Game Theory: Petscop – The Scariest Game You’ll NEVER Play!

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  1. I can't wait for Petscop GO! Now you get to catch kids 𝗜𝗡 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗟 𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘

  2. This “therapy” is crucification for adopted foster children who desperately need someone to love. That is the most disgusting display of human behavior I’ve ever seen.

  3. Although we all agree that that death was complete cowardice, it had a severe impact on the present.
    If Candace hadn’t died, there’d still be those inhuman “therapy” sections to this day.
    But I’m not gonna say that her death was important. It wasn’t. Far from it.
    Humanity is the true hell.

  4. I just realized. If they get out of prison, WE can just find them and make them suffer. But don't kill them. If they try to find jobs, they wouldn't. It's not like anyone would want to hire child murderers. Then they become homeless and we still make them suffer without killing them. Death is to soft for those 4 bastards. We just need to make them suffer.

  5. was it just me but while the girl was dying i felt lots of weight on my shoulders but it was my imagination and seeing that spookay sight

  6. I was adopted at the age of a 1 year old so I do not remember much but my parents told me it took a while for me to get used to them and start loving them because prior to them I had 3 other families return me for "being too distant" or trying to get away from them. this hit me hard watching this but it helped me realize just how lucky I am to have my parents now.

  7. I wanna adopt now. I already liked the idea of adoption but now I definitely want to.

    As angry as it makes me about what those people got off on 7 years and slapped wrists, I can at least take comfort in knowing their reputation was tarnished abd they can't work as therapists anymore. Hopefully they can't work with children period.

  8. I wish the people that did a "rebirth", should get not a 16 year prison time, but stomped on as an execution method.

  9. I knew what story was coming when you mentioned ‘Newmaker’. This story was disgusting when I read it for the first time and it’s even more disgusting hearing it in a real voice. The visuals and sounds and voice you used made me shudder. I’ve always been mad that they only got 16 years and not an immediate death sentence. Disgusting.

  10. The funny thing about the story is that he said I would be disturbed and I was fine also may I’m going through depression I am pretending to like things it’s hard

  11. I… I want to kill the therapists that murdered her. She was suffering… She was a child… She did not deserve this.

  12. If you think about it… “Paul” the maker of these vids… wanted justice for this kid… and that’s just so sad 😞. People are so mean. So be nice to people

  13. R.i.p. candace. I hope wherever she is she is happy. This story truly broke me down. This little girl cried out for help over and over. All she ever wanted was a family. She deserved so much better.
    I'm sorry, I know I'm rambling, but I think its important to realize that this kind of abuse to children happens daily. And we can help stop it.
    You could be the key to saving someone.

  14. Alright, for this random person scrolling through the comments, I'm about to tell you a very weird, childlike dream. One night, a couple of years ago, when my little sister was just born or about to be. I had a dream that I found my Mother, who is a very generous person, kneeling next to the toilet with my little sister in a basket in her hands. I screamed "Mommy, what are you doing!?!" and she responded, "Well, sweetheart, we don't have enough money to support her. She has to go." . Then, I woke up, breathing heavily. I ran to my Mother and saw that it was just a dream. How about you make a theory on that, which might be one of my future games when I get out of college. Just make sure you describe it as if it were a real subject.

  15. I’m going to find and kill everyone one of them. I don’t care what happens to me what they did is sick.

  16. i was re-watching this because I saw it a couple years ago and when I saw it for the first time I was sick and had nightmares for DAYS! I cant believe the "therapist" would say quitter. how did anyone think she could have a licence! I just feel so bad for Candice, may her soul be blessed!

  17. They get 16 years! And only serve seven. How could you let these monsters continue to “help” children. Candace Newmaker will not remembered as the quitter they called her. She will be seen as beautiful in the eyes of the world

  18. I thought he would carry on with this theory to the other episodes, but I guess he scarred me for no reason…

  19. I always thought that suffocating is one of the most painful deaths ever but tiara's death is scary and painful and disgusting imagine being a 10 year old girl who was abused by her parents and switched foster homes a few times and then was adopted by a monster who tried forcing you into loving her and when you refused she tried to "rebirth" you by putting you under a blanket with 4 adults-did I say adults i meant MONSTERS sitting on you giving you no chance of getting out and then saying that YOU don't want to live and telling you to die for real and insulting you while ignoring your screams and crys for help i hope that the guilt of tiara's death hunts everyone who caused this results

  20. There was a episode in Law & Order about this Attachment Therapy method and I knew immediately what inspired to make that episode… I was having flashbacks and I did cry because THEY WERE CHILDREN

  21. I already read this story by Astraea in the anti-psych section of their website. I still felt the outrage rising as he read the transcript. Candace was diagnosed with RAD, in some cases a genuine disorder but not hers. Basically it's when a child has mood dysregulation and irrational attachment after abandonment-in other words, the perfect thing for a bad parent to blame on an adopted child resisting a toxic relationship.

  22. Now, this episode is, like you said, the darkest video on probably GT and FT to date. Even the hiimmarymary episode can't compare. The ideologies presented are no doubt the worst Youtube will accept on the site, anything darker being removed. Candice's story is absolutely horrific, and I'm, to this day, still amazed as to how the "doctors" weren't sentenced for child murder, but only for child abuse.
    The only problem I have with the video, as will quite some people, is the excessive editing. The major difference between your video and say, Pyrocynical's video is that. Pyro is telling us the story straight to us, like I would to a friend, whereas you, fitting the way GT works, explain in the same detail, but with sound effects, montages, etc. Best example is probably at 13:04. The thunderstorms in the background, the clouds passing over video clips of children, the sad music you added in the back? No, that isn't what a good video should look like. I respect Pyro for making his video as well, without being as, well, manipulative as to the viewer's emotions.
    I know this is the way GT has nearly always worked (and will probably always work), but you could have toned it down a bit. And for that reason, I don't really like the "dark" episodes of both channels.
    Don't take it too personally, I know this is a 2 year old video, and past mistakes remain on the internet. I'm not criticizing the editing, only it's placement.

  23. That is so upsetting. I cannot believe child murderers only got 16 years in jail. That’s disgusting.
    She was such an innocent girl, and didn’t deserve what she got.

  24. I'm traumatized.
    How do I undo this.
    Why did they do such a thing to her.
    This poor, poor girl.
    I thought there would just be jumpscares but not such abuse?
    Terrible mistake. What the heck do I do.

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