Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite’s SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite’s SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Everybody lets all yell “LETS GO GAME THEORY LETS GO!!!!!!!!” In comments on this. He just roasted rice gum 😂😂😂😂🤣

  2. I found the image of terraformed Venus, but the part that should be the STW area is completeley different. Why do you fake something to prove your theory? It's still isn't bad, so why?

  3. (making my reply a comment cause of the 479 replies in Edventr's comment)
    Sadly not, stands for vindertech bucks, probably a joke though haha

  4. there could be a chance that the characters run 13 meters per second as It is based on a alien map so the characters might be aliens

  5. What if the storm and the rift are both our boy kevin well the rift is kevin but the storm has similar lightning and are both purple. And what if mr vindertech crated the storm and the cube

  6. Hey! Can you explain all the classic cars? Hint. The time might actually be taking place in the 1970s. Explain that MatPat!

  7. If you think about it, venus is so hot because of the clouds right? So one bad move like spilling that argon stuff on a cloud could damage it, since clouds spread apart that would make since for the storm, also if you take away all the lava from venus and try to make it liveable you would add water, but that's just a theory a game theory

  8. OK I'm a hard core stw player I have a question
    How do you

    explain the fact the storm hasn't been raging on constantly if this is venus
    How is it so much construction was done with asid rain

    Explain how as the storm move stops gets stronger then starts moving again

    Explian why RAY WAS SURPRISED TO LEARN THE STORM HAS HAPPEND BEFOR she was shocked and got super exited thinking it happend once it stopped disappeared and repeird that ment she could stop it

    Explain why in a mission you have to find cave paintings so you the only way this is possible is

    They arrive at venus the last storm killed everyone and humans
    Evolved back from exstinction exsacitly the same way on a planet waaaayyyy hoter then earth with seeing how evaluation adapts to surrounding they would end up way differantly then the way that happened on earth

    NOT hating
    not trying to debunk you video
    Just want answers

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