Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

VO: Please welcome Keanu Reeves.
(crowd cheering) Keanu: I gotta talk to you about something. Cyberpunk 2077 *crowd cheering* Walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking.. MAN IN THE CROWD: You’re breathtaking!! *laughter* Keanu: You are breathtaking! You’re all breathtaking! You guys wanna know the release date? CROWD:
*in unison* Yeah! Keanu: Yeah, then check this out! …then check this out … *twisted* then check this out *ominous* then check this out *growing in intensity* ṭ͚̣͉͇̭͋͗̑͘ͅh̴͖̫̮ë̗̯̰̅̈͌̍nͥ̿̂̽͂̅̀ ̥̥̆̾ͦcͮ͊̎̒ͥ̇҉̲͕h̻̬ͭ̓̄̽͌̂ḙ̺͖̥ͮc̞̲͓͔͑̈́ķ̦̟̱̳̯͍̃͆̇̅̓͊ ͎͈̰̔̑ͩ̓̔̄ṭ͖͎͖͎͜h̩̘͇͚͞i͞ṣ̳͞ ͙͉ͦ̂̏ͪo̟û̵̝̦̮͍͎̞͊t͎̫͖͒͑͗͋ͭ *error message sound* …then check this out. (Game Theory Intro plays) Hello Internet! Welcome to… a very special episode of Game Theory apparently Because I am sitting on the couch and in front of the camera which means that you know today’s episode is gonna get serious. Real business talk today ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting meta. So, as most of you know, E3 just happened. It is the year’s most famous or at least most infamous hype events. “I wonder what this game would have looked like had we released it long ago” *© E3 cringe* Where all the biggest games get announced about half a decade before they eventually get released. And I know a lot of us tend to get cynical about events like this, myself included. What, with all the misleading trailers and impossible promises that get tossed around, I gotta be honest… I really enjoy it. It’s one of the few times that we gamers are truly able to unite around the pure joy that this industry is capable of bringing. Are they lying to us? Are a lot of the games gonna be bland uninspired retreads of stuff that we’ve seen a thousand times before? You bet they probably are, but they might not be. And that my friends is what matters. Our faith that this industry can be better. No matter how many times we gamers have been kicked to the curb we still hold out hope right here. Showing that, you know what, we’re not dead inside. I’ll be honest I was pumped seeing Banjo-Kazooie make his triumphant return I was thrilled to get my hands on new Final Fantasy 7 remake. Heck, I even got goosebumps seeing the return of Master Chief despite not being the biggest Halo stan. When you see how much these characters… these titles mean to people, the audience, their communities, the huge reaction that these announcements get… It’s electric. In gaming, where 95% of the year is spent ranting about bad business practices and nitpicking new releases to death, it’s just nice to have one week of hope… and sarcastic retweets, but you know, mostly hope. But, you know what, as I wandered around the show, blissfully ignorant of the growing conference stank that was building in the hallways, Something did leave me a little bit worried. It actually happened while I was watching the Bethesda conference. Bethesda, where they did a solid job of recreating that apology scene from South Park. Hello. I’m Todd Howard. president and CEO of Bethesda. Fallout 76 is a tragedy that should have never happened We’re sorry :’c We’re sorry

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