GameStop Runs Out of Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders! | Give It Thought

GameStop Runs Out of Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders! | Give It Thought

Like the NES Classic, the Nintendo Switch
looks like it will be in short supply leading up to its release. Welcome to Give It Thought, I’m Jake, and
let’s take a look at the most recent news about the Nintendo Switch. So it looks like Nintendo might be playing
the supply and demand game again with their newest console or it just could be people
Jonesing for a taste of the Switch, either way, pre-orders at a number of retailers have
sold out, including US video game chain GameStop. Two days after the Nintendo Switch event,
which either upset you or got you even more hyped, it seems pretty divisive for most people,
but just two days after that event, GameStop announced that they had already went through
their entire stock of Nintendo Switches. GameStop merchandizing VP had this to say
about the console’s sales, quote, “The fact that this initial allotment has been
completely reserved in a matter of a few days demonstrates gamers’ desire for this fun and
revolutionary gaming system” And GameSpot reports that, “GameStop is ‘working closely’
with Nintendo to secure more Switch units, though there is no word just yet on when the
next batch will be available.” But, even though no more systems are available,
you can still pre-order the sixteen games that are available, including Zelda Breath
of the Wild and Splatoon 2. So, if you were hoping to get your hands on
a Switch from GameStop, you’re out of luck for the time being. There are still other websites that will allow
you to pre-order and be in line for when their stock comes back in. But, good luck with that since most big online
retailers have it set as unavailable, including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. People not in the US may have better luck,
but it will still be quite the hunt. Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo’s
American branch, told GameSpot when asked if the supply problem that the NES Classic
faced would show back up for the Switch, that “Nintendo has said it will have 2 million
units in the wild, worldwide, for launch in March.” And that, “this is a ‘huge amount’ of
volume, especially considering the Switch is not launching in a holiday month.” He also added, “The one piece we can’t anticipate
is the demand side of the equation but certainly from a supply, we feel like we’re going to
be well-positioned.” But, here we are, in the same boat. Almost everywhere is sold of pre-orders for
the console. I’m always curious to know if Nintendo is
doing this on purpose. A lot of gamers accused them of creating a
false shortage with the Amiibos back when they launched. And then, more recently, we saw what happened
with the NES Classic. And now it is happening again with the Switch. Something tells me this business strategy
is purposeful, but that’s just my opinion. Nintendo does need to do something to increase
sales because of the low numbers they raked in with the Wii U. But, I just wanted to catch everyone up on
the news that you likely won’t be able to get a Switch pre-ordered if you haven’t
already. At least, not from GameStop. So, I mentioned my opinion earlier, now I’d
love to hear yours. Is Nintendo creating a false shortage of consoles? Or is this just Nintendo getting back on the
right track after the utter financial failure that was the Wii U? Be sure to give me any and all of your thoughts
down below. And I think that’s where I’m going to
end this video. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
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40 thoughts on “GameStop Runs Out of Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders! | Give It Thought

  1. "revolutionary gaming system"… i'm gonna have to look up the meaning of that word again, because to me it should not be applied here.

  2. Hell yea they doing it on purpose. I used to collect shoes and Nike, Adidas and other popular shoe brands would do this shit to build up hype. Have people outside camping weeks in advance or using bots to instantly buy them when shoes went on sale online. They all gonna go to resellers just like the shoes and people going to make money off of the switch. It is shit like that why i stopped collecting.

  3. yep, just as I thought. glad I got mine pre ordered the day after the presentation. but like I said  before the manager of my local game stop. told me their store was only allotted 20 switches for launch. 15 all grey ones and 5 of the red and blue ones. but yeah as for the supply I think it Nintendo being overly conservative in manufacturing their stuff again. hell the nes classic is still not available any where.

  4. Nintendo has a history of making false shortages to drive up demand, they even did so with the Wii, a highly successful console overall.

  5. you better believe that the limited numbers of Switch systems is on purpose…it's what almost all companies do these days. Companies know that people want what they can't have, the more hype you cause by limiting your product while simultaneously flooding the media with advertisements creates more want for the item. I believe that %25 of preorders for the Nintendo Switch is attributed to the public catching onto this business practice…I know because I bought 2 with a copy of Zelda for each, one for me and one to sell online for a profit..I'm hoping that the sale of the second set will pay for mine and maybe a little profit.

  6. like I said this could kill their friend because I remember when the we came out we couldn't even get the Wii until the next year there will constantly being sold out and I just don't think that people are in the mood for this type of garbage again especially after the Nintendo Mini but that's just my opinion there's so much going against the system in the truth is is that the big numbers are really the fans that are doubling up these consoles I just don't see too much of anyone that isn't a Nintendo friend that is interested in this console cuz I know a lot of my friends are not interested in it cuz they have an Xbox or PS4 or even a PC that does their games ten times better than what the Nintendo switch can do and because I live in Canada no one wants to spend $400 just to play Zelda breath of the Wild when they can play it on there a Wii U

  7. Remember… The Nintendo Wii had a similar Problem… Other then US and Japanese markets, Finding a Nintendo Wii was extremely difficult for almost 2 years.. Retailers would sell out days after restocking. Had some friends in Canada who spent November and December trying to find one for their son on the second year of it's release. They ended up giving up and buying it from a 3rd party off eBay for an inflated price.

    With the unique construction of this unit and the need to acquire screens and specific hardware from 3rd party manufacturers.. It could potentially take a Fiscal year before they will be able to even meet world market Demand. Probably why they decided not to region lock the device.

  8. Don't forget that this same thing has been continuously going on with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory as well. I still am having a hell of a time getting one of those due to high demand and low supply.

  9. Actually, if you look at the sales figures for PS4 & Xbox One on launch day, both sold in the margin of 2 million consoles within the first month. Nintendo themselves also claims to ship at least 2 million consoles on launch day. In addition, if all pre-orders are already sold out, Nintendo will have to create more supply, surpassing the 2 million which they did promise to create more if demand was present and currently is.

    Considering all of these factors, the Switch will sell at least as good as PS4 & Xbox One at the first month. No artificial demand is created considering that Nintendo wants to make as much money and as much Switch adopters as possible to entice third-party developers.

    It's easy to blame Nintendo for creating an artificial demand due to the NES Classic and the Wii. However, GameStop recently released pre-order numbers for the Switch, amounting to around 500,000 and that's without taking to account Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, GAME, and other major retailers. I guess it's easy to discredit Nintendo due to their recent disappointments, but this time, they genuinely seem to generate a lot of hype for the Switch. Interestingly enough, as I pre-ordered in GameStop, I saw many adults trading in their Xbox One's, Wii U's, 3DS', and even PS4's for the Switch while having a great time discussing the possibilities and conveniences the Switch will offer to their busy lifestyles

    I'm not saying the Switch's launch won't go without a hitch, but even as a current PS4, 3DS, Wii U, and PC (i7 & GTX 1080 SLI) owner, I would not discount the potential of the Switch just yet.

  10. I'm gonna get some hate for this comment but…. I'm slowly getting the impression that this feels like nintendo simply proposing 360 USD limited special edition zelda title 😛 insert failed sarcasm

  11. Sadly for Nintendo, when there is nothing to buy, people move on. Sure it will nab a bunch of people, but the larger market will forget about them, and move on to the next great thing around the corner. After the first couple years of the marketing disaster of the Wii U, and people learned it was a new system, they just could not care enough to buy it. To me it looks like another generation of Wii U sales.

  12. Meh. Nintendo is a terrible company that doesn't give a shit about it's supporters and are completely out of touch so screw them. I'll start hunting for a cheap Wii U and get the what will be the overrated BotW on there if anything.

  13. Personally, I don't think they are. Nintendo may have had more units than expected. Jumping the gun and saying they are playing the same game as the NES Classic, to me is a little ignorant. But you never know. Nintendo has high hopes for this console and think it will be popular.They could be doing it to try and boost sales.Also, other companies like what Aero said do it cough cough Apple. Not mentioning them to single them out. It's the only company I have heard of to do this sort of thing, other than Nintendo.Also, with them refraining for so long to tell anyone about the system. It is a high possibility as a matter of fact. However there is also other evidence.

  14. l hope nintendo can get more switch at the end of March because if don't l getting a ps4 pro l can't wait forever to buy nintendo switch

  15. Nah, they're not doing it "to generate hype."

    Building up units for a major launch is very difficult, because their manufacturing capacity and supply chain is set up to deal with average expected volume, not the giant volume of a launch.

    To get a lot of units they either have to start manufacturing them way before the release, or have a lot of excess/temporary capacity. The first is a problem because it forces them to push the deadlines for final designs back to a point way before the launch, which isn't easy because deadlines are always a big issue for complex products in a fast-moving industry. The second is hugely expensive.

    In the end, they compromise, doing a little of everything, and also accepting that there will be some shortages at launch. Not every company makes the same set of comprises, and Nintendo (being famously a bit stingy) may err more on the "accept shortages" side than most.

  16. Walmart in my town is still doing pre-orders got mine yesterday! then went to gamestop to pre-order a game and then said they still had atleast 3 more pre-orders left for the system

  17. I got my pre order
    and if you say that Nintendo is doing it well they are sending out the same amount as ps4 and the xbox one so I guess they are doing it to lol no one likes a negative Nancy

  18. there were only 500k pre orders…. there will probably be a second round of another 500k…. then a bunch in store on the day of.

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