Game Theory: Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster is Hiding in Plain Sight (Doki Doki Literature Club)

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster is Hiding in Plain Sight (Doki Doki Literature Club)

  1. what's interesting is that monika displays a lot of psychopathic traits:
    1. manipulative tendencies
    2. lack of concern for the safety of her peers
    3. lack of remorse for her actions
    4. justification of said actions
    5. on a lesser note, popular, attractive, and charming

  2. When he opens the text
    Jack: new attachment at 6:66PM
    Markapliar: Deja Vu
    Stephanie: try not to get attacked by a sentient game char…

  3. Omg it's a horror game??!!! I played this game but forgot about it when I got bored, I had no idea I just thought it was a normal dating game😨😲

  4. when you play too much doki doki and but realized you’re on a tablet and don’t even play doki doki


  5. Mat pat:Monica is flowy,Porki and the purple guy.

    Me:"suffers a fricking mental breakdown"

    Mat pat: It's just a prank bro.

  6. I downloaded the game thinking: Usual dating sim. Gonna play. After some time 3 of em die and i dont understand…

  7. They could make this an anime, but I think I would enjoy it more if it was no depressing stuff I hate being sad watching something

  8. Monika: Do u like Horror?
    Me: well I like… But ur cute when u show me that look on ur face
    Monika: Woow looks like someone fall for me
    Me: Y-yes

  9. there's much more. the game is a lie. just… like the cake…. there's something happening. the question is, what?

  10. 9:03
    No, it’s talking about frisk and/or character

    9:39, also does that look strangely familiar to the journals in gravity falls, and they eye could be bill (sorry but gravity falls, Undertale, and DDLC are my 3 fav things and I love making connections to them)

  11. I just read the other messages….
    Mark: déjà vu?
    Thomas: I ate a rock, dude.
    Stephanie: Try not to get attacked by sentient game chara-
    Jason: it’s not my fault!
    Sedge:Should I add more meta jokes in this episode

    Wtf is going on 😂

  12. Me:but im on tablet
    The Game Theory:Unless U are on tablet phone And other devices than just pretand ur spooked
    Me:ok……. omg im so scared

  13. I don't have a computer but I'm scared because maybe she can hack in any device so I'm scared and tonight I'm going to go everywhere when I'm sleeping okay like I'll punch in my sleep because I'm scared

  14. are you telling me he missed an opportunity to make everything in his intro (every character & moon and stuff) monika?

  15. Me, watching on my phone
    Mat: If you are watching on your phone, tablet or any other device. Act like you are scared
    Me: fake screams

  16. Matt Pat: i’m not allowed to touch Undertale anymore by the theorists me: OK tell me where they are I got this Undertale is my favorite game

  17. Me:do you like wifi
    only me
    Me:not only you but do you like pasta
    only me
    Me:hmmmm do you like minecraft
    only me
    Me:dont you dare say that again
    only me
    only me
    M:do you like poop
    not me

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