99 thoughts on “Going Camping at the End of the World

  1. Jehovah's witnesses stopped Guessing the Rapture date and now Just like all the other Christians, they see Predicting the exact date as Sin.

  2. What is the name of the first song playes in the video? I checked all of the songs in the description and its none of them.

  3. As silly as he was for thinking this, it's so sad to see him pass away into nothingness, and infamy just believing what he really believed. Rip

  4. is it known why attonement, completeness and heaven had the values they did?…or did i miss something. i know crazy is crazy but i'm assuming he had a logic at play

  5. Man I loved living through this. Watching people empty their life savings was fucking rough. Post May 21st so many people were left fuckin broke and fucked.

  6. As a wise man said "There's a sucker born every minute!"
    -P.T. Barnum

    As another said "No one ever lost money UNDERESTIMATING the intelligence of the average American!"
    -H.L. Mencken

  7. I was a tiny little 11 year old back then, and I actually thought the world was gonna end so I played Mario World with my brother by the biggest window in our house so we could watch the apocalypse.

    It didn’t happen. We did get Ike halfway through Mario World tho.

  8. Haven't heard this music since Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup! That beginning music brings back so many memories! Thank you for the nostalgia blast, my Historian : D

  9. Holy shit at 10:28 I almost shat my pants with that knocking noise. It was like someone was on the other side of my wall whacking it next to my ear!

  10. I like to think that God actually did plan the rapture on the days these guys predicted it, but since no one can know when it'll happen, God just has to keep changing the day.

  11. When I saw this video, I initially thought that you were going to make like the typical radical edge-lord atheist and try to lump ALL Christians into this boat. But when I saw 5:51 – 6:27, I was relieved! Thanks for putting that out there! Also, many people in my church weren't even aware of this loony until I brought it to their attention, and they too refused to buy into his crap for reasons stated in Matthew 24:36.

  12. I was in college and they were handing out 2011EOTW pamphlets! I got handed one and was thinking, "this is awkward, don't they know they look ridiculous? 😳 I was embarrassed for them!! Hahaha

  13. So what really happened was god threw a massive rapture party, and the numpty in charge of the invites kept getting the dates wrong?

  14. Every time someone predicts the apocalypse, whatever God exists puts off the end another 500 years.

    Or the universe puts off the inevitable asteroid strike.

  15. May 21, 2011 – I was in Orlando Florida. And I was like "well, if it's going to happen, God, will you at least allow me one last ride on Big Thunder Mountain?"

    Obviously he heard my prayer, for I rode Big Thunder Mountain twelve times that day.

  16. At 11:56
    "If it does not happen, what does that mean"
    "I wouldnt entertain that question"
    "You're stu…confident"
    Had me dead

  17. I've never seen so many people so upset to not die.
    Also, the numerical value you assigned to eternal paradise is less than three touchdowns

  18. There must be a special place in hell for those who use the Bible to scam people…
    Not only you steal other people's money but you make normal Christians look bad through association.

  19. Regarding the guys who sold everything because of the rapture. I feel bad for them, but really, how bold of them to assume that they were actually going to be among those going up if the rapture was going to happen.

  20. This is why I like internet historian. He just records history in a funny way, will poke fun at it but at the end doesn't harshly judge the people involved. Doing anything involving Christianity is hard as ***k to do these days without causing dog-piling from 20-something Atheists. Well done.

  21. What was Camping and his followers' justification for going against the bible saying that no one can know the date?

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