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Breaking News! Gamestop takes in trade in
games! I’m Figcoinc, and this is DB News! Tony Bartel, the President of Gamestop, recently
told the website VentureBeat that the majority of the shoppers at the mega retailer do not
know that Gamestop takes in trade in items. Mr. Bartel said, and I quote, “Believe it
or not, only 40 percent of the people who walk into a Gamestop store today know that
we accept trades of games.” Mr. Bartel continued by stating that the vast
majority of customers do not know they can trade in old smart devices like phones and
tablets. Mr. Bartel uses this internally collect statistic to counter the argue from some game
publishers that used games are hurting the video game industry. He also revealed that annually, Gamestop saw
$1.2 billion dollars of trade in credit spent on products in store. Which again, Bartle
uses as an argument against the idea that used games hurt the games industry as a whole.
He states, “Seventy percent of that trade credit goes right back into purchasing new
games. We see it as an integral part of the entire video game ecosystem.” He went on in the article to discuss their
plans to create more awareness for the trade-in program. The full article is in the description
below. So what do you make of this statistic? As
for me, I believe it. You have to understand that the majority of the customers who come
into Gamestop are usually parents of small children. That, or they are people who buy
one to two games per year. That is the mass market that Gamestop sees. They come in, get
the one game they want, and then leave. Anyone who has worked retail in the past understands
that customers do not read signs. Usually ads in the mail, or direct verbal direction
by the staff of the store is required. I also think this statistic is to tell the
games industry that Gamestop is a friend. Which, in my opinion is not 100% the case.
With things going more digital, Gamestop must show it’s viability, and do so fast. They
have to ensure game publishers that keeping their titles in their stores, even with the
trade-ins is a viable choice, and will not cut into the publisher’s profits.If they
can not do that, Gamestop will be in a world of trouble. That’s it for today! I would love it if
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