Game Won’t Start?! [Alicia Online] How To Fix 2 Common Bugs

Hey everyone! Flawestruck here. I want to talk really quick about a common login bug that happens. Some people might not have this happen but it happens to me every other month or so. Basically what happens is your game won’t start. You login, it starts to boot up, and then you get this startup window. I’m not sure what it’s officially called but you’ll notice that nothing is happening. Usually both bars here will fill up and then the game intro window will appear. Instead it will just stay like this indefinitely. It’s not that big of a deal, thankfully. All you really have to do is reinstall the game. You don’t have to uninstall, thankfully. I’ll show you step by step what I do. First: close up the windows. Get out of here. Next: you want to run the game setup installer. I always keep mine in the Downloads folder. There’s no point deleting it since you’ll probably need it again, and it’d be a waste of your time having to re-download. Open Sesame. I’ve got a little lag for some reason. I’m sorry. Alright. Click “OK” Next: click on every button that glows blue. I don’t know how else to explain it. Then we wait a bit for it to install the fixes. Done. It’s as simple as that. Now let’s start up the game again. There’s the orange and red bars that I mentioned earlier. And boom! Here’s the game. So if you ever have this happen now you know how to fix it. I’ve also encountered another bug
that may happen when trying to start the game. I was on a different computer so I
wasn’t able to record but as you can see from the screenshot I took it’s a window
with Korean writing. Your only choice is to click the button which just closes things up. I went into Google Translate and the translation for this window says: “Game already running.” This means the game didn’t fully close. In order to play the game you’ll have to quit the program. In order to do this, you’ll need to open up
your computer’s task manager. You can right-click your taskbar and choose task
manager from there. Or you can search for it. Once your task manager is open, just look
for Alicia Online and click on it. Then click “End Task”. Now Alicia Online is fully closed and can be opened normally again. I hope this is a help to anyone having problems. These are the only two bugs that I have actually encountered, but if you have any other questions or if I didn’t explain something very well
just let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching.

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