GameStop Employee: My Tale of Terror | RGT 85

GameStop Employee: My Tale of Terror | RGT 85

what’s up guys RGT 85 here and this
is going to be kind of a special video a lot of you guys probably don’t know this
but I was actually a Gamestop employee at one time I was an acting assistant
manager and I was there for about 10 months so from middle of 2005 to the
middle of 2006 I was one of the guys there at gamestop that you would see
coming in to get your games so I thought it’d be fun to kind of talk about my
experiences working there what I saw and maybe how things have changed you know
obviously things are different from 10 years ago so this is more of a history
lesson and kind of just my personal story about working there if you
currently work there let me know in the comments below let me know if any of
these things have changed but yeah without any further ado I’m just gonna
get into my story so I was working as a pharmacy technician I was 20 years old
and I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t really like it and gamestop was coming
to town we didn’t have a Gamestop the local the nearest video game store was
about 40 miles away we would always have to drive to a town called Fayetteville
to go to video game stores so when a local gamestop was coming here I was
very excited it was right near my apartment and I really wanted to work
there because I’ve always been passionate about video games so I
remember driving by a million times waiting for them to put up a sign about
applications and the when they finally put up a thing that you could you know
turn in applications I of course was like the first one and they called me
two days later and I met them at the store I met the district manager at the
time his name was Steve and Steve kind of just talked to me about the store
talked to me about stuff and then he wanted me to sell him a game they would
have already started setting up stuff I was being brought in as a cashier and so
I remember trying to sell him a game that was kind of obscure I want to say
it was like Katamari Damacy or something like that and he had no clue what I was
talking about so me being the type of person I am I kind of asked him about
his gaming background and he really didn’t have one he knew about halo and
that was the only thing you could tell me about so I had to sell him a copy of
halo and I kind of bothered me honestly because I understand that you know upper
management is a position that’s more on the business and but I also feel that
you should have a stronghold of what you’re doing in your business if you’re
in the pizza business you should know about pizza and pizza trends if you’re
in the video game business you know same thing so that always kind of bothered me
about him he very you know white bread you know very
boring just kind of a guy that I wouldn’t like to talk to but of course I
had to because I’m trying to get a job here so I did a good job selling in the
game they ended up giving me a job and I started as a cashier like I said make
him pretty much minimum wage at the time I was making less than I did the
pharmacy but I didn’t care because I was surrounded by video games and that was
what I was doing and you know the first few weeks were pretty fun you know
you’re just kind of training you’re learning everything you’re learning what
you can and can’t do I had a really cool manager at the time he was a super swell
guy terrible manager but he was a good dude so I became friends with him and
you know we would have fun we would have you know after-hours tournaments at the
store with a bunch of our friends you know playing smash or halo 2 or you know
setting up different Xboxes on all the TVs we have no it was really really fun
it was fun meeting with you know representatives coming in the store like
the Nintendo rep I was always amazed when she came in and she would always
give me like a little free goodie and it was fun I was working a lot of day
shifts so I was alone most of the time but there were night shifts that I was
working as well and like I said it was a fun time for the first probably two or
three months I really enjoyed it and then we still don’t have an assistant
manager at the time we were a brand-new store we had been open for three months
we didn’t have an assistant manager so essentially they made me acting
assistant manager because the district manager Steve did not want to put me in
the assistant manager position I don’t really know why I guess because I was
kind of doing the assistant manager job I was opening I was a key closer I was
making schedules and whatnot and they never wanted to give me that pay raise
and that always kind of bothered me but I didn’t care I was young I was naive at
the time and you know it did weigh on me but I always thought you know my chance
will come my chance will come don’t worry about it
so one of the big things that I hated about that place was pre-order stuff you
had to push pre-orders and you had to push these stupid reward cards it wasn’t
the powerup rewards card it was named something different but there was such a
strong emphasis on that and that and the warranty information you know you can
break this game and you know pay three dollars and you can
get another copy and stuff and that always I don’t know it always felt kind
of scummy like because the thing of it is if you didn’t get enough pre-orders
in a day if you didn’t get enough people signed up for a rewards card like you
would get in trouble you could potentially get written up you could
potentially lose your job because they felt that every customer should be
getting these things and I never necessarily understood why because not a
lot of customers are Neanderthals you know we’re not taking our games and
thrown up in the air and breaking them so why was this such a strong emphasis
it’s pretty much because of the business side of things you know there was money
to be made that was easy money it’s just like the whole new versus pre-owned game
every time you scanned a new game in the system would tell you if you had a
pre-owned copy so that you could push that pre-owned copy because they
probably paid you know half of what they paid for the for the new copy and it
would give them more profit some people didn’t want that some people did want
that that was fine but they really made you push for that and I never I never
really cared for that another thing I didn’t like was the fact that I was
pretty much putting in 60 hour to 65 hour work weeks and really I was only
getting like five hours of overtime I mean there would be times where I would
come in at 9:00 in the morning and leave at midnight because part of that was
because I was naive and stupid and you know I was agreeing to do that just
because I loved video games and I wanted the stores to succeed and part of it was
because my manager at the time was not a really good manager he was a good friend
but he wasn’t a good manager so he kind of took advantage of me that was fine I
actually spoke up about it and I never heard anything so you know a lot of lost
wages there but you know it is what it is
the problems really started for me in January of 2006 which is when I started
doing conference calls and whatnot and so I would be on the conference calls
with all the other managers in the district and the district manager and I
remember in January 2006 the big game that was coming out that month was on 25
to life on the ps2 and Xbox and that was what they wanted us to get pre-orders on
something like they wanted us to get 10 to 15 pre-orders a day and I’ve always
been a hard head and looking at that game I could tell it was gonna be
garbage and I spoke up and when they asked me how many
pre-orders I had I said I had one and they said how many am I gonna have at
the end of the day I said probably one and they were like why I was like
because the game looks terrible and they’re like well how do you know that
you don’t know that and I was like well Steve you don’t really know video games
so you don’t know that it’s going to be good as someone who is pretty in tune
with what’s going on I could tell this is going to be a very mediocre game and
it’s not going to be a fun experience and he said well what difference does it
make if someone wants to preorder it and I said well there’s the whole thing that
these people come to me as an expert in the video game industry for you know a
lot of not necessarily the smart consumers but to average consumers the
moms the dads the little kids they look at you like an expert and if you
recommend a game that sucks you’re gonna lose value in their eyes
they’re not gonna listen to you so in the long run it’s better to be more open
and honest with people and of course I got shut off and you know they just made
me try to get pre-orders for 25 to life I think I ended up getting four or
something I did get a reprimanded to get it right up it’s pretty silly but you
know whatever that was that was the first time I was really angry because I
didn’t like deceiving people um that I saw as you know people who trusted me
and of course at this time the Xbox 360 was really popular so you had people
coming and bringing in their collections of ps2 GameCube Xbox games and getting
pennies and you always had you know upset parents with why you know you sell
this game for $20 why are you giving my son $4 for it and it was always hard to
explain that I mean obviously it’s simple business you know if you don’t
want the $4 you know you don’t have to accept the $4 but it always kind of
sucks to have to you know explain that to people and it’s a lot of people just
didn’t understand it especially when you’re in an area where Game Stop is
brand-new so people are expecting to get you know retail prices for their games
you know they’re mavin oh five they want in you know thirty dollars for why can’t
I get thirty dollars for it but that experience always kind of that always
sucked and I remembered that towards the end of my run I came into work one day
and someone who was helping us when the store first was from a different
district he was helping us when the store was first getting set up was
actually in the Dornan I said all where’s um my normal
man who’s name was Billy I said where’s Billy oh he got fired what yeah Billy
got fired and so he took me in the back we talked about it when the store first
opened we did a two hundred dollar gift card giveaway as like a midnight launch
event because we had a midnight opening and Billy never gave that card to anyone
he actually used it for himself and they found out about it and he got terminated
so I was kind of upset about that but I did really like this other guy from the
other district because he actually lived close to me he would just commute to
Fayetteville because he liked the area and you know who’s a good dude so I
thought you know okay this is the time when I’m gonna become assistant manager
this is my time to shine and so the district manager called me and he said
you know do you want to be an assistant manager and I said yes he said do you
want to be a general manager I said today no and he said well why not and I
said because I’m 21 years old I’m not really you know I’m not really
well-versed in retail I’ve only been doing this you know I was a pharmacy
tech for a long time I’ve been doing this that long I would like to you know
be an assistant manager for a while and you know learn more of the you know get
the actual title learn everything I can and then become a general manager and
gain something like that gamestop doesent at that time didn’t like people
being general managers for like more than six months I wanted you to get your
own store which never made sense to me because there’s not enough stores to
make everyone who’s an assistant manager a general manager especially when you
have general managers already so that always kind of you know pissed me off
and then I remember hearing rumors that they were going to bring in a different
general manager and have a new assistant manager in the store that my position
was going to go back to cashier and that really stung but I thought I could
impress people I thought I can you know do what I had to do to get that job and
then the KM doomsday is what I like to call it so I had a customer a regular
customer who would come in and trade me in games and there would always be loose
discs I always assumed like he just robbed a friend or something and he
always want to catch you never want to store credit I never saw the kid buy a
game and I would mention it to people and at the time the trade-in policy was
very very lapse like literally you don’t have to do anything I think all you had
to do was sign a piece of paper you didn’t have to give a government you
don’t have to do anything like that so I brought it up to my manager
look this dude comes in a lot man I think he’s just ganking games from
people and he was like well done we can really do about it just give him his
money and be on the way so he came in one day and he actually asked me about
somebody asked if I had something in the back I think was a system he used 360 or
something went back there came out didn’t have anything he was I got well
I’ll come check you later I was the only one working in the store at the time it
was morning and he came back later that day with a stack of games and I traded
him in game his cash went on his way I think my shift ended at like 4:30 that
day and I got a phone call from my manager at about 5:30 and say hey can
come by the store and I said playing a game what’s up I didn’t live far from
the store he was like no I really need you to come by the store so I went by
the store and he took me in the back and Steve the district manager was on the
phone trying to fire me and so I’m like what the fuck is going on here so
evidently when the guy had asked me to go to the back and check something he
had reached around the counter and taken a handful of used ps2 games because we
would keep them just in the little slips right behind the counter so that was
easy to get when somebody brought you up a game case and like I said I was
working by myself at the time and he said what do you know this guy said yes
the dude I talk to you about he’s the guy who always comes in you know this is
what he looks like and he said he reached around and grabbed a bunch of
games from you and then you gave him cash for them I said what and so he
showed me the games that he had traded in and sure enough there were
alphabetical from 8d all those games were a 2d but they were mixed up a
little bit so he was like didn’t you notice this and I was like no I mean
it’s busy you work something in trade-ins and so Steve wanted to fire me
my manager at the time got it to where I would just lose my keys I’d become a
part-timer at 20 hours a week and I wouldn’t become assistant manager and
that was it for me I had had enough of the corporate bullshit of Gamestop
and I just handed in my keys I said Alec his name was Alec is Alec it’s been fun
buddy you know we’re still friends for sure but I’m out I’m sorry it just puts
you in a bind but you know I’m done I’m not going to be treated like this and
that was it that was that was my last day at Gamestop so overall the game stop
isn’t necessary centage is it’s not necessarily about the people it’s about
the bottom line you are very expendable at Gamestop you
are not special at Gamestop as an employee I know they feel that they can
replace anyone at any time you’re not really allowed to express personality
you weren’t allowed to be yourself I wanted to set up things like pics of my
own games recommendations and stuff they never let you do stuff like that at that
time this may have changed now but it sucked it really and it honestly it
actually soured me on video games for quite a while I had stopped kind of
collecting and it was just this is a draining experience like it was
something I couldn’t necessarily believe that a company would do this to its own
employees and have all these hidden agendas and want you to push all these
products just for bottom dollar you know to make money and stuff but I mean it’s
the nature of the beast man so that’s pretty much it that’s my story at
Gamestop like I said this is from 910 years ago obviously some of this
information is gonna be dated now but my personal experience my channel I thought
you guys might enjoy it let me know what you think of the story let me know if
you’ve ever worked at Gamestop ever experienced anything like this before if
we currently work there what it’s like now leave me some comments down below
make sure you like this video and thank you for subscribing and listening to my
story I’ll see you guys next time later

100 thoughts on “GameStop Employee: My Tale of Terror | RGT 85

  1. I don’t support GameStop. I won’t support GameStop. They’re as bad as Wacktivision and Ubisoft. People that prey on the industry.

  2. I worked at a Suncoast for a while and lost my job because I didn't get enough pre-orders or membership sign ups. I had to sign three different write up slips, which were lies, saying I didn't offer anything. The DM said I would be showing character if I signed the write up sheet. This guy had just thrown his girlfriend of six years out of the house,throwing her belongings into the street (laughing when he told the story) and I told him "You are the last guy who should be lecturing me on character". I was let go the same night that our resident Anime expert was let go for the same reason. Anime was 23% of our sales. I took care of the rest because I'm a movie buff. The place was a wasteland after two months. The Anime people were gone in no time. I took care of the movie bluffs as my taste in movies is diverse. I'm proud to say that I never spent a red cent there again. Now Suncoast is a memory and those assholes are probably still making $5 per hour.

  3. Dont go to gamestop unless it's to cancel you're preorder. Dont buy used and dont trade in. Dont buy their warranties or memberships either.

  4. No offense rgt but game stop fucked me way too many times and the workers are assholes.i refuse to buy games from those crooks EVER,love your channel though bro 😁

  5. the only problem I had at gamestop I wanted to buy a hat then the guy suggested me to also buy a Nintendo switch I had no im only am looking to buy a cool hat he kept on pushing me to buy a Nintendo switch then I left the stoe and the guy called me a dumb mf just because I only wanted to buy a hat I went to another store to buy a hat instead the guy yelled at me when I left the gamestop they ended up firing him and I never got banned from my gamestop

  6. So you get written up if you don’t get enough pre orders…..which is something that is Literally out of your control. You can’t force people to preorder. Fucking what GameStop

  7. I worked at Electronic Boutique and they did all that long before Gamestop took over. We did the open new games and re wrapping then also, but we also sold Japanese imports until Nintendo had a say in it. So all the crap Gamestop did was thanks to EB and Walden software and software etc.

  8. I worked for them 06-08 very bad higher management system bad business model my district manager hate me because this was my part time weekend job while I was a military recruiter haha getting paid way more and drive a BMW district didn't

  9. The people at the top of Gamestop haven't got a clue! I hate going in the store and usually don't spend long there, the staff are so fake, and you feel bad for them, you can tell right off that they were trained to do certain things and say certain things, its like talking to an automated robot. Not a good way to get customers on your side.

  10. Buy a used game with cash
    Doesn’t work
    Can only return for store credit

    I wish I wasn’t a naive kid when that happened cause that would of been some fun drama.

  11. I work upper-middle/middle management and I think this is so valuable to hear for people at any organization. Dude, finding a motivated member is the hardest thing in the world for any business to get, and it's a shame that they burnt you out with b.s. I keep this in mind day to day, but it sucks that at the end of the day, senior management is going to do what it feels necessary to make spreadsheets looking good. I think this is why (specifically for the gamestops of the world) people need to know that their dollars matter and where they get games drives business practices. Don't like gamestop being sleazy? go to that mom and pop store that sells it for a couple dollars more! Glad you have a successful YouTube channel so you can do what you are passionate about!

  12. your manager should of stuck up for you, and told steve to suck it…i used ti be a manager at a corporate pizza chain, and i would never let the district managers boss my employees around. believe it or not store managers have some pull, you just have to know how to use your power…in the end you did the right thing by leaving

  13. I worked at Blockbuster and the same thing happened when their sales began to fall. They blamed the store employees for the market disappearing on them.

  14. That’s right I always forget how they force their employees to sell anything and everything or else.. without them making commission. That’s ok bc now they’re almost finished

  15. It's really sad the way these employees were treated. Corporate knew that the market for brick and mortar stores was going to crash eventually so they went for squeezing every penny out they could, staff be damned. They ran it into the ground on purpose and left innocent staff as collateral damage. This is why corporations need over site and regulation because no one would be looking out for workers otherwise.

  16. God knows how, but once upon a time my local Stop had Steel Battalion for $50, and that's pretty much the only good thing that came of it for me as a customer.

  17. Not getting paid for ur work is NEVER FINE!!! Listen up kids, that is ILLEGAL! get paid, ur not an illegal immigrant, get paid for ur work! Or quit, or call some one that will help u get ur money, just google it.

  18. I've heard a bunch of Gamestop stories.. And they all have the same thing in common
    the problem starts when they get Assistant manager and The pay and the utter disorganization of it all
    And for some reason there is always a cool guy who is also a Bad manager lol craziest one is the Manager having * in the backroom
    Seriously people have experiences that go up to that haha And they all say the only thing they liked was the Vegas conference

  19. I don’t want to be that guy but you never leave a customer unattended on the selling floor, especially not one you think is sketchy

  20. I just saw this in 2019, and it’s crazy how accurate and similar stories I’ve heard about the corporate ladder at GameStop, their incompetence when it comes to knowledge about games, and hearing about people being punished at work not even because they didn’t push all the crap GameStop wanted them to push like cards and preorders, but because in that week not enough people had even come into the store to meet the quota management wanted. My friend got bitched at when the regional manager came in and yelled at him with a line of about 10-15 people and my friend handed him the keys to the store and quit right on the spot. The regional manager flipped out in front of a bunch of customers and was yelling that if my friend quit then and there the regional manager would have to take over running the store until they could get a replacement. When I go to GameStop now I purposely drive past that store and drive another roughly 20 miles to go to a GameStop where the manager and all the employees are really friendly, really helpful and most importantly they’re honest about games quality and replayability. The manager of that store is always super cool and any time I buy anything from there I always fill out their survey and leave a note acknowledging the manager there and his helpful service, his awesome attitude and his honesty and quality customer service. It’s funny that twoGameStop’s roughly 20 miles apart from one another have such varied customer service between the two stores.

  21. So you usto harras plp to trade thier video gamed for a living cause that's what they make you do. Then only give you five bucks for a new game and sell it at quadruple what they gave you 😰

  22. Was RGT85 and SpawnWave worked together in GameStop? You two talked about being an employee of GameStop and you two are good friends

  23. Pizza trends… never thought about trends in pizza. Love the video. You ever rewatch your videos to see how mellow you used to be? 😉

  24. Special video; RGT 85 NOT MANIC lol

    ❤👽❤👽❤👽❤👽❤ to RGT 85. Great entertainment thank you. I love your manic videos so keep it up lol.

  25. I know this video is old but I still wanted to share my experience as a one time customer of Gamestop and how this company made me never want to ever buy anything from them again. It's interesting to hear RGT 85's experiences because it actually gives what happened to me more context. Anyway, years ago I went into my local Gamestop to buy a specific game and as usual they tried to push a preorder on me. I just spent $60 on a new game so even though I was interested in the game they wanted me to preorder, I didn't feel like dropping any more money that day. Well this angered the salesperson who proceeded to basically tell me how stupid I was for not preordering the game and how when I came into the store to get it they probably wouldn't have a copy for me. So at this point now I'm angry that he basically called me, a customer, stupid for not going along with his preorder sell. So I basically said well if you guys are out of the game when I do want to buy it, I'm sure Amazon or Best buy won't be. It was at this point I regretted giving Gamestop any business whatsoever and vowed to never set foot in one again. I'm sure this guy was just trying to meet his preorder quota for the day but the fact that he was willing to insult my intelligence to do it soured me on Gamestop forever.

  26. Traded my Genesis to Electronics Boutique with all my games to get Pitfall for PS1. Let’s just say that wasn’t the game we went in there for.

  27. GAME STOP SUCKS…they r out to rip you off I’ll do a garage sale before selling my games to those money grabbing sorry u had to deal with people who didnt see your worth and don’t no nothing about last straw was when I ordered a new game walked in and they tried to give me a opened one..I laughed and told him.. to me if it is opened it’s used…did not buy the 40 dollar game walked out..I buy my games online or at Best Buy I love the way u tell it like it is. Keep up the great work…

  28. They are the scummiest business out there. They are nothing more than a cash grab, prey on the weak tactics utilizing PoS company. Their turnaround is actually the highest of any company. Especially for entry level. Totally understand RGT85. Total trash company…

  29. Just to let you know a friend who is the manager. They would go out of there way to make sure you got your money and overtime hours. Especially from a corporation he would beside make sure you got your money make sure you stayed up on it.

  30. There were 3 gamestops in my town ( I guess technically 3 different towns ) but the furthest one was 5 miles from the other 1 it wouldn't take longer than 10mins driving from any of them to another one. 2 of them closed in the last 2-3 months

  31. GAMESTOP always has and always will be one of the worst business models I have ever seen. They put the almighty dollar ahead of the customer and the employee.
    They treat their employees like garbage, often requiring them to lie to the customer just to make a sale. They ought to change their name to SHAMESTOP as they have no shame whatsoever. My is a hard working and dedicated young man with excellent qualities, qualities which I have laboriously instilled in him since his youth. He was working at a local GameStop and terminated not because he worked less than he should have but because he clocked out when he was supposed to and stood helping customers for over an hour on his time. He was confronted by his manager and let go for his dedication and hard work. Later that same day, that same manager hired one of his good friends to replace my son.

    This is just one of MANY GameStop horror stories.
    Unfortunately this one belonged to my son.

  32. With that bish goody 2 shoes attitude and your lack of business intelligence, they should have abused you more. You’re a punk dude.

  33. I havent worked at gamestop but i have worked at retail places that sound just like that. It does suck. Glad you found your passion for games again after that and you seem like you are happy and enjoy what you do here 🙂

  34. Wow, so Glad my local gamestop is not like that, I have friends there and they treat me well and fair, sucks to hear that you went through all the BS back then…

  35. Never got why ppl sell their games and consoles at gamestop.. when they can get soo much more money for it on plain eBay..
    3$ for a used ds game? Try 10-20 on eBay..
    10$ for a brand new game you just finished? 30-40$ at least..

    Gamestop will be gone in a few years.. they have just so much Troubles and stores close pretty much everywhere..
    They seem to never update their prices (ds games still for 30-40$, used games more expensive than new games on Amazon or any local retailer… etc) and wonder why noone buys them.. if a game is still being made and you can buy them everywhere for 20$.. why should you pay 35-45$ for a used copy?

  36. Lol I didnt even watch the video yet it's starting now but I worked at gs as well and it sucked. I wanted to work there so bad to. But yeah pushing products hassling people and all the fuss with numbers killed it. I'm a gamer and if you just let a gamer talk to a gamer you'll make a life long customer and friend but nope instead you get hy welcome to gamesterp can I look up your profile so my manager doesn't tell at me. Some good gamer talk and then blah blah blah pre order disk protection? On top of how they ride you they also cut your hours based on the numbers you pull in for signing people up for cards and junk. It really ruined the whole experience.

  37. Yeah buddy it hasn’t changed much unless by change we’re saying it’s gotten worse. They’re closing lots and lots of stores in a news report probably because of their business culture that you experienced. They bully customers into buying things they don’t need. It’s why I stopped shopping there and pretty much stick to Amazon now. What sucks the most is if you do work there it nearly kills your love of video games, or at the very least diminishes your enthusiasm. By the way nice collection behind you, that’s awesome.

  38. Love the shirt man! What’s your favorite wrestling game? Mine is tough it’s between no mercy on 64 or here comes the pain on ps2

  39. EB Games into GameStop Vet 02-06 on and off. VERY similar experience for myself as well. Worked OT, but the hours were slid to the next week and I just got to sit home. They paid zero OT. The GameStop I now frequent seems cool. 2019, 13 years of healing lol

  40. I follow you on you tube because you honest and blunt when it comes to videos game reviews .. it shows you have a lot of honestly and integrity.. thanks for being
    Honest in your review and such .

  41. I try really hard not to go to GameStop, bc I hate their business practices. How they treat their customers and employees. And do NOT want to support them in anyway. I’ve heard so many horror stories from them. Only time I go is to look for an old game I can’t find locally (before I try online)… they always try to up sale me with memberships and insurance on games. I’ve learned to just be short and direct with them. The moment they start with their sales pitch, I say “nope” if they continue/try again, I just say “nope” eventually they’ll give up, I buy the game and leave. Easy peasy 🙌🏼

  42. I never liked Gamestop. I always felt their practices were scummy and dishonest and you just confirmed that. I always used to go with Best Buy or Amazon. These days, I'm all digital.
    Btw, did they ever catch that guy that stole the games?

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