Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft’s Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

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  1. In eleven you say he runs on dirt or gravel but you can prove that he is running on gravel. How? Two things, 1. It is more likely to fine gravel in caves because the only place you can find dirt underground is in small patches, not long enough for the patch he runs on. 2. When the player runs on it, some of his steps is high pitched, which (as you probably guessed by now) can only be heard on gravel. Boom mic drop.

  2. I have a theory I still hold about Herobrine. That he is a truly intelligent AI that was one of the original "villagers" and that each villager had their own personalities. Herobrine was one of them until they were wiped for being "too dangerous" but somehow Herobrine found a way to manipulate his own code to escape being erased. He may be found in your world and may try to cause problems if he finds you any similar to his creator, and his people's destroyer. He has a personality all of his own, a name he himself created, and is noe trying to find an answer to why they wanted to delete his people, why they were created only to be deleted, and why they are kept secret as much as possible.

  3. Well I once were playing minecraft on ps3 at crative….
    I listened all the discs, and yes I were scared of that game after that

  4. Maybe creepers try to eat discs from chests they find and they can't digest it so maybe when the skeletons kills the creeper the arrow hits it and the disc comes out of it's body

  5. Just wondering, what if the lost people were YOUR people, something happened, and when you create a new world, you wake up for your sleep. That would explain why you and these people are so related, you just forgot, your CHARATER forgot everything, all you know is how to survive.

  6. Yep, I think you found a secret of disk 11 & 13. I didn't try this but I think this will be better for you to do this stuff. You know the cut off thing, after that there a creeper right? Try put that at the first as an intro cuz 1 shot maybe hit creeper, and the other shot just hit the wall/stone, then (maybe) you'll find the answer of the disk 11 & 13

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  8. There's a book called Minecraft: The Island and it's got A LOT of hidden lore. It kinda ended on a cliffhanger, we don't know from where is the character, it has many hidden messages, ect. It's great theory material. READ THE BOOK

  9. I once saw Herobrine… insert dramatic music

    We had a chat. Poor guy, people are scared of him just because he has white eyes. He's really nice, you know…

  10. My theory your characters goal is to repopulate with also finding your way around I wanna here Minecraft Steve’s goal.

  11. The sound of the building is steve or “nicholas” building upwards, the reason why it changes from stone to dirt is because he is running out of blocks to place

  12. I have a few theories of my own I would like to share about the music disks.
    Theory #1: The music disks are supposed to tell a story if you play them in the correct order. The first disk that would be played would be Wait or Where Are We Now. The second to last disks would be 11 and 13 played together. The final disk would be Ward, assuming the miner in 11 dies. So that would explain the funeral music in the beginning.
    Theory #2: In Minecraft Legacy Console Edition (from what I know Minecraft for PS3 and Xbox 360) there was a tutorial world. In the tutorial, it tells you to build a house out of an abandoned miner's shelter. That shelter could've been abandoned by the miner in 11.

  13. C-could you make a theory on the cave noises??? They're really spoopy and I think there could be a story of sorts in them!!! ^^

  14. What if Herobrine is just a figment of our imagination or maybe the undead Ender King and what if the Ender men were the people of the Ender kings city and they were “The Old Builders” Referenced in Minecraft Story Mode

  15. I think the end is whats left of the old world see while in the end hear the music closely you'll hear a corrupted version of the overworld music do A video on this its worth mentioning

  16. @The Game Theorists

  17. When I heard disc 11 when I was a kid I promised myself not to listen to it anymore but now it’s not that creepy anymore

  18. What if Steve is the result of an experiment conducted by the ancient people to create the ultimate survivor/explorer who could continue exploring and documenting no matter how many times he died.

  19. I remember when Minecraft when it had no hunger bars and accidentally hit a wolf and something was attacking me (wolfs) but it was invisible like I couldn't see it in my game. I was like 7 and it was traumatizing after the whole hero brian thing..

  20. You used the wrong sound effects. Explosions and bows had very different sounds back than, which sound a lot closer to what we hear in the music discs so I guess your point still holds up.

  21. NO! Bad MatPat, you can't just be talking about eerie things, and then falsh an image of two kids with empty eye sockets in front of us!!

  22. the nether is probably the core of the minecraft world because theres fire every where and the achivement u get is called we need to get (deeper)

  23. this is just a theory i just thought of but what if herobrine was one of the ancient people and he was working with some alchemy and failed sounds dumb i guess but i just thought of it

  24. But if the apocalypse from the last video you theorize was caused the two people that are in the mine cuz from what it sounds like in the disk and the guy stopping to open a book and write it seems like he didn't know what was attacking him exactly and was writing down to Mark a discovery. They didn't even have weapons to fight clearly as we the player always know to bring weapons when mining

  25. Just incase anyone was wondering why the sounds sound different (the creeper explosion and arrows) it's because the sounds in disc are older then the ones we hear today
    here's a link to some of the old Minecraft sounds if you don't believe me

  26. Um ever think about the two upper powers that talk after u beat the game what if they have to do with the civilization that has gone missing idk but to me it seems that not all people were forced to go to the end and the people that stayed gained more power

  27. yo i was reading the lost journals, and page 213 it says that skeletons and zombies are not undead OR were ever people, just monsters
    wondering if anyone else saw this

  28. I think that its someone mining in a abandon mine with some things that we never saw in minecraft thats what you hear when you put disc 11 and 13

  29. Only 20 seconds in the video and the effect thing isn’t cool😭it’s the middle of the night and I’m watching this💀god bless me

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