Gamestop is dying and won’t survive 2018

Gamestop is dying and won’t survive 2018

GameStop was always one of those cherrished
places in the world and more commonly America that always delivered what was
promised, and that was always buying selling and trading video games. Unlike
all those other stores back then like Walmart are Best Buy Game Stop only sold
video games and of course when video games were getting more advanced. In the
90s and early 2000s video games were making their way in history as landmark
consoles like the SNES, N64 and, The Game Gear to the Sega Dreamcast were the
biggest console kings on the market, making many people like me be excited to
experience playing well-made video games for the first time. I could even say that
the great majority of people watching this video, had the first console or
handheld that belonged to Nintendo corporation or Sega. Everyone else grew
with Playstation or Xbox. A decade after the first console war ended and the PC
master-race begun Game Stop during 2016 was in their first stages of collapse,
because it didn’t want to evolve with the rest of the world or just couldn’t
compete. If you wanted to buy a game now you could just go to Best Buy, Target, or
Walmart and just pick it up. If you wanted to buy a console or handheld you
go to Walmart, Target, or just go online for both the game and the console. Game
Stop is very tiny compared to the big league companies so if Game Stop went
digital it wouldn’t work at all. Also Game Stop
has terrible employees that manipulate kids for their money,
the employees are forced to sell us used products instead of the new ones on
display, and the customers are pushed to get powerup cards instead of just
getting the game they wanted. It’s all the reason games thought will fall
behind harder than they did five years ago. Game Stop is most likely to suffer
closing down like Toys R Us that went down the same way. The stocks for Game
Stop are so low that 2018 is sadly GameStop’s final year of business. It’s
either they shut down operation or get bought by some other company. If you have
any thoughts on how game stock could recover from this shithole leave a
comment down below and I’m out peace! [Outro Music]

14 thoughts on “Gamestop is dying and won’t survive 2018

  1. The way you want them to trade or sell games and they give you a little amount of money makes me want to SLAP THE EMPLOYEES IN THE FACE

    Edit: Just kidding but still that is unfair

  2. Personally I don't believe that gamestop will go out of business because of mountains of game we can buy game that some store wouldn't sell. And disagree with idea of sell on credit card on when every store does this. But I will agree on sell used game to us but haft the time almost parents will buy the game for their kid. Bestbuy and Walmart or terget will never satisfy the game basic because of poor game select and sell back value. Gamestop will get shit beat out but it will not die

  3. I went to gamestop for rare and obscure ps3/ps4/Ds/3ds games. But not now. They are putting lots of there games as online only. That defeats the soul reason i shop there. Id rather save a few $$$ on a game via ebay now than givr them money for there online model.

  4. This video is so poorly researched to the point where I dare say it's clickbait. GameStop is still a multi-million dollar company and several points in your video seem to come from wrong, outdated, or completely made up sources. It is true that GameStop has taken to selling more video game and pop culture merchandise to compensate for the loss of sales due to digital games (not loss of sales due to not being able to keep up with target, Walmart, and Best Buy who they have been competing with for years) but to say that GameStop is closing before the end of this, at the time you made this video, half completed year is a rediculously unlikely notion. And to compare GameStops situation to one as complex as what happened to ToysRus seems to further support that you are just grasping at straws for the hopes of getting views.

  5. Recovery implies continued demand. Digital downloads are operating on an entirely different spectrum than what GameStop provides. As soon as full-sized games become faster to download (taking a half-hour rather than hours), GameStop is finished.

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