you can go ahead and align the two blue circles alike like on top
of each other now you can see that this car sell for a lot of monument it’s one
of the best glitches that we have it’s absolutely so low you don’t need anybody
the one with the blue circle was your warehouse you do need a friend so that
that kind of you know puts a you know a ding in the armor a little bit because
you need to tie somebody beside you when you’re trying to hit that blue circle
spot on you know in order to get glitched out are actually guys I’m
enjoying these segments we’re always renovating we’re always innovating we’re
always coming up with new ideas is that even making sense I don’t even know at
this point just wanted to give you good news that this is still active today
after the brand new DLC that just hit GTA 5 online I see you guys on the next
segment come back and check on that giveaway player peace baby

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  1. I have not built the contest yet. I have to work on that today. This idea is really nice and funny. Adrian came up with it. If u guys support this could take a whole segment all by itself Come back and check for the contest soon.

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