Gaming Hands Free – using your computer with no hands

Gaming Hands Free – using your computer with no hands

Hi, I thought I would share with you some
tools I’ve been using to work around not having full use of my arms and hands
before we begin I should say I am no expert. I have just madea lot of mistakes in a very specific area
these are just some of my suggestions based on what has worked for me. I’d love to hear
what’s worked for you. Lets dive in with PC control and gaming There are a lot of ways of controlling your
computer. Sip and puff joysticks – which are impressive
but have a steep learning curve and look like a breathaliser and
GLaDOS had a baby. Jouse – an incredibly expensive stick mouse
you move with your mouth voice recognition for both dictating text
and barking abstract commands like you’re training a disobedient puppy and camera based
movement trackers. The easiest to set up of all these are the
ones that track your eye movement via your web cam these can be slightly nauseating though if you are trying to look at something in one
direction and having to move your gaze to point the
mouse in quite another The best I found is Kinesic mouse.
You can use an intel iSense 3D camera…which some laptops come with now OR you can use
the xbox kinect because… somebody has to Being able to sense your face in 3D space
means you can utilise different parts of your face
and their distance from the camera rather than just eyes,
This opens up a ton of options for movements, meaning you are almost certain to find an
action you can comfortably and easily repeat to perform a task If anyone has seen me dancing, you’ll know I am a fan of the low energy, repeatable action The software recognises rotation, tilt, mouth,
eyes, jaws, cheeks and I dare say some other body parts Being oh so British, I’m naturally adept at eye rolling and tutting, so these form the
basis of most my movements ..but
Say you want to turn your whole head to the left to move the mouse left, you can do that
want to puff your cheeks to act as a right click of a mouse, no problem! Depending on your range of motion and how
easy you find it to perform each action you can set the software up to act as a mouse with movement and scrolling or as a keyboard…or both together Next we have VoiceBot now voice recognition is quite the tricky beast it really does depend on the quality of your microphone the quietness of your surroundings and how comfortable you feel talking to your computer whilst other things are going on I quite liked gaming in the background whilst watching TV or talking with friends you can’t really do that whilst using voice recognition Voicebot comes with a ton of premade commands you can just download someone, somewhere will probably have made a config for your game or app so you can dive in without having to worry in terms of customisation, it’s phenomenal! you can trigger all sorts of things!
eg: strike a key, press and hold a key you can set it to trigger other scripts, or launch a specific program Voicebot is not ideal for moving a mouse around a screen. Whilst it can be set up like this, it is much better to tell it to go to certain areas of the screen, specific buttons etc whilst you’re almost certain to be running voicebot in the background the main window allows you to see whether it has recognized your command and executed it on the right hand side you can see live commands as you say them / as it hears them also, at the bottom you can see it flash as it hears you

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  1. Hi Gavin, This video deserves more views! I am lucky to still have the function of my hands. I am 22 and have essentially lost my ability to click a mouse due to overuse issues. However, keyboard use is no problem. I'd be keen to hear your experiences using these technologies in computer-based jobs if you have done so? I'm graduating with an engineering degree at the end of the year, and going into a computer-based job is looking daunting, given how uncompromising employers can be. I'd be keen to discuss this further with you. Flick me a PM if you're interested 🙂

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