GAMESTOP Leaks 21 New Switch Games Ahead of E3 & Why CODE VEIN Could LIKELY be Coming to Switch!

GAMESTOP Leaks 21 New Switch Games Ahead of E3 & Why CODE VEIN Could LIKELY be Coming to Switch!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some awesome information
for you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off
with games stop adding 21 untitled Nintendo switch s can use that stock
keeping units to their internal system this usually happens right around the
time of III but 21 a big ones here when it comes to it so let’s go ahead and get
into this article here so with III just over a week away retailers are almost
certainly getting their systems prepped for upcoming announcements usually once
a conference ends and official reveals armaid stores take pre-orders not too
long afterwards and with that in mind Game Stop seems to have given us a very
rough idea regarding the number of announcements or new Nintendo switch
titles we could be seen within the next few days after e3 or after the reveals
whatever the case is now this is from Nintendo and also third-party developers
21 SK used once again stock-keeping units have been added to the retailer
game stops internal system with no names meaning that will likely be revealed at
e3 or before e3 probably after the official announcements are made most of
them are $60 titles but there are some that are probably like a collector’s
edition of that so maybe it could be like maybe 17 new games with clutch
additions or maybe 18 or 19 new games with one of them having a collection
edition with up to $200 in terms of the listing so what does this mean well it
means like what its mean before if you remember last year there was a lot of
SKUs that went live beforehand or not live but where we saw them in game stops
internal system I think there was like 11 or 12 or there was something like
that there was like 15 there was just like a number of SKUs I remember last
year and those turn out to be stuff like Dragon Ball fighters for example that
was a game that was revealed there was also other stuff as well so I think that
that’s what’s going on with this one here Nintendo is set to have a huge III
they have a lot of momentum they are pretty much winning the sales battles
when it comes down to it but they’re winning the most important sales battle
and that is for their own self that is for making sure that their
numbers are good enough not necessarily comparing to anybody else but making
sure that they be what they’re doing with the 3ds and with the Wii U and
they’re definitely doing so and making sure that they have enough games out
there so their hardware is appealing and if you look up the Nintendo switch
pretty much every single month there are interesting titles for people to play
especially with that unique aspect of being able to take the switch anywhere
that you want but I think that this is where things kind of get into overdrive
when it comes down to it there’s already a lot of games that are gonna be
dropping in June July August September October there’s just so many games and
this is just going to add to it some of these titles could be revealed for
usually they’ve stacked November’s that Nintendo has a lot of weird games like
the city’s skyline game yet civilization 6 got a lot of these different games
that were announced that various different Nintendo directs or e3 that
could be announced here with this especially when it comes to Western
games maybe one of these is the fabled witcher 3 port that people have been
talking about when it comes down to things or that’s been rumored maybe
there’s some other stuff going on it looks like there’s some rumors going
around that there could be called Juarez the gunslinger game from tech Lam being
remastered as well who knows what else this is going to bring I mean I’m pretty
sure the antennas gonna have at least a remaster or two so we could see that
from the WiiU era hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X or
maybe even the wonderful 101 people have talked about Pikmin being brought back I
mean there’s still a number of games on the Wii U that would be cool people have
talked about Super Mario 3d World but I don’t think they’re gonna do that
because Super Mario maker 2 so overall this is just exciting that’s really cool
and it’s exciting to see what Nintendo could be bringing the III I think
they’re gonna have a great show they have a lot of games already planned for
2019 and they’re also gonna have new announcements as well with this internal
listing here so what do you guys think about the 21 untitled Nintendo switch
SKUs drop in sometime or at least being revealed probably around the time of III
and at Nintendo’s Digital III event let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright and moving on to the next topic here the code thing
producer this is Bandai Namco has stated that there might be a possibility down
the line of getting a Nintendo switch port of code veins so Bandai Namco has
started to bring over a number of their titles over to the Nintendo switch we’ve
games like God Eater 3 get announced that’s dropping this July we have sorta
online fatal bullet that game is dropping this summer on the Nintendo
switch I think it’s like August or something like that we also had last
year Dragonball Fighters that game dropped on the Nintendo switch and what
do all of those games have in common with code vain they all use Unreal
Engine 4 so let’s going to get into what bandai namco had to say on their newest
game which is an action RPG that copies Dark Souls which I’ve played on this
channel code vain and it’s actually really good it’s a very good game so
let’s talk about this in this interview with GameSpot with one of the producers
quote we are focusing on development of the ps4 steam and the Xbox one but as
far as the possibility of porting to the Nintendo switch or the epic game store
there might be a possibility down the line we can’t really say for sure at
this point if you’re looking at a lot of these games when it comes to Bandai
Namco you’re looking at the sales of how these games have done Dragonball
Fighters did extremely well on the Nintendo switch if you’re looking at
what they’re gonna bring over I know that sort of online fatal bullets gonna
do well holo realization not so much just because of how old that game is but
I think fatal bullet the complete edition with all the content is going to
do very well been dynamic was brought over the United though games which were
at the top of the eShop charts for a while they’ve brought over a number of
titles Dragon Ball xenoverse – which is the Eavis engine or whatever else it’s a
different one but that’s done really well on the Nintendo switch that’s sold
extremely well so I think a game like this anime souls would do well on the
switch – because it really is that it’s an amazing Souls but if you like let’s
say Dark Souls but you want a little bit more of a story experience to kind of
want things a little bit different more RPG kind of packed into there this is
the game for you and that’s what I like so much about code vein and I talked
about that in my Let’s Plays that you guys are seeing on the channel coming up
here called vein is a fantastic game that would fit so well on the Nintendo
switch so if they were gonna bring it over that’s cool if they don’t bring it
over then whatever you can play it on the ps4 and Xbox one now the thing about
this is what people doubled it because it would come some time down the line
like he does say but it depends I think that if it does come adding in some
extras would be nice but I think a lot of internal switch friends would be
patient considering all different games that are coming out this
year I mean there’s just so much stuff and if this game came later like let’s
say early 2020 for example I think that people would be fine with that I think
people would be like alright that’s cool I can play some code vein now would you
double dip um I probably doubled it because this game has so many different
varieties of ways to play it’d be kind of cool to play a portable version of
that but at the same time I know some people might not want to just want to
get the game right away I know I’m going to be picking up the game day one or
probably gonna get in a review code for it but I definitely buy a switch present
if they wanted to do that because the network test that they’re doing is
really cool which you could put the network test offline too but it’s a
really fun game and it’s really good I like it a lot so what do you guys think
about code vein having the possibility of coming over once again this is a
Unreal Engine 4 title we’ve already had a number of Ben dynamical Unreal Engine
4 games already be ported over I think this one’s gonna come at some point but
we’ll have to wait and see if that actually happens so let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright I’m moving on to the final topic
here Square Enix might be doing something that we have been waiting for
them to do for a very long time two years and that is the secret of mana
collection that has been rated in Europe so that points all things point to e3
2019 at Square Enix is press conference them revealing this game for the switch
so Square Enix filed a Japanese trademark for the collection of Manor
earlier this year based on that listing many fans had hoped that the Nintendo
switch package would finally be localized for the west now there’s even
more evidence of this happening now today Square Enix picked up another
trademark for collection of mana the filing was done this time around in
Europe with III 2019 of course right around the corner perhaps we could
finally be getting this and that’s what I want remember em to the people who did
this in Japan were saying hey if you want to see it make sure you say you
want to see it and I was like no I’m good I’m just gonna let the people talk
about it and they’re just gonna do it at some point but you know what maybe it’s
finally coming into fruition here now this collection for those who don’t know
it includes final fantasy adventure Secret of Mana and second in set suit 3
now second in such suit 3 that has never been officially released here in the
West in any capacity now there are some banned translations those are really
good one so where people can play the game so that’s already been out there
but people want an official collection that you can play anywhere that you want
away from your PC or whatever the case is and not have to hack or put it on a
PSP or a Vita or something like that or put on some type of a homebrew device
but you can have it officially from square-enix any way that you want along
with Secret of Mana 2 or just Secret of Mana here in the West that games
phenomenal that’s on the Super Nintendo classic people are enjoying that game
and then the original game which is still got hard to play when it comes
down to a final fantasy adventure which it’s not really it’s a Secret of Mana
game but they named the final fantasy adventures because Final Fantasy is more
popular so there you go but yeah Secret of Mana essentially so
you get those games and those are some of the best games in this series the
mana series has a long history of games but these are pretty much the best ones
especially Secret of Mana 2 second it’s a 2 2 or Secret of Mana and also second
in Tetsu 3 those two games are extremely good so if we were able to get three for
the first time here that would be something that a lot of fans would
really want and obviously Square Enix knows that so
maybe the time is ripe because they don’t have an official translation maybe
that was the reason why it’s taking so long they have to take care of all the
legal stuff with getting that translation because I don’t think they
did it themselves did maybe they really fund that what took them so long if they
were going to fund it at some point they they really want to fund that I mean we
got like what was it like Star Fox 2 before we got sickened in set C 3 so I
don’t know maybe they use the fan translation because there is a really
good one that everyone who speaks Japanese and English that has looked
over and says yeah there’s not really any wonkiness or anything like that it’s
translated well so I think that maybe they use that and maybe they’re cleaning
up legal stuff with that so we’ll have to wait and see I think it’s going to be
interesting to see if this game does come and what else we’re in exams for
the Nintendo switch at e3 but overall I’m just excited for the show ps4 Xbox
one PC switch everything I’m just excited to see what Square Enix has for
us because they’re an exciting developer they got some of the best IPs in the
industry so what do you guys think of all the different topics here from game
stops internal system to code vein potentially being on the switch down the
line also Secret of Mana collection could that possibly coming over let me
know your thoughts on all this in the comment section below alright guys that
wraps it up for this video here gonna check out the links in description below
we have Facebook gonna give us a lichen upon our social
media hit that like button if you did like this video let’s you know you guys
want more coffee like this going form in the future and subscribe the players
this blitz RPG Japanese a Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for
watching I will catch you guys for the next one pace

49 thoughts on “GAMESTOP Leaks 21 New Switch Games Ahead of E3 & Why CODE VEIN Could LIKELY be Coming to Switch!

  1. Someone had JUST mentioned these GameStop listings to me in the stream last night. Curious about the 199.99 listing myself! LoL Code Vein looks fun but I only have room for one Dark Souls-esque experience at a time and you saw how this going for me 😂 Seems like a distinct possibility it will come at some point though. I always wanted to check out the Mana series but didn’t wanna get a home brew cart for the translation. The fragmentation of it was a little off-putting so I’d definitely get this one. If they do put it out I’d love to see some Castlevania Collection-styled digital history inclusion for newcomers and veterans of the series.

  2. I was also recently predicting Code Vein could be announced for Switch at e3. Another Bandai Namco game I think they'll announce for Switch next week is Soul Calibur 6. They gave us Dragon Ball FighterZ, last year, so why not?

  3. Hopefully NieR: Automata, as I said, will come to the Switch and will be revealed at E3. Also, I have faith that 2B will be in Smash.

  4. I’m down for anything Square Enix puts on the switch. One of the few developers I’m a sucker for an buy almost everything

  5. Code vein looks cool! and that 199.99 is the Nintendo switch mini (pokemon is coming this holiday, and they want it to have the more "traditional handheld experience" pokemon+mini (that'll equal $260 for a new system and one pokemon game excluding taxes) it makes to much sense!

  6. I mean, they'd only make MORE money by porting Code Vein, so why would't they? Do they not want my money?

  7. I remember last year there were 10 switch SKUS in gamestop before E3. This made everybody hyped for E3 2018 and everybody was so excited. Guess what happened, all the SKUS were small games like nickelodeon kart racer or shovelware. And E3 2018 was trash.
    Don't get hyped for these SKU'S, they are probably just indie trash or old ports

  8. I sure wouldn't mind playing Code Vein. Soulsbourne-style games seem out of my reach, considering what kind of games they are, but CV looks like something investing time into. And hopefully it does come to the Switch. Bandai Namco has been fairly honorable to Nintendo lately. Maybe that's one of the 21 games in the GameStop leak?

  9. Secret of Mana was originally a Final Fantasy game. That's why its called Final Fantasy Adventures, they changed it to Secret of Mana because the game ended becoming its own because of how different it was from the Final Fantasy series.

  10. I’m hoping for XC, XCX and the Bravely Default games. Also Borderlands would be cool.

    I don’t know if I’d double dip on Code Vien as I want to wait and see how much replay it has. I tend to double dip on games like Diablo, Skyrim, Dogma and Final Fantasy. Aside from games like that, I like that my Switch has many different games then my Xbox.

    I’m mostly looking forward to MUA3, Fire Emblem and Astral Chain this summer. Crash team racing is in there but I’m undecided if I’ll double dip or which system I’ll pick it up on. Choices choices! It’s an overwhelming year for great games!

  11. I think the reason why last year was kinda dry and this year severely lopsided is that although they have a lot of games in the works, they just have taken a longer time to make, for example compared to 3DS games.

  12. With Bandai Namco being so generous to The World of Nintendo this year (read: us) with giving us so many big titles in their library (Tales of Vesperia, both Sword Art Online Games, God Eater 3) who not Code Vein? Better yet why not a bigger franchise than that say…Soul Calibur VI? I own the PS4 version and its file size would easily fit a 16GB game card. Plus it runs on Unreal Engine 4 and finally Mortal Kombat 11 proved there's an audience for SC6 so I am really hoping they reveal Soul Calibur VI for a Fall 2019 release this year. Out!

  13. Considering that Nintendo isn't announcing any hardware at E3 (when was the last time they did that? Wii U in 2011?), I highly doubt the 200$ SKU is for a Switch Mini. Methinks its going to be LABO or even a special edition of a game.

  14. would be nice to see metroid prime series return with a remaster just my opinion tho I mean now we have to wait for prime 4 till maybe 2021 or 2022 for it maybe not that far just guessing but it would be nice to have

  15. Great video PE Ninja Master. 20+ Unannounced games for the Switch is making E3 even more hotter now :-D. CodeVein on the Switch would be dope and i would probably wait for the Switch if it gets Announced. Secret of Mana Collection coming lets go guys.

  16. Random e3 wishlist here, but I’d REALLY like a trails in the sky trilogy for ps4 and switch (already on pc). They are bringing over all of the cold steel games rn and next year ish seems like a perfect time for more ports

  17. If the Switch was made by Sony with half the sales then all these games would be on it day 1 and would be prority with timed exclusivity. Atlus would have released all of their persona games already too.

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