Game Theory: Peach’s Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)

Game Theory: Peach’s Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)

1 of my favorite parts of Mario Maker 2’s story mode is figuring out which character from the Mario-verse delivers each particular level. “A Certain Mage” is undoubtedly Kamek, “Name Withheld by Request” is Bowser Jr., based on how each level is described, and (ligma balls)”Father of Name Withheld”, then, is obviously Bowser himself. And with these sorts of little Easter Eggs comes some pretty crazy realizations, like the fact that HALF of Bowser Jr.’s weekly allowance is 200 gold coins. He’s getting 400 gold coins every week. That is four 1-ups worthy. That’s two different basic outfits from Mario Odyssey. That is the cost of the entire first floor of one of the wings of Peach’s entire castle, here, in Mario Maker, which just always makes me wonder; How much is that 400 coins gonna be worth? How much is Peach’s Castle worth in this game? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I did the math, and the answer isn’t what you’d expect. *Game Theory Intro* Hello, internet, welcome to Game Theory. The show that, much like Bowser, just won’t leave the Mushroom Kingdom alone. Speaking of Bowser, I’d like to extend a long overdue welcome to Doug Bowser, the new president of Nintendo of America, taking the place of “My Body is Ready” himself, Reggie Fils-Amié. Reggie left some big shoes to fill, in more ways than one, considering the guy is six foot, one inch. But Doug, you, sir, are living proof of the power of nominative determinism. The term nominitive determinism is the theory that says your name biases you into certain career paths, like say, for instance, your name is Seymour Butts, and you wind up as a cartologist. Or, surprisingly, how the men named Dennis are actually more likely to become dentists. True story. Now, scientific evidence is a bit spotty, and recent research seems to be overturning a lot of these early findings, that being said, a man named Bowser, going on to be in charge of Nintendo? What are the odds of that? That’s insane! Guy’s a super villain, isn’t he? Just gotta be. Gonna take over the company. Drive it into the ground, and it’ll be like “HAHA Mario I’ve beaten-” I dunno why I gave Bowser a Mario voice *Mario(?) voice* “I’ve-a defeated you by finally taking over you’re company!” ‘s not even a Mario voice, it’s just…a garbage voice. Everyone behind the camera is like, just shaking their head in shame. I’m embarrassed to be here, let’s move on with the episode, please. ANYWAY The long-in short is that Mario Maker 2 is out now and I’ve been having a ton of fun with it If you got a level you think I should play, scroll down to the comments section and leave the code right there chances are, it’s gonna be played on gt live BUT in a pleasant surprise, the game also shipped with a story mode Where a buncha toads are working to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle after… A creepy dog here with… A Wii fit balance board around his neck? Hits a button and rocket wipes the castle away from existence Look you know what i’m not complaining here beggars cant be choosers It’s kind of fun, the levels are actually really creatively designed and show the breath of what you can do in this game and the TL;DR of the whole thing is that in order to fund the rebuilding project Mario has to complete levels and gather coins purchasing upgrades until the castle is standing proud once again. Well, the story might be dismissed by some as a simple tutorial leading up to the real game of playing the home brewed Mario levels of online strangers And raging out as you continue to loose against Rosses level from Game Grumps The story mode is interesting to me for ONE major reason It introduces us to the strangest Mario character ever: The Religious Eraser … Ok so the story mode is interesting for two reasons 1: The very creepy very disturbing Religious eraser that probably deserves its own theory on another day And 2: By giving us a complete tally how much money it takes to construct Peach’s castle as measured in coins, which means… If we compare that building cost in coins to the real world building cost of a similar sized castle or similar building supplies It could finally reveal the answers To the secret or Mushroom Kingdom’s Economy And just how much Is one gold coin in Mario actually worth And what is the value of Peach’s castle? All of those answers and more are what I plan to find today Now, calculating the cost of Peach’s castle in mushroom kingdom currency is actually shockingly easy All you’ve got to do is tally up the coin costs of all the individual upgrades Because we see it built from foundation, up through roof Including little amenities like cannons and stained glass If you add up all those various costs throughout Mario Maker 2’s story line Peach’s 100% completed castle costs a total of 14,100 coins Seems pretty affordable but then again these are gold coins that we’re talking about And more often than not These hunks of precious metal are at least the size of Mario’s over sized Bubble head So each one could be their own small fortune for all we know So, with the number of coins toe its time time to translate Those castle costs In to real world costs And its here where things start to get a little more complicated, How do you price out a fictional building? Admittedly we’ve done it once before on this channel with the Luigi’s mansion episode but in that game Luigi sees every single room Heck, forget seeing every single room. He is humping every single chair in every single room Looking for a few extra bucks. The castle in Mario maker 2 however Is a completely different situation. Sure, it was built for princess Peach, there by making it Peach’s castle in one sense but this isn’t THE Peach’s castle That we’ve seen throughout the rest of the franchise If it’s relativity small size wasn’t clue enough Notice that we build a foundation but we leave no room for a basement This in turn clearly eliminates the design for Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64 where the basement had without exaggeration the best levels in that game Evidently, Peach is just a princess of many different homes Your princess is in another castle? Sure, why not. She apparently has a couple This one just must be her summer vacation home Oh wait that’s Isle Defino Just her sub castle So, how do you price out something that you never get the details of

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  1. Looking on 1:02
    Noticed yellow on the bottom left corner of achievement ring
    Seriously, MatPat, seriously? THIRD spin-off theory channel?

  2. In super Mario smash bros(Wii version) Peach uses a Toad as a literal shield from attacks. When hit, the toad sprays fluid out of his orifice! Obviously the Toads are treated as slaves with no concern for their well being.

  3. What if Toadette was embezzling funds from the project and was deliberately making the castle unsafe to kill Peach when it collapses ? 😛

  4. Couldn't the argument be made that you should be comparing the price of gold compared to the Mushroom Kingdom(MK) gold coins? Since the price of gold is known and you could calculate the size of MK gold coin, one should be able to determine the amount each coin is worth (On your Luigi mansion video you price a gold coin to be around 20k).

    So if we decided to make a real world house with 14,100 MK gold coins it would most likely be in the hundreds of millions price range. If anything, that stained glass window is extremely overpriced being 14% of the total construction cost!

    I think to get an idea what a gold coin is worth in the MK you would need to find the cost of living there and leave out any real world comparisons. If I a Toad only need 10 gold coins to live comfortably a year then wages and materials would in turn be reflected in the final building cost.

  5. I'm not sure if you'll see this but…This is probably the closest I'll ever get to see a big youtuber play Touhou.

  6. This is what I loved about Mario maker 2's story mode. All dark subplots this game is littered with never failed to intrigue me more than any other Mario games plot, and I'm still very curious what's going on with that eraser guy. Honestly, after finishing Mario maker 2s story, I felt like nothing else in the game lived up to the mode, and I ended up selling it prematurely.

  7. Remember the exchange rates in Superstar Saga? Mushroom Coins depreciate at a dizzying rate. Which would make sense since they've spawned into existence by the hundreds or thousands at a time on multiple occasions

  8. Comparing the building costs to real life isn't really accurate though… like just because 1 gold coin is the equivalent to $1.66 doesn't mean the price of wood and stone would be as much as it is in real life. Like for all we know the price of 1 tonnes worth of steel could be 2 or 3 gold coins.

  9. Dear game theory, I believe peach is a villain, she is one of the only human including the plumbers that are in this world, even if she isnt fully human she is still very difrent from the rest unlike bowser, bowser might be the true ruler as he looks more like he belongs in this world, he might want to take back his world but does not want to hurt peach, but we as the plumbers/gamers have been brain washed to do peaches dirty work. Bowser gives his people ships, armor, fighting techniques, castes, mansion, etc. But peach give her people poor hits, no or minimum wage, probably force to smile to brainwash us, but in mario maker 2 their words about peach and what they where forced to do, just came out.we and the toads just built a vacation home, that can just collapse after a month or 2, we spent time, and money into the castle so it could just collapse, it is strange that bowser's technology and building is more advanced than peaches but yet we call peach the right ruler. He it is just a theory a game theory.

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