Game Theory: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending EXPLAINED | World of Light True Ending

Game Theory: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending EXPLAINED | World of Light True Ending

Warning. This video fully spoils The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate story mode So if you wanna experience it for yourself blind. Play through it before watching this episode. But remember that this video exists Because I guarantee Once you beat it You will need an explanation for what the heck ya just saw it’s – let’s just say it’s not immediately obvious what’s going on for reasons that will probably become clear later on in this episode

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  1. I believe smash is more deadly than mk 8 because some characters use swords, fire, magic, axes, and GUNS! But that's just my opinion if matpat wanna make a theory based on that I would love it!

  2. There still somethings missing like master hand in kirby and Kid Icarus Uprising when they mention being apart of the smash universe as well as the codecs and Palutina's guidance I think more to this story but I could be over thinking it. I have a theory a game theory. What if the trophies are bodies for the spirit of character created by the true master hand. The character, they're sommon by master hand from there universes and the only way back is by defeating him so they can go back to there own universe.

  3. Want to know whose side i want to be on, the creaters, i accept that he is tired, i accept that he is hurt, i know his situation, he is swallowing a bitter pill bigger than every fnaf theory ever created or to be, put together, is in a lose lose situation, he either is a slave to us, to NINTENDO, I feel anger at myself, and that damn company, and the FANDOM for pulling wool over my eyes and making me the bad guy, so MAT PAT MY THEORY KING GIVE THIS LETTER TO THE MAN I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR THANK YOU.

  4. After watching the entire video I was thrown off into a state of imaginative sadness for what is going on with this game until the video sponsor through me off lol

  5. Actually i only have Smash 4 for Nintendo 3ds (alltrough i have an 2ds XL) and im trying to Beat at Stage 8.0 at Classic Mode ALLWAYS to destroy the master hand First so i have 2 lives to Beat master core (1. Robot, 2. Dragon, 3. Swords, 4. Bowser because im playing with bowser) ALSO i Seen the whole story Mode of Smash ultimate

  6. When I got my first Mario Toy, you should've seen how much hand v toy plays I made…
    (edit): around 18:33 you almost made me cry…too beautiful…and sad…

  7. This video is so convincing, it must be true. Though I dont want the smash series to end, or god forbid nintendo, sakurai deserves a rest after all of what he went through to bring joy to his fans. wow that was deep

  8. I didn’t finish smash Bros so I waited till I was going to and then I came back to this video like a month later and still forgot to finish smash story mode so I don’t know how I didn’t get spoiled yet so might as well watch it now 😐

    Meow 🍪 :3

  9. Wait,does this mean that the reason waluigi isn’t in smash because the master hand and crazy hand hate him?

  10. the fans have nothing to do with the story, the fight between Galeem and Dharkon is between the company and the creators of the game. the fans are actually the characters left on the sidelines.
    work practices have always been really REALLY shitty in video games, they force them to work 12+ hours 7 days a week for MONTHS at a time.

    Galeem is the company and Dharkon is the creators. the company wants to dupe the game over and over and over and the creators want it to end. the fans end up CHOOSING what happens in the story mode. either you crush the company in which case Dharkon aka the creators put chains and bind the company, you crush the creators which actually kills the creators and the world fades to black (dies), or you crush both the creators and the company in which case the world is okay, however the creators, the company and the fans all move on.
    one instance is the creators winning and forcing the company to respect their work, the next is the company losing their creators by actually killing them and the world going black (dies) and the 3rd is where all parties, the creator, the company and the fans all move on and let it go.

  11. Dharkron would be SEGA. And it might be a coincidence you find their only two reps in the dark realm, but I think not. Sonic would've deserved World Of Light if this wasn't the case

  12. This makes me think Sakurai is the opposite of Scott.

    One wants to do as many games as he wants, and one doesn’t really.

  13. Im fine with ultimate being the final smash game as long as they continue to release it on future consoles and maybe the occasional update or patch

  14. Lowkey sakurai should make a video game with all these ideas in it. Not like all his other games but a game that actually has a dialogue and is super story driven. A video game thats story is symbolic of the insanity of companies and the story should make it obvious for you too so everyone knows what's up.

  15. This theory completely blew me away. Mat Pat really has an extreme and amazing talent for these kind of things. I'd even hes a genius.

  16. I completed the game with claiming parana plant getting all characters and levels and spirits and levels in three day none stop

  17. Well, its a good theory but I think that it also has to do with Iwata's passing. Iwata and Sakurai were close, and Iwata was VERY important to the series. Would not have happened without him. Its hard for me to put this into words so bare with me.

    I don't think Galeem or Darkon represent Nintendo and players respectively. The spirits are the center of the story IMO. Galeem is holding onto them, and Darkon represents regret about losing them. When those two things are gone the spirits, the memories of those we lost are free.

  18. It's sad they won't be making a new smash game cuz imagine the power on the next Nintendo consoles I heard they're already making a new one 😥😢😴

  19. I don't think this is the last of the story, they grew up fought corporate greed and toxic fandom but the last thing they'll have to fight is the inevitability of death itself

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