Gamestop Cancels Preorders for Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro and Metroid Prime 4 Restarts Development

Fans aren’t happy that Gamestop is cancelling
their pre-orders and Metroid Prime 4 is rebooting its development — I’m Demothy Tien and
THIS — is the Weekly Roundup. Players say Gamestop is cancelling their pre
orders for the limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro. And let’s just say they’re less than enthused. Pre orders started early in December for Gamestop
— which by the way — is the only place you could buy it from in the U-S and Canada. And now with only a few days before its Western
launch — players on social media are saying they received cancelation emails. They also say gamestop’s offering a 25-dollar
gift certificate in return — but most people don’t want that. Gamestop tweeted out saying “Due to an error,
we oversold on pre-orders for the LE Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Pro and, unfortunately,
some orders had to be canceled. Guests who had an order canceled will receive
a $25 Gift Coupon. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration
this has caused.” If you’ve been waiting for Metroid Prime
4 — you’re gonna have wait a bit longer — or maybe a lot longer — since Nintendo’s
restarting development from scratch. BUT this might be good news to long time fans
of the series. Developer Retro Studios is taking over the
development — which some of you may know from the original Metroid Prime trilogy and
the team’s being led by producer Kensuke Tanabe. Nintendo put out a video with executive Shinya
Takahashi who talks about the challenges they faced which led to this decision. [Insert Soundbyte] Are you dissapointed about the delay or are
you happy Retro Studios’ taking over? Let us know in the comments and if you like
our stuff — get subscribed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. That’s all for now and I’ll catch you
guys next time.

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