Game Theory: FNAF, We were WRONG about the Bite (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: FNAF, We were WRONG about the Bite (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

  1. Umm first Afton s daoter was killed first because after fnaf one closed down they opened babys pizza world and after they closed down they opened the second game Wich after is fnaf three then fnaf four Wich is when the child dies sooooo what else is going to happen

  2. William Afton has a boy and a girl the girl is Circus baby possessed and you know the boy he still alive not anymore sister location but he is the possessor of golden Freddy

  3. Alright mr. MatPat i have a question If the "Fred Bears Family dinner" minigame Is in fact in Fred bears family dinner why do you play as freddy?

  4. Hey I think you know you try not to make them be you you will die do you want to die and I'm trying to tell you I bet I can beat you Jonah Beck come to my house and brought a lot of equipment because we're barely Five Night Freddy underground and we're going to ask if we can get the do you know play a game Chucky Cheese's in Freddy okay you have to fight the brain on Irvin

  5. "Se-cwet"

    I can't pronounce them properly as well because I always struggle with words that starts with R (and if the R is in between some letters).

  6. R.I.P birthday boy he didint desurve to get locked in a room or get bitten by golden freddy and die ORRR turn into a ai

  7. Omg. Coming back to this I realized that the conversation between sites at the beginning is when Baby got kicked out of Ennerd

  8. everyone: purple guy is a murderer all along

    me: uhhh dind't henry made the original anamatronics and springbonnie and fredbear?
    does this mean henry is also kinda a killer or a murderer?:O

  9. 4:20

    It wasn’t a simple mechanical failure but it was actually designed to do that mouth talk thing! So the older brother and his friends maybe wanted to kill him!

  10. You know how every little detail matters on the fnaf lore?
    Well heres something to think about
    The bite of 87 caused either a child a security gaurd of a parent to lose their frontal load, right? Well if foxy or mangle did it, either they would bite the entire head off because of their long mouths. If chica or bonnie did it, their mouth would get stuck because of their small mouths. And golden freddy is put of the question vecause i doubt a child would get close to him. It has to be freddy because of the mouth shape. AND in fnaf 2 when you get jumpscared by freddy, he looks like he is biting you, making that one of his attacks. Your welcome.

  11. is it bad that the biggest thing I took from this is that he made a steven's universe reference and now I really want a film theory on it?

  12. Ok here is my theory
    The animatronic was not in suit mode so the head weighed a lot. When the head was in there it built up presser and dropped the head at an excessive force able to cause head trauma but not enough to die imdantly. The head was slightly cracked so blood was dripping in the skull to the brain. And the bits of skull shavings from the crack went in with it to the head. Some esamate 3-5 give or take to die.
    This is just a guess but I think I’m right

  13. So I am rewatching this whole series and what if it wasn't only the presser. What it it's the fact that the second pair of teeth that you see in the freddy suit is sharper and punctured his head and that it how he died

  14. Okay so I just want to throw this out there so I like to agree with matpat and say that the books are from a different perspective and so in the books afton original didn’t deal with the animatronics that was Henry area which would mean that Henry was the one to make Fred bear just thought I’d mention this

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