Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

  1. But if he had bananas 🍌 for 8 years wouldn’t you have a heart attack because his potassium levels are soooo high

  2. Any one else noticed the marks on Jonesey’s body maybe he sold his sole to the devil or something

  3. Call me crazy but if pelly was pure fat and went full stavation mode how he was a little short he started canablising himself to live the rest of the time he needed

  4. What if he used the food in the refrigerator and we didn’t see it possibly giving him some time to survive before having to eat peely

  5. Jonesey could plant the seeds BEFORE he ate peeley, he starts to run out of giant banana man, he has an extra banana supply. 200 IQ

  6. There is one solution to this entire conundrum. Perhaps we should consider the idea that Jonesy is a superhuman, or a genetically-improved human. This is not so far fetched, given that, according to the first Fortnite theory, Fortnite takes place on a terraformed Venus. With a genetic-modification, that would change everything, from beard growth, to the amount of calories required to survive, to how long one could go on surviving without eating.

  7. I have honey, it was originally recommended by matpat, but I got when webcast was being sponsored by them. Thank You MatPat and MrBeast!!!

  8. In the martian, there was a point where the man lost his potato farm to the cold, and had to survive on very small rations (i think 1/3 of a ration), once in every three days until he got his farm up again. So Jonesy should have survived by only eating once every two or three days, assuming we're still going by record-breaking beard-growing rates.

  9. What if he started planting after his first year in the bunker yherfore he could use less of his friend as time progressed.

  10. You're doing all this math if he was eating every day. It wouldn't be much but if he didn't eat between a day, or possibly two and three days, it would extend out his time just a few days. Add up all those little extra days and he would have more than enough time to get his first crop of bananas. Also, I have yet to see the fact that we don't know if Peely can't regrow parts of his body, I.e. You eat his arm, then slowly over time it would grow back.

  11. Hi I am from the future. So now there is a gigantic mech that wrecks everything and fortnite is broken so just go play Minecraft until fortnite is fixed.

  12. But what if Peely pretty much gives up his seeds and is a super fruit that doesn’t need to eat, and just gave his seeds to his friend so he could make a smoothie and survive?

  13. No it was merimiad who said that quote and it was "Feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

  14. food and drink not just food you know you are dum theb face it i love nightmare bb whach ding dong on youtube nightmare bb andion

  15. Video game characters don't age or require proper nutrition to survive (or use the bathroom). Unless you're playing a shitty game. 😜

  16. But what if Jonesy cut Peely and took seeds out before he finished eating him or before he even started eating him. That way the first batch of bananas would be done before he ran out of Peely to eat.

  17. But you said that the stem of the banana is made of leaves what if he made a billion salads and ate the bananas and peels plus the fact that he will have more and more banana seeds plus the energy from the orb underneath the ground… pops spoiler gotcha.

  18. This theory is darker now cause the block party animation confirms that the peely skin is just a Jonesy skin with a banana that walks in a rift so Jonesy does canibalism

  19. There is another option and this proves you didn't do ample research. There is a thing called a fasted and starvation state where you ingest no calories at all. In a fasted state your body burns only fat, the longest healthy fast done lasted 1 year. In extreme cases there is a starvation state where you body starts eating your muscle. You can last a very long time without food or adequate nutrition, with the help of the seeds and huge banana he could theoretically if done properly survive 3 years.

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