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  1. i have an old mid 2000s JVC 27" CRT , i hope it will run a long time. Last week there was a Sony Trinitron 34" CRT from mid 90s for free but i dont have the time to catch this Monster 😭

  2. what is the biggest SD CRT they ever made? 40 inch? i see a big Loewe CRT this CRT was BIIIG i think 40-45 Inch.

  3. I noticed that at 6:46 the frame around the status bar is cut off at the near bottom right but is fully visible on the bottom left. I have a similar occurance with my CRT, but not as noticable. Is this something I should focus on fixing or should I leave it be? I think I need to open up the TV to have a chance at fixing it in that case.

  4. I'll save everyone alot of time just find a Loewe 100hz crt tv, it will give your old consoles that "other worldly" look!

  5. For years I told many friends how can you guys play nes snes n64 on modern hdtvs . I tell them it’s not a natural way to play them ok those TVs that’s why I enjoy playing on my crtv

  6. I bought a PVM in California for $100 at a thrift store. I had to take it home on the plane. TSA stopped me and were like "lol what's this." So I opened my bag and they were like "oh neat."

  7. @18:22 you are saying about the 4:3 Sony HS510 series digitally upscaling stuff. Wouldn't this be fixed by using an OSSC to make everything 480p with scanlines before it hits the monitor?

  8. About crt 15 khz.
    This stuff is like a Pi2amma,but also with a Asus Tinker,if you have a Retropie/Recalbox or others already in 15khz…please share.

  9. I don't know if you still reply to comments on this specific video but is there anyway you can describe the specific rgb to component transcoder you're using? I'm trying to look for an affordable option to play rgb consoles on my CRT.

  10. What about forgetting about tv's and going with computer monitors? I don't need sound from it… Just a good picture.. ? Cheers, Rob From Regina Canada

  11. my sister in laws dad was throwing away his old 32inch sony trinitron, he gave me it for free with the original remote. he says it cost him £600 back in the day all i know is its heavy and it has 3 scart ports on the back, component out the front, RF and s-video.

  12. This is true because I hooked up my snes to an old crt tv that was in my attic because I didn't have another flat screen for my game room. I immediately noticed a difference (in a good way) and thought it's funny that my snes looks better on this old tv than my living room flat screen.

  13. I think old computer monitor and roms is the best way to play retro games at high resolution and hight refresh rate. but still your way is a good expensive alternative that takes up lots of space.

  14. My first experiences with gaming and the years to come were with a crt. Despite the fact it was 2007-1010

  15. By the way you just said that if you've been playing games for any amount of time then you definitely remember using a CRT to game. Just one thing: not everybody who has played video games has used a CRT. Cool video though.

  16. Some of us retrogamers live in sleeping rooms and small apartments, so no room for boob tubes nor complete games.

  17. If you want a PVM but don't want to buy a real one, the CRT-Royale-Kurozumi shader in Retroarch is very easy to use and looks absolutely perfect. Tons of customization too just in case you need to tweak it.

  18. As I recall, I played all my games through RGB SCART back in the day, on a 25" Toshiba CRT TV with full dobly surround sound (2 built-in normal stereo speakers, 2 external rear stereo speakers, and a built-in subwoofer). My games both looked and sounded great on it. And every time I see footage of old games on YouTube, usually from America, I'm amazed at just how utterly sh*t they tend to look.

  19. OLEDs have no inherent display lag and they can be strobed. Laser projectors are inherently strobed and behave much in the same way as CRTs. It should be easily possible to make a good retro gaming display; someone bust actually has to think there’s a big enough market to make a profit on this kind of niche product. Computer monitors sill also at some point escape the curse that is LCD. I don’t know if OLED will become popular since it still has some burn in issues or if another technology will replace it like crystal LED, retinal scanned displays etc; but LCDs have such serious drawbacks that they simply must go away eventually. Then we will have low latency, HDR, high refresh rate displays. OK, so emulate the game; fake whatever type of raster lines or mesh pattern you think is appropriate then run the screen at a multiple of 60 Hz and insert as many black frames as is needed; use strobe as well if supported. It sill be better than the crappy TVs we had back in the day. You can even get lower lag (e.g. if input is taken on frame N and only used on frame N+1 emulators are fast enough that you can run 1 frame ahead).

  20. I sure would like someone to post the best picture settings for a Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-27FS120. Freaking love this set but I don't feel like I'm getting the most out of it.

  21. Bought Sonic the Hedgehog on my PAL Wii. Was disappointed with the slower game speed. No "Blast Processing" to be seen.

  22. EVERYONE we need to find a way to make companies manufacture CRT tvs again. If anyone is a retro gamer out there then we need to get the crt tvs back

  23. “I don’t have enough space for a 1.5 foot old TV! I would vastly prefer my 20 inch LCD TV that is bulky and only has 4 HDMI inputs!!!11!”

  24. I still have my very first TV purchased by myself from 1990. It's a JVC somewhere in the 20" range. I just got back into retro gaming and I think I'll pull that sucker back out for my C64. I do want to get a PVM though. Probably a 20" Sony. I can't believe I'm just hearing about these now.

  25. The very first time I saw a genesis playing on an HDTV, I knew I had to hold on to my 27” CRT! And a few months ago, a neighbor had a smaller 14” CRT sitting on a chair labeled “free”! I grabbed that, works perfectly. Bonus! The methods some newer sets and scalers use to try give games the crt look just look all wrong to me. Sometimes ya go backwards! Cheers!

  26. well they stoped to produce crt monitors because they are poison to the enviroment if the gas inside the tube leaks out, thanks god we found a new display technology. Even if i own myself a Simens 19" CRT computer monitor and a 32" Sony Trinitron CRT TV :3 Its just required for any type of retro consoles and old PC games/systems :3

  27. Who the fuck cares about fucking pixels? I don't watch pixels with a microscope. All of this is unnoticeable as long as you don't artificially steer their attention to it.

  28. Just got a Symphonic 20 flat CRT tv from my boss for free today. It's been sitting in the corner of the break room forever, collecting dust. Lol brought it home, hooked up the nes, and went through all my nes games. Felt just like a kid again for a moment. Lol

  29. But what about scart rgb through the OSSC on a vga crt computer monitor? Seems like it'd be up there with PVMs and BVMs.

  30. Do you ever see CRTs that have like a screen shake when the volume is up. I’ve seen it on 2 CRTs so far and the only way to reduce/eliminate that is by lowering the volume.

  31. I recently got an Orion CRT flatscreen, but I'm still on the hunt for a sony WEGA trinitron for the best possible picture I can afford.

  32. The idea that they would program FOR BVMs and send the game out without considering what it would look like on the only available equipment is naive. Besides BVMs DO have scanlines. This whole "scanlines are some nonsense for kids who like vaporwave or people who remember it that way like vinyl pops and hisses" argument is…bizarre? And hilarious. Especially when you view the material without scanlines on modern equipment, it's pretty clear they meant for it to translate the way it did (in terms of home console games) Without the scanlines those home console games look weird and naked and WAY too blocky. Period. Console games were programed with their commercial presentation fully considered;Just like how films where made with the theater in mind and Television was made with Television in mind and sterio albums with FM radio and home and car sterios in mind and early 45s with AM signal and transistor radios and mono record players in mind…it's not the least bit contentious. They weren't looking back from a world without, it was in the other room everywhere they went…they were engineers, of course they knew what the equipment that was out there looked like and how it differed from professional gear and of course they thought their product was disposable enough not to outlive that equipment, it was video games, if serious film directors who considered their work to be high art didn't see DVDs coming and make their work with that in mind why on Earth would these guys? It's MADE for crt display. From the drawing board to the showroom floor. If you want to play it on a modern monitor without scanlines you can do that now but it's not "more pure" it's an anomaly noone could have seen coming. Do what you want, but you don't need to defend your choice or put down another choice out of insecurity, just play it without scanlines because it's fun for you, I use some modern filters and things sometimes just for fun, it's not accurate, right, or better, and I don't need it to be. It's just fun. But when I want to see what it was really like and what I saw back then, it's got to at least have scanlines. At the very least. Nostalgia aside, it IS what WAS.

  33. Currently I have a Toshiba 1440TB as my retro gaming CRT and it makes my retro game consoles look so much better. Using a CRT truly is the best way to play old video games.

  34. 04:35 most of the games weren't converted at all. Super Metroid and Super Mario Kart are only 2 that I can think of, but that was mostly speed and music changes. The Graphics weren't changed at all and still had the black letter box due to the resolution difference. The conversion was mostly done by the hardware. My experience is mostly with cartridge based systems, so I don't know if this is still true from PS1 on-wards. But for SMS, MD/Gen, SNES and NES, to change from NTSC to PAL it was mostly achieved by having 0v or 5v on one of the pins of the processing chips. Thus why it is so easy to do a PAL to NTSC mod for those older cart based consoles. Which many people living in PAL territories (like I do) have done.

    Basically at the flip of a switch (or press of the reset button if you are fancy) you can go between 288p 50hz and 240p 60hz, therefor filling up the screen and speeding up the game without any major issues.

    Love your videos guys, I watch them over and over trying to get the best out of my systems.

  35. Hi I'm new to rgb. Needed help. I purchased a sync on luma cable for the ps1. My current setup up is a lcd tv. There is no place to connect the cable to the tv. What am i missing?

  36. Those pro monitors are expensive as shit. I opted out for the next best thing: Sony Trinitron with built in speakers. Fucking amazing CRTV. Say waht you will but: which would you get? $1,000 for a pro monitor or $10 for a Trinitron.

  37. I am seriously thinking about getting a CRT TV but they're crazy expensive. I do have an old tube TV but it only takes RF cables. Anyone know if the rf to AV converters worth buying??

  38. I simply cannot stand the input lag on any modern TVs. I stockpile CRT TVs for all my old consoles and accept no substitutes. Period.

  39. Unless you grew up with CRT televisions, you can’t miss it. When I think of my classic NES games, the memories are all on CRT TVs

  40. You guys should make a video on the Q8FN Samsung 4k TV. It suports 480i, 720i and 1080i. To show how it supports retro games.. I have this TV and I love it. But I haven't tested the "i" resolutions.

  41. we had a crt on our living room, mom had to get rid of crt for 2oo6 old hd ready tv
    regret of not keeping of tv, here pic of my former tv

  42. An employee at Goodwill told me they don't sell them anymore due to lack of demand but they accept them. They are then auctioned off at the warehouse by the pallet load and probably get shipped to developing countries.

  43. Crt is the way you go with retro games. I built a mame arcade cabinet with Crt of course. It´s heavy as fuck but it is worth it.

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