Game Theory: Why FALLOUT’s Society is DOOMED!

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why FALLOUT’s Society is DOOMED!

  1. "So, you took all the time building this settlement from scratch?"
    "Yeah, I built a house, planted crops, and had a mutated 2 headed cow for pet."
    "But you didn't take a minute to move that skeleton from your doorstep?"
    "I think it looks cool."

  2. That's why, in New Vegas, i decided to try to destroy both NCR and The Legion and just try to get the best result for only my character.
    Damn i love that game, by far, the best sandbox game. And best Fallout (better tan the old ones just for the graphics and gameplay)

  3. I don't know if this is too but 2077 and in 200 years that would be 2277 and then if you do the math 2077 plus 210 would be 2287

  4. Just for fun

    The great war of Fallout happened on 2077

    What game will be in 2077?


  5. Or its because majority of the water is contaminated and because of the mutated animals. But you explained some of it also as a schizophrenic I can confirm what you said.

  6. The populace isn't fucked forever, people like the courier, House, or the Lone Survivor will lead the world to redemption

  7. You should make another video like this on the matter of fallouts infrastructure and how to improve upon it.

  8. When talking about fallout I say radiation poising and wonder if it's called that
    Now I know
    I'm being watched and noticed for it

  9. So the solution to society's woes is medication…? #BigPharmaShill
    Seriously though, people in the Fallout universe need to man up already, we're gonna be fine

  10. But what about the raiders a new settlement forms people come take what they dont have burn the rest and move on even if they survive they need to content with the legion and new California republic and the mutant armys in all the games there has been raiders mutants and feral ghouls
    The cycle starts like this a small farm family has one bad harvest and is out of caps so they kill and steal to survive they make much more than they need so they hire more they get more caps and until they sour relations with more powerful factions they can continue and root them selves into the area they cause mor gangs to form to combat them but they fall to the Sam pitfall of luxury something that is far to rare and over looked by those that have it

  11. When you go into the vault you can see your character is wearing a WHITE shirt and white colors are more common to block out radiation and to get rid of more radiation is to take a shower and we see he gets frozen which would get rid of most radiation in his body and that is why you start of with no radiation

  12. Fallout 1 and 2 aren't post-apocalyptic. They're post-post-apocalyptic. It's only in Bethesda's travesties that the world somehow hasn't rebuilt in 200 years.

  13. so basically the followers of the apocalypse faction is the only hope for humanity's survival in fallout world. those doctors should've formed a technocracy or something. where scientist and doctors held the power of emperors and kings to administer medicine to the entire wasteland.

  14. 5:48 Bethesda didn't Create the fallout series they just bought the IP and made the squeals after fallout 2 excluding New Vegas. They don't deserve that clap do your research better next time.

  15. 11:44

    You CAN actually join the Enclave, but you'll need a mod called "America Rising: A Tale of The Enclave".

  16. 4:51 ''Rational Law Abiding Citizens'' that is extremely funny. What you mean is you need ignorant idiots who will willingly be drones and follow whatever they're told like good little sheep. What we really need is Free open minds who aren't slaves to a bunch of people who think they own everybody (Government) typical sheep mentality…

  17. There Are Color TVs In Fallout But They Are Mostly Owned By Pre-War Groups Such As The Enclave And The Institute And Vault Tech And Some Companyies In West Virginia

  18. They Got So Stupid Due To The Radiation That They Can’t See The Difference Between Synths And Humans Despite Their Blood And Their Organs Being Different Shades

  19. 2:29 About the Turing machine, Alex Turing was an incredible man that really helped revolutionize the tiny world of computer science that it was at the time, and pivotal in world war two, cracking german codes and creating algorithms.

    His home was broken into, and while reporting it to the police, he was rudely questioned, then admitted he had a partner and they threw him in prison instead. He would've gotten a nobel prize for his amazing work but was rejected, due to, of course, being homosexual. He died, penniless, and alone. He received some mentions/awards posthumously very, very recently in the grand scheme of things. Thats a cold comfort, really. Rest in peace, Alex. He made it on this list as some of the most important things in history, do understand the struggles behind that name.

    Also, the movie isn't very accurate, he didn't have autism, and is generally dramatized 'cause movie.

  20. This thumbnail ages well with the incident where they had to recall all power armor edition helmets for having been contaminated by mold lol

  21. Here's a thought. If radiation is effecting their brains in 2287 was it also effecting them before 2077 too. How much were they being exposed to on a daily basis to radiation before the bombs dropped?

  22. Fallout 1 took plave in 20 so i tood place in the 22nd century but in 2100 evem fallout 76 takes place before every fallout game

  23. Well… there is THE ENTIRE STATE OF NEW CALIFORNIA that has been tamed and civilized by the NCR, and in fallout 2, the NCR had taken over all of southern California, and had multiple gates made out of lasers in the capital city, which don't really appear in many other regular towns/cities in the games. They have a stable police force, a decent government, and most of the people in the NCR that I know of show little to no signs of the things that you said in the video. The east coast however, has made almost no advancements, and I think that a good bit of them do show the symptoms of the things you said. East coast will probably die, while the west coast, or at least california and possibly the vegas area will thrive. I just hope that someone sees this, so it wouldn't have just been a waste of time. Thanks for reading.

  24. You should do a theory based on how Skyrim and fallout are connected. I know the sweet roll is in both games and the creation club kit for slokems joe has a sweet roll that makes a noise that sounds like a grunt that sound weirdly like something from Skyrim when you pick up said sweet roll. Please that would be such a good theory

  25. I think there's a better reason the society is doomed.
    The nuclear radiation and all that probably kills sperm and stuff like microwaves and mountain dew

  26. 7:00 well actually if you had done your research correctly, they were capturing and replacing humans with synths. Otherwise great video loved it, keep the good work up.

  27. When he clapped for Bethesda coming up with the name "Fallout", I wanted to slap his stupid copy-pasted head right off of Vault Boy's body.

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