Gamestop Haul

Gamestop Haul

Hello! Today I have a little Gamestop haul for you. Some of those stuff is from Black Friday and then some is just
from a couple of days ago. So let’s get started. The first thing I got was from
Black Friday, and it was their pre-owned Xbox 360. For the past at least two years
for Black Friday they’ve done the 360s for $60 and then you get a rebate for
$60, so it ends up being free. Last year, I didn’t do it because I bought a
PS4 instead. Last year that was on sale for $200 so I did that deal last
year, and then this year, I decided to go ahead and pick up the 360. I figured if I
didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be out any money. I’ve never really been interested
in buying a 360, but I figured it’s free, so if I don’t like it that’s alright. I
know that a lot of people went in with this deal just to get it for free and
then resell it. I’m not really interested in reselling it. If I end up doing that
I’m probably just gonna take it back to Gamestop and get like 10 bucks for it
or something, but I’m really not worried about it. I’d rather play it and see if I
like it, especially because a lot of the stuff that is on the ps4 is also on 360
but it’s cheaper because it’s an older model than the ps4. some of the Xbox 360
games are also compatible with the Xbox one so I figured if I ended up being
friends with anybody who had an Xbox one, some of my games can be played on their
systems. So I got the white Xbox 360. For my 360 I got the Left 4 Dead game. I’ve
seen people play this game and it looks really fun. I’ve heard that left 4 dead 2
is a little bit better but I just want to start with left 4 dead 1 and see what
I think. This is backwards compatible. it’ll say BC, or on the top it’ll say
also plays on Xbox one. So that’s good. It’s not just an Xbox 360 game, it also
plays on the other system. And I bought this pre-owned. Pretty much everything I
buy from Gamestop is pre-owned. Looks completely fine. no scratchES.
There are some like finger smudges. You have seven days to return it. If
something is wrong with it, for your money back, 30 days if you still like the
game but this disc doesn’t play, you can come back within a month and get the
same game for free and just switch it out. I had a five dollar off coupon
for that game, so it was $2.29. Great deal. I renewed my
pro membership, so soon I should be getting a buy two get one free pre-owned
game coupon in my inbox, so when that happens, I’ll stock up on a couple more
Xbox games, but for now that’s the only one I bought, just because I had that
coupon and I figure,d with the other ones I’d just do the buy two get one free.
Also right now the games that are $9.99 or under are three for $15, so those
will be five dollars instead of ten. It’s not the pro days right now, but it’s
something like that. Leading up to Christmas they’re having a lot of stuff
on sale. And then the next couple things are from the clearance section.
Everything in the clearance section is half off. I got these little blind bags. I
got three of them. These say only at Gamestop because they have a couple that are
exclusive to Gamestop. These are from the 90s shows on
Nickelodeon. I’m really excited about these. I only bought three but I think
I’ll still make a short little video about it. I really want Catdog or
the Rugrats. I don’t really care what I get. I’m just excited. Next I got four of
these trolls heads. I love trolls. I love the movie and the
TV show and the Christmas special. I know they’re coming out with trolls two but I
think that’s not going to come out until like 2020, so in the meantime I’ve just
been loving the Netflix show. I got Branch. These these are the only ones
that they had. If they had them all, I would have gotten all of the characters.
I just love trolls so I got Branch, Guy Diamond, and Harper, she’s so cute.
And Cooper, look how cute he is! I love these little guys.
They’re so adorable. They’re on sale for $2.97 so they’d be about $1.50 each. These
are on sale for about $3.48. They had a lot of blind bags in the clearance section,
so if you were interested in some of them, they also had some Overwatch, they
had a lot of Deadpool, I can’t remember what else but I know that they had a lot.
They also had a lot of hats. If you wanted some accessories they had a lot of stuff.
They had Skylanders on sale. I was kind of wondering about that. Wondering if I
should get that because it would have only been like 7 bucks because it was
$15 and then all clearance is half off right now. I might go ahead and try it
out. I mean 7 bucks, if it sucks it was $7, you know? It’s not that big of
a deal. We’ll see if I go back and end up buying
that. I might. I definitely want to use my coupons so that way they don’t go to
waste. Those coupons you get when you accumulate points. So with every purchase
you have at Gamestop, you accumulate your points with your pro membership, and then
eventually you can get you know $5 off, $10 off, so definitely do the pro membership.
It’s really worth it. 15 bucks a year. You’re saving money on everything
pre-owned. Like this I saved like 40 cents on or something, on top of that
coupon. It also works on top of the 3 for $15. It would end up being even cheaper
because you’d get the 10% off of that too, so I highly recommend the membership.
I mean 15 bucks that’s nothing compared to what you will save with it. And then
with all these purchases it’ll say on here 2 times the points for
pro. You’ll get your points twice as fast. So you’ll get a 5 off coupon twice as
fast, and then if you get 3 $5 off coupons in a year, you just paid
for your membership. When you think about how much money
you’re saving, that is definitely worth it. They were having a sale on their… it
was board games, puzzles, and trading cards. It might have also been something else. But I decided to go ahead and do that. It
was buy one get one free, which is crazy. I’ve wanted this game for a very very
long time. I’ve seen it at a couple different places but since they were
doing the buy one get one free, I figured I might as well pick it up. So this was
twenty dollars. It’s the Jumanji game. So cute. I’m really excited to play this. I
hope it’s fun. Even if it’s not, I just love that they made a Jumanji
game. That’s really cool. Then I got this one for free, and it’s a Spyro
thousand-piece puzzle and it says only at Gamestop, and this was also originally
$20. Look how adorable Spyro is, oh my god. I haven’t played Spyro in like 10 years.
It’s been a long time. I used to play it with my brother on the original
PlayStation. I know they have the same thing with the Crash Bandicoot N.sane
trilogy that’s now on the ps4. They have something like that with all the
original Spyro games for the ps4. I really want that and it comes with socks.
I definitely want that. I haven’t played Spyro in years. I like puzzles, but it’s been a
long time since I’ve done a puzzle. For now that is everything. I know I
have a bunch more stuff just scattered around my house that I also got from
Gamestop, but maybe one day I’ll show you my DS collection or something or
whatever collections I have, all my stuff, because I have different systems. I have
the ps2 still, I have a ps4, now I have an Xbox 360, and I have the 2DS. So if
you’re interested in any of that stuff, doing a collection of games that I
have, I could always do that. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. We love GameStop. We got a few of the Nick boxes, we got Arnold, Chuckie, Tommy, CatDog, Daggett Beaver, Norbert Beaver and Ren.

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