100 thoughts on “Get Free PS4 Games as a PS Plus Member

  1. Sony son listen to the players and give them what they want give them more games you stupid scammer😡😡

  2. Ya están mamando con eso de que son juegos gratuitos espero que los demanden para que dejen de engañar a la gente con esa publicidad engañosa y espero que coloquen el online gratis.

  3. This is so deceiving. Idk if you knew but even if you choose to actually take the game for “free” you cant play it if you choose to stop paying for ps plus. Its not free and its not yours without ps plus

  4. Ahora dan 2 juegos solamente anteriormente daban 6 y para que ablar este mes dos juegos de porqueria, para cocinar mejor veo un video de master chef mal hay sony mal hay.

  5. Since they scrapped the PS3 an VITA off the list, I think they should at least give us waayy better games for the PS4. Not some no-name indie games no one plays….

  6. If you aren't willing to listen to us lessen your price for multiplayer and and stop making a money making racket , after all the ps5 isn't going to come out now it will take donkeys years since y'all are too slow. Don't be greedy for money bruh and give us the chance to play other games rather than freakin Fortnite and Realm Royale. I have got so sick of those games that my family watches YouTube videos in it rather than me playing games. Should have rather got a fire stick 😐

  7. Playstation please make free online multiplayer, come on just give us FUN on other online games please do it because im stuck in the fortnite like im getting bored of it and im begging you please make it for free online.

  8. These monthly games are trash
    and people will say "why dont you just not buy the subscription" well because I'm forced to buy it if I want to play online games and that's most of the games I have

  9. When i press psplus button nothing is working and show me a error
    When i dawnload psplus games from store and when my psplus ends it aytomaticaly delete the games

  10. How about you keep the games Sony and go back to free online play? That's what PS Plus is for, gaming online.

  11. Look at all the ingrates. Entitled gamers can never be pleased. Free games are free games. And operating a company, paying workers, refinement patches, running servers, digital distribution, takes money. Period. Just be happy you get anything. You don't deserve it.

  12. May lineup its a trash, why dont they give away games like driveclub, uncharted 4, freaking fifa and pes (garbage games but fun with friends)

  13. I remember back in the ps3 days Sony was humble with ps plus. They used to give so many great games including ps one classics. Now charging for online gaming, and now giving away garbage indies . They even be charging for online gaming in the place. When they announced the ps4 and said the that ps plus was required for online play nobody call them out for it. I refuse to pay PS plus. If you want Better speak with your WALLETS people.

  14. I'm about to go full time PC when my subscription is up. It was worth it before since I still played my NGP and ps3. Thanks sony

  15. Multiplayer content should be free I don't know about you guys but 50$ in other country's is alot of money

  16. Not Sony … do not want us to see the fool's face this is not free, you just lend us the games, but they are not free. The online service is very bad.

    And another thing that I want to comment, I do not like your censorship policy that you are applying to several games that are coming out, nintendo is not applying those censorship policies, they are allowing the games to go complete without censorship, do not treat us like children and let us choose what we want to see, what we want to buy and what not.

  17. Really disappointed with the misleading of this video. And the awful games they distribute for PS Plus. Do the right thing Sony, or Xbox is gonna get ahead.

  18. Free games with playstation plus? Yeah, but if you're not paying, those "free" games ain't available after 😲 so even if you did have ps plus at the time, the game was free, you still don't own it 🙄. A great service? No, not at all..

  19. Saquen el ps plus pedazos de ratas tiene q dejar disfrutar ala gente y no estar pagando algo q no nos deja jugar gratis voy a volver ala ps3

  20. They need to fix the credit card thing when you try and add your credit card for ps plus it keeps saying its invalid but I typed every single thing right

  21. Shut games. Im seriously getting sick of paying for something that used to be free. Also you dont supply or pay for servers we play those games on why pay you?

  22. With all due respect Sony, You need to ease off the censoring of games and remember that the rating system is there for a reason and its on the consumers to decide what they want to see not you

  23. Give us games for ps plus no one wants too buy a game and buy another thing just too play it makes no sense obviously you guys want money

  24. I wonder if Sony would consider offering 5 games and selecting 2 of the 5 a month. Too often I already own the games offered and I can’t help but feel ripped off as the service is expensive. I find myself buying less games now because I am afraid they will end up as PS Plus games anyway. Just a thought.
    Or an OPTION to sacrifice the two monthly games for a PS Now Membership. Maybe for every month you own both games, you get a month of PS Now.

    Just some ideas to make the service better for the customer.

  25. These "free" games would be cool, if it just wouldnt be so overpriced.I have to pay 60$/yr for bad games and online multiplayer thats not worth it.

  26. شكرا انكم خربتو علينا وحطيتم البلس جزاكم الله الف خير انكم خربتو علينا

  27. its NOT 'free' tho is it.
    the technical definition is 'renting'
    the crazy thing is…. that its actually inevitable that you WILL pay infinitely MORE for the game by continually subscribing than outright buying it.

    eventually you'll end up paying over $1000 for ONE game.

    So in fact.. what i think your company is doing is called: 'lying'

  28. Wrong,,,Wrong ,,,,Wrong ,,,Wrong ,,,,Wrong ,,,,Wrong,,,,,,yes it takes PSP 2dwnload the free monthly games,,,,,,but once U dwnload them 2ur Ps4/pspro u hve them there 4life or til ur machine dies,,,u do not need PSP 2ply the games tht uve already DwnLoaded 2ur ps4 threw PSP.. ul need it 2B online 2ply (any games) yes.

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