Game Theory: Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

70 thoughts on “Game Theory: Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Finally, proof that this school shooting problem isn't caused by games like this. anyway, if it was causing violence, the crime rate among people like us would be high. I myself don't play Fortnite though.

  2. Hey MatPat is there somewhere that we can find all of your sources because I have to do a research project on this stuff in English and would like to use the info you have for this but don’t have the sources so is there somewhere that we can find your sources

  3. i love using logic in debates every time i'm have a debate i cant help but thinking wow this guy/girl cant even bake their own claim. and i will admit a manged to get a guy to say fu*k you because i prove him wrong i'm still proud of that one

  4. Matpat: Does playing fortnite help gamers social skills?
    Me: Accually it hurts my social skills because I can't find anyone who doesn't like fornite and I don't.

  5. I love your Overwatch representation. When you showed that Reinhardt clip I was like, "Oh. Cool I guess." But when you talked about friends and showed Junkrat and Roadhog, I was surprised and very happy!

  6. Tbh I made one of my closest friends on a game (Mobile Legends). But, I do have to say I rage a lot and see many toxic people. Tank you to those who know how to choose fake violence over verbal violence

  7. I identify as a rabbit, my country is called bunniesworld, and I'm a introvert as well as a mediator.

  8. You know that feeling where you read someone's comment and they respond and you respond and then the conversation is over, but you have that i-just-met-a-cool-person-online-that-i'll-probably-never-comunicate-with-again-but-at-least-i-know-someone-out-there-is-just-me feeling?

    cause I sure don't

  9. PLEASE ALLOW PEOPLE WHO MISSED THE QUIZ THING ANSWER cuz i missed it and i wanna answer

    EDIT: i'm a INFP i think so my main thing is VIDEU GEMZA

  10. MatPat is right, I met a girl I had feelings for online and we started “dating” I even proposed to her online, you know what? She said yes! Not only do I consider people online friends, I even develope FEELINGS for certain people I meet online. 👏 👏👏👏 good job matpat


  11. Im playing mobile and I can't voice chat soooooo….no friends for me
    (I'm called Lucky rabbits if you wanna talk (00 w)/~~)

  12. Mat: our partner of today’s episode SKILLSHARE
    OverSimplified fans: oh, I’m familiar with Skillshare alright

  13. all the dislikes are from over concerned news channels trying to get 12 year olds not to play a T for teen game lol (the vote for T series

  14. I don’t care how few friends I have or how isolated I am, I will not stoop to the level of those who play the Fornite.

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  16. Best thing about the intro is that the clip is an Xbox game of Fortnite, but it’s a ps4 controller

  17. I’ve actually considered getting into games because I wanted to try making friends online, I just prefer creative games so… didn’t work. I’m glad that video games can create such a positive impact on social interaction and friendships!

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