Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)

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  1. I love the idea of shout outs to smaller creators. An other channel I follow and quite like has started to do that and I since then found 2 new channels that I quite like!
    If there's any channel I think deserves a good shout out, it's Mark Brown's Game Maker's ToolKit. Every time I'm watching his channel, I always think "Why am I not paying for this?". It's awesome, check it out!

  2. You should shout out Quinn Curio! She does videos where she critiques a certain show or movie, something along those lines. Her channel is still super new, but definitely deserves more love!

  3. Clayton Jennings is very overlooked as well as Nathan Wagner they are channels that talk about mental illness I think you will like them both.

  4. Matpat: asks for suggestions of small Youtubers to shout out
    Everyone else: pEtScOp iS oUt

    Anyways, just wanted to take a moment to suggest StephenPlays (and by extension, StephenVlog/MalMakes). I've been watching them for years, both Stephen and Mal are absolutely amazing people and are incredibly kind. Stephen has consistently released 2+ gaming videos a day for several years, along with vlogging every single day of his life for over a decade. He and Mal have also done annual charity livestreams for Extra Life (and for the most recent one they collected the entire GameCube game library throughout the year so that viewers could donate to choose which games were played). Oh, and did I mention that for the last year, they've been livestreaming breakfast twice a week on Twitch just to chat and spend time with viewers?

    I didn't intend for this to be this long, but honestly it's just the tip of the iceberg for what Stephen and Mal do. They're incredibly kind, dedicated, genuine people who truly care about their community and the people in it. Right now, StephenPlays is the most subscribed of the three channels, with 163k. He's been on the platform for over a decade, and he has far fewer subscribers than people that have been on here for a quarter of the time. I've been watching him since I was in middle school, and now I'm in college; he's had a huge impact on my life throughout those several years, and I know it's the same for several others too. I think he deserves way more than what he gets, especially considering all the work he puts into every aspect of his job, and that's why I recommend him for this.

    Best wishes & regards to everyone who read this far! Matpat, I hope you see this suggestion (and at least consider it as well) 🙂

  5. Your editor is awesome when it comes to graphics and effects. What do they use to make this magic?
    Also, my friend HealPleaseHeal does game streams, and has moved to Mixer. He does some fun stuff. You may want to check him out too.

  6. I know its a little late, but if you have the time, you should check out Friends Without Benefits. They are a gaming channel that quickly became a personal favorite of mine.

  7. In the interest of responding to your call to mention less known channels, I stumbled across an amazing gem of a video today:
    "Invisible" Sound Design in Breath of the Wild

    by Scruffy

    not only did this video blow me away, but it opened my eyes further on something I thought I'd already explored rather extensively. As someone who has dabbled in music composition specifically as it applies to game music and game design, I almost cried at how beautiful the game's design is/was, but this brought that feeling right back, and with a vengeance!
    I do truly hope you check it out and consider watching some of his other work…

  8. I know someone who really deserves some love. She's been doing Youtube for years, and has gotten herself almost 200,000 subs. She's so funny, so witty, she's just an all-around charm. Her name is lucahjin. If you have a second, I recommend checking her out

  9. Step 1. Go to YT Search

    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art

    Step 3. Enjoy!

    Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)It was much worse.” “If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: in love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are.” “You're beautiful in battle,“ said Dimitri. His cold voice carried to me clearly, even above the roar of combat. “Like an avenging angel come to deliver the justice of heaven.““Funny,“ I said, shifting my hold on the stake. “That is kind of why I'm here.““Angels fall, Rose.” “It’s like some of us are chasing

  10. The channel Tales of Tim is an amazing, horror, story telling channel that uses (in my opinion) very creative elements to tell those stories! Please go check him out!!!

  11. YuB is a great full-time YouTuber and his videos have so much work put in them! His channel deserves so many more subscribers than he has

  12. If you wanted to check out some nontraditional Twitch streamers, I have a couple recommendations.
    I recommend @HeartSupport. Their streams focus on talking issues including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self harm, and also provide resources (even for free if you can’t afford it) to help people through those tough times. They currently have workbooks for depression (Dwarf Planet) and self harm (Rewrite), and they have also been working on another workbook specifically directed for mental health challenges commonly experienced by streamers and content creators. If you’re going to TwitchCon, go find their booth where they will be giving out copies of their new workbook along with individualized encouragement. Watching their streams has been part of what helped me realize my own worth and I now have a future to look forward to.
    Also, my friend @Pauldances streams mostly Lindyhop swing dancing (think big band music from the 20s-40s). He streams his practices at home, group practices with other dancers in his area, his weekly dance venue, big dance events he travels to, and podcasts where he chats with other dancers about their dance journey and life outside of dancing. It’s been great to watch his stream community expand across countries to inspire viewers to search out venues where they can also learn to dance. Sometimes he also plays video games to spice things up.

  13. A relatively small channel I reeeaaally enjoy even if its not really game related is Dr. Hope's Sick Notes. The guy is just awesome and he does the stuff he does with love and its always interesting 2 watch.

  14. the number of people commenting/reminding matpat that the new petscop is out is really ridiculous, when you know that mattypatty was probably one of the first to know about this, began researching evry single news article about the game (including interviews about it), looking for possible connection to real crimes irl, and on top of that playing the actual game (followed by multiple runs to get all the endings, easter eggs and such), REplaying the original game in order to see what he missed and/or view the game with the knowledge he got from the recent one, drafting the first paragraph of his script, briefing his editors, and contemplating on making a gt live episode about it……

    just be patient, guys. you know the game detective is always there to deliver…

    but that's just a theory :3

  15. Hello Future Me is a fantastic channel with lots of advice on writing and detailed analysis’s of shows!! They need a lot more love!

  16. By the way, middle class never actually existed, only capitalists and proletariat, but US government is never was on proletariat side, arent they?

  17. Well, you do not understand the fundamental machinations behind Buying the Ninja. As you can see, Microsoft is looking for a long term investment. They know, that they are going to lose money and they will do so in this project for some years. But, they know that they have the potential of having 1. streaming service and potentially 1. youtube competitor. Just like Jeff Bezos, They do not want immediate profit, they just want a platform. Microsoft understands one thing, that owning a platform on which the people do business is the most important thing for bigger profits. Bill Gates himself said, that his biggest regret is coming with windows mobile too late behind android, so I assume that he does not want to make the same mistake twice. And just imagine, what Microsoft could do with such a big platform? They could probably passively push for Microsoft services etc, gaining gigantic amount of profit. Just like films. the one income is from ticket sales, but another thing is the selling of merch and branding, that allows them to gain much bigger profits, than from film.

  18. I think my shoutouts for a few mid-tier channels would be:
    ACG – Does some great and informative game reviews
    FamilyJules – Does some great game music covers and such (of the more metal variety).
    Samination – Kinda focused more on Dead by Daylight parody animations these days, but also home to the great "Taco-Man plays" series, amongst other fun animations. "Messed up Bible Stories" and "Completely Accurate Gaming History" are also a great time.

    I could go on about many more, but I think that's enough for the moment.

  19. Be careful asking for suggestions, we don't want you to end up in a YouTube rabbit hole checking out all these suggestion and never seen again.
    That being said, I would suggest Isaac Arthur. They do long form optimistic science and futurism videos.

  20. These last two videos terrify me when I think about what I want to create for my YouTube channels… makes me think that doing this might not be worth it….

  21. I'm subscribed to an audiobook narration channel called pony and wolf productions. They do great work one book fallout equestria project horizons is 1,780,362 words and is THE first channel to complete it yet for all the quality they only have 5,161 subs. If you like audio books please give them a well deserved chance that's all I ask, as someone whose followed them since the beginning all the way back in 2013.

  22. I Really Love Pop Culture Detective. He Makes Video Essays Critiquing Different Aspects of Movies. He's Not Exactly Funny Or Witty But Everthing He Talks About Is So Interesting.

  23. Shout out tekking 101
    He usually does one piece related videos but he starts of his videos in such hilarious and interesting ways and he also has this sort of pizazz that I have seen in very few people in 2013 but he still has it today
    Also his videos sort of helped me a lot and I would like to give him something back

  24. MatPat is right about cancel culture it needs to stop its toxic and can drive people to suicide just because he used the wrong example
    dosent make the info less credible if you like the idea of having peoples blood on hands then fine but if you dont and you take part in it take a long look at your self and then stop

  25. Another shout out should go to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, he does short Marvel/DC review/parody videos with action figures representing the characters. He stopped posting regularly for a while but as recently started up again putting out about a dozen story videos at the end of each month.

    Here is a good video to get across why I think he deserves a shout out.

  26. How Ridiculous!!! They’re hilarious and kinda sciency(?) well … maybe not, but awesome nonetheless

    And Smooth McGroove. Acapella game music that is so nice

  27. There is a demand for competition to Twitch though. Not everyone likes how Twitch does things. Heck, not everyone likes how either Twitch or Mixer does things. I'm an older person these days and I'd rather my platform be tailored to mature interests. It's pretty dumb when a streamer you watch gets punished for foul language, taking their shirt off, playing adult (or sometimes just niche) games. Not everyone looking for adult oriented content are looking for porn either, so don't get that twisted since the two are different things. There are adults, such as myself, who are still into gaming, who now desire more adult centric content. Heck, there is a demand for developers to make more adult-oriented games as well. When is the industry going to step up on both fronts?

  28. Mid tier? Like someone with ALMOST 5000 subs on YouTube, trying to make it on this platform?! 😀
    I'd love it if you would check out my XCOM 2 Theory! I think it's worth watching 😀

  29. If you get a chance, check out MagikarpUsedFly. He started with league of legends content but lately just makes funny gameplay videos. Most notably tho he has these documentary type series called "do you remember?" With only 2 episodes as of this comment (MySpace and Limewire) but if you could promote him in a similar way, id bet he could find the stability to make even more, and maybe other content too!

    Also totes Subbed to Rabbid cause those videos look top notch in my "i love unique countdowns" niche 😁

  30. ok i'm gonna make a LONG list because there are so much low to mid tier creators that aren't known so much (this is gonna take me so long A-Z from my channel feed this will be probably land in your spam folder)

    – A slightly dissapointing salad: he makes gaming videos

    – ABSRDST: he makes great music

    – Ailurus: he makes something between reddit videos and informative videos

    – Airoah: a storytime animator with a very unique style

    – AKindAleWar: he makes gaming content not like lets plays but still gaming

    – Askually: he makes random stuff from parodies to old flash games

    – Alex Meyers: Cinema sins but animated and less swear words

    – Alpharad/Alpharad plus: the lvl9 cpu tournament guy

    – Fitz/ Also Fitz: a funny youtuber if you like offensive humor he Plays with his friends

    – an0nymooose: he animates stuff

    – Andromulus: his remixes slap

    – anthpo: he makes vlogs i guess

    – Approaching Nirvana: great songs

    – Bazamalam: the other ryan from 8BitGaming

    – Bbno$: technically not a youtuber but he raps and has a youtube channel

    – beanie: the second channel from Bluesdank

    – Ben Briggs: one of the DJs from GameChops

    – BigJigglyPanda: a gaming youtuber with a unique laugh

    – bill wurtz: the guy who made the entire history of the world

    – BionicPIG: reacts to bad singers

    – BluesDank: reacts to reddit posts and other stuff with his friends

    – bofa shuckle: a streamer who uploads his streams and has very low views

    – Bonsai Barsky: reacts to memes and other stuff

    – bordie: epic gamer girl

    – BoyInaBand: the british guy who raps sometimes

    – brentalfloss: asks the question if game xy had lyrics

    – BYZE: another gaming youtuber

    – CallMeKevin: Gaming youTuber with a little bit of dark humor

    – CallMeCarson: recently blew up with a meme

    – CallMeCarsonLIVE: stream highlights

    – CG5: he makes trap music

    – Charlie Green: second Channel from CG5

    – Charriii5: everytging wrong with game xy

    – Chaz Smith: the vine guy

    – Chetreo: makes remixes with samples from various shows

    – Chillypanda: a storytime animator

    – Cinema Sins: everything wrong with movie xy

    – Cinemassacre: produces episodes for AVGN

    – CircleToonsHD: animates

    – Composerily: explains how diffrent music genres work

    – Cowbelly: meme review but its not pewds and some vlogs

    – Craig Thompson: second channel by miniladd

    – cscoop: plays games with his friends

    – D1ofAquavibe: he makes remixes with samples from YouTubers

    – DAGames: plays games and sings

    – Dan Bull: raps about videogames and roasts sometimes

    – DankFrank: Second channel from FrankJavCee

    – DarkDom: Reddit youtuber

    – DatPags: A gaming YouTuber with a lot of very good editing skills

    – DaymanOurSavior: he makes mashup remixes

    – Dexter Manning /Dexter Manning's 2nd channel: the creator of Flappatron

    – DidYouKnowFood: food facts

    – DidYouKnowGaming: gaming facts

    – Disrupt: experiments with VR

    – dj- Jo: makes remixes from anime and games

    – DjEphixa: another DJ who makes remixes and other stuff

    – Dolan Dark: your fav goose with memes

    – Dolan Darkest: second Channel from Dolan Dark

    – Domics: storytimes

    – Drew Gooden: reacts to stuff

    – Dylan Locke (2): makes memes and remixes

    – Dylan Tallchief: remakes tracks

    – EmKay: Reddit guy

    – Failboat: edited Stream highlights

    – Fainted: reacts to stuff

    – Fitz: plays games with his friends

    – fjamie013: edits photos

    – FlooKooTV: reddit videos

    – FlyingKitty YTP with songs

    – FootfaFerret: A brief history

    – FrankJavCee: a Singer and entertainer

    – Fyrus: gaming channel

    – GameChops: a label for Video game music remixes

    – Garret Williamson: Musician and a few other vids

    – GioFilms: another reddit youtuber

    – GioPlays: 2nd Channel by GioFilms

    – Girlfriend Reviews: a girlfriend that reviews his bf playing games

    – Goopcast: A podcast

    – GradeAUnderA: rants

    – GrandPrixGamer: take a guess

    – grayfruit: does speedruns

    – GRIMECRAFT: a DJ from GameChops

    – Grizzy: same as fitz

    – Groundbreaking: is a singer

    – Haricz: animator

    – i_am_a_duckhead (in hiatus): shows the cringe of fangirls

    – IAmJakeHill: very talented rapper

    – Ice Cream Sandwich: animator

    – ImAllexx: reacts to stuff

    -iNoToRiOuS: plays games with friends

    – isaacwhy: makes discord stuff

    – It's Alex Clark: stories

    – ItsameWario: voice and animation

    – J.T. Sexkik: voice stuff

    – Jacob Geller: Video essays

    – Jaidenanimations: storytime animation gang

    – James Landino: DJ

    – James Mariott: react

    – Jameskii: gaming stuff

    – James Prime: 2nd channel

    – JayMoji: funny moments idk

    – JC the Caster: wholesome guy

    – JelloApocalypse: animator and voice actor

    – JonTron: passionate youtuber who reacts to old movies and stuff

    – Jordan: corrupts videogames

    – Josh A: a very talented rapper too

    – Jupiter Maroon: a musician

    – KevinVG207: nintendo youtuber

    – kingani: she reacts to stuff

    – Kryoz: gaming youtuber who edits very good

    – KshotTV: reacts to stuff too and scripts it

    – Kugo the Mighty: cs:go player on the road to Global Elite

    – Kurzgesagt: very informative videos

    -Lil Dicky: the guy who collabed with a bumch of artists for we love the earth

    – LilDeuceDeuce: makes some asdf music

    – Lixian TV: animation and gaming

    – MacDoesIt: a queer legend

    – Marshal Does Stuff: reddit and or edited "compilations"

    – Mayaroni: art

    – Mayro: Mario games

    – McNasty: the same as fitz but with other games

    – memeuless: 2nd channel

    – memeulous: he reacts to stuff

    – MetalKingBoo: creator of the xy screaming series

    – Mini Ladd: a gamer

    – Mini Ladd Vault: old Mini Ladd vids

    – Misfits: the gods of scuffness

    – misteramazing: video essays

    – moist: memes

    – MrBean35000vr: the creator of CTGP

    – Muggy: commentator

    – NakeyJakey: commentator too ig

    – Nailny: games

    – narpy: memes

    – Nathaniel Bandy: another gamer guy

    – NeatMike: Rocket League youtuber

    – Newer Team: the team behind the newer games

    – None Like Joshua: raps

    – noodle: animator

    – Octoboy: splatoon content

    – OhNoItsRobo: talented rapper

    – OneyPlays: gaming Channel from OneyNG

    – PartyInBackyard: music memes

    – PeanutButterGamer: gaming stuff

    – Piemations: creator of suctioncup man

    – Poofesure: raging at wii games

    – ProZD: short skits

    – quackitytwo: second channel from Quackity

    – Quackity: random stuff

    – RaccoonEggs: something between dark and stupid jokes with friends

    – RaccoonEggstra: stream highlights ig

    – RadicalSoda: detailed reviews

    – Random Typek: google translate memes

    – ReBoot: soothouse but smaller

    – RedFalcon: plays smm2 versus

    – RehKitz: Compilation vids

    – Reli: a hell of a ride

    – S2W: second Channel from WillNE

    – Sadworld: youtube channel by noah munck

    – scolded: discord memes and compilations

    – ScottFalco: animations

    – Scruffy: talks about music

    – Scuffy: more music

    – selma: commentator

    – senzawa: uwu covers

    – Servida Music: beats

    – SethEverman: parodies and stuff

    – sethical: 🅱️oneless

    – Sethical Two: second channel

    – shgurr: storytimes

    – shortstack: comedy

    – SilokHawk: reviews

    – Slaz: second channel

    – Slazo: random stuff

    – Slimcicle: random stuff

    – Smii7y: funny moments

    – Smosh: comedy

    – Softwilly: discord stuff and reactions

    – SomeThingElseYT: animations

    – SootHouse: a group of people reacting to stuff

    – Sorrow TV : reddit

    – Space Chicken: glitches

    – SpaceHamster: videogame stuff

    – Sr Pelo: animations

    – StickFab: memes

    – SwaggerSouls: funny moments

    – Tabbes: animations

    – Tech Rules: some kind of videogame trivia

    – Ten Second Songs: songs in diffrent styles

    – TerminalMontage: animated parodies

    – The Homie Talk Podcast: a podcast

    – The Living Thombstone: DJ and producer

    – The Narrator: voice acting

    – The Sea Rabbit: animations

    – The AMaazing: animations

    – TheBetamaniaque: memes

    – TheSlickGecko: gaming content

    – TimTom: storytimes

    – Toby on the Tele: funny moments

    – TomSka: comedy and animations

    – Treesicle: the story you never knew

    – TryHardNinja: nerdy musician

    – TurtleAmigo: animations

    – Tuxbird: funny moments

    – Tuxy: more funny moments

    – TVSins: everything wrong with xy pilot

    – TWD98: mario kart wii youtuber

    – TwinkieMan: memes

    – Varskeletor Joel: funny moments

    – Viantastic: splatoon content

    – VoiceOverPete: wholesome guy

    – Weege Plays: gaming and other stuff

    – Weest: commentator

    – Whos Chaos: games and vlogs

    – WildSpartanz: reactions

    – WillNE: random stuff

    – Zalinki: animation and music

    – ZeroDucksGiven: corruptions

    – Zuckles: scuffed australian

    hope you're gonna take your time even if its in your spam folder

  31. If there's the one channel which is underrated, the first one to come to mind is YuB.
    He tries to do a wide variety of content, along with a lot of good editing.
    He is the perfect example of the mid-class.

  32. The Imaginary axis is a great channel I think that most of the people who watch Game/Film theory would enjoy his content!

  33. Ok I've Got Another! I'm Not Sure If This Count Since He's Got 1 Mill. But I'll Still Suggest It. Exerb1a I An Amazing Channel. He Make These Existential Videos That Make You Feel Inspired, Sad, Confused But Always Make you Say "Woah…" At The End.

  34. One guy i know who has really been grinding youtube hard lately is SlyFoxHound. He's an OG youtuber from back in 2010-2012 who was a part of TheCreatures. Right now he's still having fun uploading daily.

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