Google Classroom: Mission control for students and teachers

few years ago, I started to watch the teachers
around me passing me. It got more intimidating
once the computers came. I felt as though if
I couldn’t get this, it would be time
for me to retire. FEMALE SPEAKER: My mother didn’t
receive much of an education. Because of that, she wants
me to achieve great things. So each of the objects
have their own values, different values. MALE SPEAKER: At
my house, I have six sisters and three brothers. Having lots of siblings is quite
fun, but it’s not peaceful. When I’m doing my homework,
I go into Google Classroom. If I see my teacher’s
icon pop up, if I don’t understand
something, I could ask him, and he’d be able to answer
rather than having to wait until my next Spanish lesson. FEMALE SPEAKER: I
take the bus home. On my phone from anywhere
I’m able to access Google Classroom. We don’t have to waste time
writing our assignments, wasting paper. It saves my time. MALE SPEAKER: I find it useful
to have classmates and teachers looking at your work. I can see what they’ve
made mistakes somewhere, I’ve made mistakes, and where
we can both correct them. MALE SPEAKER: Ahora,
esta muy bien. Excelente. FEMALE SPEAKER: I feel like I
have made this breakthrough. You just click on their name,
and their document opens up immediately in front of you,
and those beautiful thoughts come out. [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SPEAKER: I want to
become a software developer. MALE SPEAKER: I would like
to get the qualifications for a judge, because they
help people out and stand up for people. FEMALE SPEAKER: I want to be
good my whole entire teaching career. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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