GeekWeek #15 – MGSV Release Date!  COD:AW: Ascendance! Free games on Gold and PS+!

GeekWeek #15 – MGSV Release Date! COD:AW: Ascendance! Free games on Gold and PS+!

Welcome to another episode of Geek Week on
G.E.E.K.S.M.E.; I’m Samar Al Meer, let’s begin. Today, we’ve got a big one and it’s the reason
why I’m in this costume (which is just on my face
xD) Finally, we’ve been told about the official
release date of “Metal Gear Solid”……five 😛 So that’s really really great and we’ll tell you
all about it. So, the release date of “Metal Gear Solid V: The
Phantom Pain” has been revealed… …through another site where a video was posted
showing the release date before the official
announcement. And the announcement was supposed to be on the
game’s official website. But it was spread before
then. The release date is the 1st of September 2015 on
the PS4 and the XBox one and the 15th of
September 2015 on Steam This game is considered to be the all time most
anticipated game. And they’ll publish a Collector’s Edition that
will include extra benefits We’re all pretty excited and can’t wait to play it “Nvidia” has announced the released of it’s first
gaming console; the “Nvidia Sheild”,… …in an attempt to enter the home gaming
consoles. This console will be capable of 4K resolution and
will also be running local games as well as those
through streaming. Visit the official website for more details.
Also, do you guys think there’s any more room for
other new consoles in the market? For the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” fans,
there’s been an announcement of an early access
to the new DLC titled “Ascendance”. And a video shows this weapon that is exclusive
to the DLC. The advantages of this weapon, OHM, is the
duality between the LMG and Shotgun and it’s
awesome design. There’s also a preview of the more developed
version of this weapon: the OHM Werewolf. So you guys think this is worth playing it again
or not? Drop in your comments. Do you miss the world of “Spira”? Now, you get to go back in time and play one of
the biggest RPG games: Final Fantasy X and X2 But this time with better and more developed
graphics on PS4 which was announced to be
released on May this year for PS4. And this will include a cross save between the
PS4, PS3 and the Vita and a lot of extra perks! But more importantly, it’ll be out on the month
of my birthday which is awesome… Haitham, Sadeq, everyone kindly gift it to me xP We have more news with a lot of names and frankly
I’m just going to read them out and seriously… …they want me to hold this giant thing
throughout. Nope. Haitham, if you please… …Here you go. Of course,what did you… Free games on the XBox Live Gold for the month of
March are… …”Rayman Legends” and on XBox 360 there’ll be
two games: “Tomb Raider” and “Bioshock Infinite”. And for the members of PlayStation Plus, there’ll
be the following games on PS4… “Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood”, “Valiant
Hearts”,”Odd World: New and Tasty” and for the
PS3 “Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment” and
“Papa & Yo” On the Vita, there’ll be “Olli Olli 2” and for
all other consoles, “Counter Spy”. So what do you think of these? Go and renew your
subscriptions for these games and yes, Haitham
deserves some applause… …for the workout…give us some applause. And for me too since I finally put something
on… you wouldn’t believe the lengths I go
through to not wear what they ask me to. Anyways, we’ve had fun with you guys as I always
say. Like and subscribe and see you again. Announcement and or release… we’ve saidkhkhkhk.. Finallystoplaughingstopit… …sweet games…(o.O)? Whatever goes wrong is because of this… Shut it! (T.T) Thank you, thank you, always a pleasure… I’m torturing Haitham. Good! Work out! Workout!
Up and down! I need to see movement. Pzslktzzt…

9 thoughts on “GeekWeek #15 – MGSV Release Date! COD:AW: Ascendance! Free games on Gold and PS+!

  1. اطلاق ميتال جير خبر انتظره الجمييييييييع وهو خبر جميل جدا…بالنسبة لجهاز (انفيديا) ما رح ينجح لانه دخوله بين البلايستيشن والاكس بوكس جاء بتوقيت غير سليم وبدون حصريات ولا شئ…بالنسبة لالعاب البلايستيشن بلس ما كانت ضمن التوقعات…مشكورين ويا ترجعوا للديكور القديم أحلى وأجمل وما في مقارنة بصراحة وهذا رأيي

  2. ليش كذا اللعبة مطولة كنت احسبها شهرين ثلاث..لانه من زمان طالع له جيم بلاي يمكن من2013

  3. رقعة العين حلوة على سمر و حلقة حلوة ، اقترح مرة سمر تقدم حلقة و هي لابسة نفس جاك سبارو من فيلم قراصنة الكاريبي و على ذكر قراصنة الكاريبي ٢٠١٨ بيطلقوا جزء جديد

  4. عندي معلومة حلوة هل تعلمون سيارة نيسان جي تي ار استوحوا تصميمها من انمي كاندام

  5. اتطريت اشتري mgs legacy علشان افهم القصه للجزء اليديد .. بس حبيت اعرف ground zero مرتبطه في القصه ؟

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