GameStop Manager: Staff “Given Less Hours” for Not Meeting ‘Circle of Life’ Sales Quotas

GameStop Manager: Staff “Given Less Hours” for Not Meeting ‘Circle of Life’ Sales Quotas

[inane conversation] Customer: “Have you guys, I was curious, and I don’t know how much you can speak to it but have you seen that GameStop report, that [Kotaku piece out there]?” GameStop Store Manager: “Yes. That guy’s an idiot.” C: “He’s an idiot?” [laughs] GSM: “Yeah. There are some, like I would say for sure, that there are some people that are not too…they don’t hear the actions too well. We are instructed to, you know, let them inform guests about the pre-owned games, but we’re not supposed to force the option of ‘We don’t have that system in stock,’ when we do. We’ve never done that before and I don’t know why that person was being…” C: “Specifically about consoles?” GSM: “Yes, yeah. We would never say that we don’t have it when we do, that you would be forced to get the pre-owned. We would always say ‘Well we don’t have it in stock. You can order one online. Or, if we have it at a better price for you, we’ll let you know.'” GSM: “We’re not going to say ‘Oh well then we don’t have the new kind of thing.’ Yeah, and I just…it frustrated me so much hearing him say…they were saying that the store was being forced to do this kind of thing because I’ve never had a manager tell me to do that kind of thing.” C: “Even games-wise, you guys don’t have specific quotas, for used games?” GSM: “I mean, with any store in general, that’s how GameStop makes their profit program.” C: “Yeah. I mean, it makes sense. It’s a directive.” GSM: “Yeah. But if we don’t meet [the quotas] for that day, we’re not going to stress about it because we can still go throughout the next couple days to weeks going through and getting a good amount of (unintelligible.)” C: “It’s mostly up to…it’s like sales targets for managers. Managers are the ones who care about it?” GSM: “Most of the time, yeah. I’m part of the management myself, but one of the lower part of it still. So I don’t know.” GSM: “It’s not the big threatening thing like ‘Oh, you’re going to lose your job over it.’ Yeah, you’ll be given less hours over it.” GSM: “But you can always work on making it [a] better goal to get yourself more familiar with the selling culture that retail is.” C: “Well I don’t mean to keep you. Thanks. Have a good night.”

5 thoughts on “GameStop Manager: Staff “Given Less Hours” for Not Meeting ‘Circle of Life’ Sales Quotas

  1. People complain about game publishers being evil but honestly Gamestop is worse in my opinion in the hierarchy of things I hate in this industry.

  2. GameStop treats their employees terrible and their customers terrible that is a recipe for disaster GameStop will be out business with 5 years your corporation does not know how to treat their customers for their employees rate damn they're stupid

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