GPRO How To Do Testing Tutorial | Grand Prix Racing Online Game SGMotorsports

GPRO How To Do Testing Tutorial | Grand Prix Racing Online Game SGMotorsports

hello and welcome to the show in today’s
video I will be showing you how to do testing yourselves if you haven’t
watched the latest video on how to sign a driver go and check it out good, can be
very useful for you. Also I have signed a driver, now Ralph Perry
yeah talent 162 so about above the 150+ I said, currently I am training him on with
the yoga for his concentration I want it to go to 180. I would
have liked to have some of it a little bit more experienced but I couldn’t, but also
he is very cheap which is a good thing the technical insight rookie
should mean he is better on the setup and he will be more kind to the Car and it should have less damage when I race but isn’t really important to me
because I can’t race that much so stamina is low but almost all drivers
have that. Charisma is nice and low which I like for rookie and yeah I will show
you how testing works now! yeah time for testing at Zolder, before race two here you can see I have tested before race one aswell and this the test points I got at the past testsessions you can see your past testsessions this is race one, here can see what I did here and the weather of course which is usefull if you test more in the
season and you want to compare some tyre data from a previous test session so
you won’t miss any laps. yeah anyway back to testing first the setup. For testing
the setup doesn’t matter at all if you are new and a rookie and you want to try
to find a setup you can do that then you need to select setuptuning but, if
you don’t want or you don’t need to find the setup we’re testing then don’t do it. it will be a waste of your testing points yeah, yes you can see I have set to set up to 500 for all parts of the car
because I’m not bothered about the setup and it doesn’t matter anything
just for the speed of the lap which in the lower groups doesn’t matter in the
higher groups you want to have a good testing time so the staff gets
motivation here you can see my staff has gained three motivations from the test
session. I haven’t raced so yeah that’s how you build up the motivation and
more about the staff in another video hopefully yeah anyway back to testing
you can see I have selected the hard tyre because, I want to do a higher amount of laps and the short amount of time of course you can do 10 stints, you don’t need to use all ten stints. But you have 100 laps.
Testing costs 1 million doesn’t matter how many laps you test you pay 1 million for 100
laps maximum. If you test only 50 laps you pay 1 million for 50 laps so. if you are testing try to test 100 laps or very close to it because the
tire couldn’t last all the way anyway if it’s raining which isn’t at the
moment you can also use the hard tyre and then it will be more durable and you
should be able to run the test session in two stints with the hard tyre of 50 and
50 laps. anyway you can pick resource priority for the task to do. as you can
see I have done power first which is topspeed. And for handling its cornering and for acceleration it’s hairpins I advice to use those three and switch them around one time this one and another one time and then back to first one again. So doing that will get the most testpoints in one area which over the course of three races will mean the most car character points at the end for your car of course you need to remember from if you have a
low amount of CCP. yeah so time to do the first testing lap I need to check if the tyre will last I think it will. for that I can check here the testing I did at race one here you see it was 31 degrees the tyres managed to do 30 laps. and had
7% or 6% left, so it’s now about 20 degrees colder and I estimated 33 and 43
the other way round (34!) should be possible so I think I can do
100 laps and three stints so time for testing. yeah I think it should be
possible so I will hit drive and do testing. You can see I picked hairpins?! I
wanted corners, I guess we do Hairpins now so anyway you can see I managed to do that
amount of laps and this time which doesn’t matter at the test standings, refresh
you can see we are quite a lot slower but that doesn’t matter in rookie
because there aren’t that many testing so yeah anyway back to testing you can
see the tyres lasted 33 laps and had 10% left, so a lap more should
be possible so I can manage 100 laps in three stints, we had lots of fuel
left so, so I have set it to 180l just to be safe. on the safe side
and now I will take out something to make the car lighter and we can set a
faster lap time but even the lap time doesn’t matter so yeah everything is
fine for the second stint so hit drive now I need to remember to set the laps
back to the correct amount you can see still doing hairpins
you can see the amount of testpoints we have now. oh yeah you can see the tyres
I did a lap more. life in them left also the fuel, you don’t want to go
too risky, just to be safe yeah everything is fine you can see also
the time was faster because we had less fuel yeah time to do the last stint hit
drive so now we have done 100 laps in three stints and yeah the test points are
done. oh yeah you can also if you check back in the video you can see the wear
that I had on the parts and if you check back you can see how much wear I gained
with these level one parts to doing the testsession in rookie I’m not sure I think
it’s about 20% to 15% on some it should be higher I haven’t raced yet
and done two test sessions with the gearbox here gear and it’s at 60% so you know that
testing at the lower parts is quite expensive but for me it doesn’t matter because I can’t race that much. Anyway thanks for watching, if you have any questions please leave them in
the comments or at the forum at GPRO! at the newbie forum and here GPRO Video
tutorials for new players!, I will put the link in the description to this part of
the forum and also yeah thanks for watching subscribe for more yeah see you
next time goodbye

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  1. i'm an old player iv'e seen that now races are properly animated, i played for many seasons, but it eventually frustrated me that there is a niche group of users/members, who basically control how the game will be and will play virtually any suggestions by others in the community were disregarded and ridiculed by these "chosen" few, after finding a major fault in the game which made it unfair to new players, and admin changing it, but then due to these fools complaining again changed it back again (it was visible in the game screens) i decided to quit the game ….in short these long time users admins etc have too much power and they only ever listened to themselves nobody else was treated seriously, especially as the only language accepted is/was English….and now they start to change what many wanted to change for years……..says everything… have fun playing though…

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