Game Theory: The Mario Timeline’s SHOCKING Reveal

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: The Mario Timeline’s SHOCKING Reveal

  1. So if Pauline is in super Mario odyssey then that means it takes place before the new Mario was even born

  2. Sooooooooooooo, the American Super Mario 2 version does not count I take it…….

    Because Birdo was in that.

  3. i just keep coming back to the old videos. i cant remember which video i first saw from you. maybe it was Sonic's speed. idk.

  4. You just ruined your own theory because he was just saying that Mario is evil but in reality that would mean that he’s not

  5. Everyone is saying that Odessy is ruining this video but I didn't see no Super Mario bros. 2 and there is no excuse for not putting that in.

  6. Actually about Luigi and Peach (pretty stupid) BECAUSE:
    1.In other games Luigi still have crush on princess Daisy
    2.In other games mario still have crush on Princess Peach

  7. 14:18 sooooooooo your Mario is a psychopath is shut down because Mario didn’t try to abuse donkey Kong Jr and didn’t abuse donkey Kong

  8. At the end of super Mario world toad Mario and peach go on vacation doesn’t this mean that super Mario sunshine is directly after Mario world?

  9. So the very first carpenter game-isn't Mario? – but what about the evil Mario theory? You took away some evidence from that!

  10. that is why Pauline is in that game (i forgot the name), he invited his mother and built a toy after her. he must be a "mama's boy"

  11. Technically there are 3 Mario’s! One is Mario the Carpenter the second is Mario the plumber and the third is paper Mario. The evidence of paper mario is shown in Super Mario Paper Jam where an alternate paper world exists In a book from Peach’s castle therefore we can also say that there are two princess toadstools, two Bowsers, two bowser jrs, and a possibility’s of second Luigi. The the second Luigi does not appear in the game, but rather when Paper Mario confuses Luigi as another character. So we can say that theoretically, there are two Luigis as well as three Marios

  12. Wait if rosalia is Luigi,s daughter then that's means on sml uncle Mario is dating rosalia so sml mario is messed up

  13. Typically the Game Boy games Aaron's Canon cuz how's it supposed to be Cannon if it was Mario it was Luigi cuz you think about it Luigi's love is Daisy he just didn't get on his own title back in the day Mario saving Daisy it's not true

  14. Why does Super MARIO Bros 2 get so little love. It’s was not only far and away my fav but also brought us so many thing that carried on in to all the rest of the games

  15. ummm but the poltergeist 4000 is in mario kart ds so the rest of the luigis mansions games should happen after mario kart ds

  16. Clearly, Super Mario Odyssey Must Come After Super Mario 3D World, Mostly Because Of Peach Rejecting Mario At The End. And If It Does Mean That, That Also Means That Super Mario Land Must Come After Super Mario Odyssey.

  17. If Mario isnt the same as the Mario in Donkey Kong, then that slightly justifies him in your other video of how Mario is a horrible person. While he’s still a terrible person, he at least doesn’t have any of his crimes against DK

  18. You know how link never truly dies he response with his love of his life because of her magic in the legends of Zelda book at the end of the book as a manga

  19. Part 2: Mario vs DK series, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Bros U deluxe, Donkey Kong Country, and the spinoff games (karts, parties, etc.)
    Don't say it's not possible, because you did the Zelda timeline.

  20. Maybe Mario is sociopath because Luigi stole his GF and he expresses it with ANGER. Destroying worms and toads, abusing Yoshis, BECAUSE Yoshis brought both Mario AND Luigi. I mean he punches them so he expresses that he is angry at them for bringing Luigi (because he hates him). Well Yeah he is psycho.

  21. I think new super Luigi U is cannon and was placed after the Mario u version and at the same time as Super Mario land, while he was saving Daisy

  22. Wouldn’t super Mario sunshine come directly after super Mario world? At the end it says that Mario peach and the toads are gonna take a vacation

  23. In his previous videos, he has stated that Mario must be a sociopath, but if their is multiple Mario's, then that means that Mario (or should I say Mario's) is (are) not as sociopathic as they seem.

  24. What if Pauline in the newer games is Mario sister and she was named after her mother. It would make sense why Pauline has different hair from the originally game and why Mario is helping her, even though he loves peach. But that is just my theory.

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