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– What’s up, guys? Welcome to Tuesday. It’s about 12:30 p.m. Heading out to lunch, meet up with a buddy of mine, Destiny clan member, friend of mine, long time friend and we’re just going to talk shop, we’re going to talk Destiny, we’re going to talk
YouTube Gaming streaming, that sort of thing and just kind of catch up. We both live in the northwest valley. Everyone else pretty much
lives in the southeast valley or in other states so I was like, dude, we
should hook up more often even if it’s just once a month. We talk and play all the time. We should see face to face so let’s go hang out with GitsAndShiggles. (light music) So we’re here at Char Pizzeria. It’s the place that
Tiffany and Chrissy came to last week for the first time, saw the video that they
shot and I was like, oh my God, I got to come
back and try this out. It’s kind of like Fired Pie but the ingredients they have and all the things they have offered is way better. I like sauce so I’m excited to try this. – [Gits] You’re going to go fresh. – [Clintus] That’s right. Check it out, you guys. They got these awesome
looking bruschettas as well. There’s too many to choose from. I ended up ordering one of each. Alright guys, so I’m here
with the one and only, GitsAndShiggles aka Steve. We call him Gits though. It’s Gits. And look at our amazing pizza. It came out all nice and crispy, bubbly. I got all the veggies. What did you get? You got bell peppers, olives, pepperoni. – [Gits] Pepperoni, yeah. – [Clintus] Yep. And then check these out, guys. These are some custom bruschettas. We got traditional caprese. It looks like prosciutto with fig. Apple and gorgonzola maybe and over here we’ve got some pesto, roasted peppers, salami, some more fig. I don’t know. They all look amazing though. Mouth’s watering so we’re going to dig in. Holy moly. That was amazing. Seriously super fresh, super awesome. Those bruschettas, however you pronounce it, top notch and a big variety. Some sweet, some savory, some traditional. Good stuff all around and the pizza was exactly what I love. Thin, crispy, lots of flavor. Up here, guys, it’s Happy Valley and Lake Pleasant Parkway. If you’re ever in this area, it’s the northeast side. It’s brand new. It’s their only location. They’ve been open for two months. Char. Check it out. Alright, so I made my way down the street to GameStop to trade in some old games that I don’t ever play, the kids never play. I got Far Cry 4, Guitar
Hero, GTAV for PS3, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Madden 11. All games I can safely say
I will never play again, kids don’t play anymore. There’s quite a few other games that I was thinking about trading in too but they’re Bryce’s games or they’re Sierra’s games and I don’t know, I wouldn’t feel right turning them in for whatever money I
get for them for myself. They should be able to take them in and trade them in for something they want so we’ll see. I’ll probably get, I’m going to predict and say I’m going to get five bucks for these. Maybe 10. We’ll see. 10 bucks. But I’m going to pick up The Last of Us and I’m going to ask
them about Dying Light. I want Dying Light but the DLCs come out in a week or two and so I’m going to inquire about, should I wait until the DLC comes out and just get the all in one game or will it be cheaper
if I buy the game here and then next week get the DLC. We’ll find out. Either way, I’m picking
up both those games. Alright, so I ended up getting 26 dollars for my trade in. It was one, two, three, four, five games so that averages out to being five bucks a game. Right? But listen to this, it didn’t break down just like that. Far Cry 4 they gave me
basically 13 dollars for. GTAV they gave me 11 dollars for. Call of Duty: Ghosts they gave me 1.20. Madden NFL 11 they gave me 3 cents. Legit, 3 cents, guys. Guitar Hero 5, 80 cents. 3 cents, really? You can’t just give me a dollar? (laughing) I mean obviously, the
trade in stuff is all a math problem. It’s a percentage of whatever
the current value of it is based on the demand and the sales so if a game’s not selling, they don’t necessarily want to be taking a bunch of copies in so they lower the value. It’s the same thing with baseball cards and any kind of card
trading kind of thing, a trade in. Trades are always shady anyways but wow. So I don’t know. I guess whatever. I got 10 percent extra because I’m a Power Rewards member and then there’s an additional, I don’t know, 50 percent bonus or something. I don’t know. It just seems silly but crazy. So fast forward many hours later and we are here at
Willow Canyon High School out in Surprise, Arizona for varsity basketball game where Bryce and a portion of his team are going to play at halftime, play a little scrimmage
against another team here at Surprise and play a little basketball
at the halftime show and so we’re going to hang out, we’re going to watch a
little varsity basketball and then watch the boys
do a little halftime show. Let’s go, purple. (laughing) Yeah. – [Voiceover] Good job, Charlie. – [Voiceover] Rebound. – [Clintus] Hands up, Bryce. Yeah. Good job, Mason. So what did you think of that, dude? – It was fun. – [Clintus] Little basketball action and right in front of a whole high school. You hear all the people cheering you on? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Kind of cool
to have the music too, huh? They’re playing music
while you guys are playing. Good stuff. As usual, struggled trying
to find something for dinner that we can all agree on. We pulled in to Chick-fil-A which we always forget Chick-fil-A. I don’t know why but it’s a fresher option. It’s chicken and they have
some really good salads. Tiffany went with the Market Fresh, Market Fresh Salad. Got chicken and fruit. – It always has to have
some chicken on it. – [Clintus] It’s Chick-fil-A. Sierra got some chicken bites. Me and Bryce got the
spicy chicken sandwiches. Mhm. Well guys, that’s our Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, give it a thumbs up. Tap the eye in the sky for
the last three years’ videos and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for Wednesday which is basketball, volleyball practice and probably a crock pot dinner for mommy. Vlog on.

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