Game Theory: Can Sonic SURVIVE His Own Speed? (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Game Theory: Can Sonic SURVIVE His Own Speed? (Sonic the Hedgehog)

The first time I did a sonic episode on Game Theory was 5 YEARS AGO Which makes me stop and wonder… What else was going on 5 years ago? Flashback flashback flashback flashback FLASHBACK!! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL! *WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?* *GANGNAM STYLE* *DEAD MEMES*
“Why MatPat, WHY!?” “*DOGE!*” OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO BOY Maybe we shouldn’t be revisiting this era of Internet history. *Game Theory Intro* Hello Internet, welcome to GAME THEORY! Where between all the Nintendo, FNAF, Doki Doki, Fortnite, and Lootboxes, I thought we needed a dose of our favorite blue hedgehog. Now, a few months ago I got a special request for a theory about the physics of Sonic the Hedgehog’s running ability from Dominic: An awesome member of the Theorist Community who I met through the Make a Wish Foundation, and who you may remember as the voice of the internet from the Mario “How Deadly is the Bomb” episode. Anything, uh, you wanna say here Dominic? Uh… Make sure to subscribe to The Game Theorists! *Whispers* And mainly for Austin ’cause he’s my favorite… “HOW DARE YOU!” Last episode I did a video on the physics of Sonic, This channel had less than 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! And now last month, we just crossed, 10 MILLION! Which means by the time we do another Sonic physics theory, It’s gonna be around 20 million, hopefully, maybe… Assuming Youtube doesn’t implode on itself, Gaming channels don’t get demonetized to death, I don’t do anything horrendous to offend everyone, and the video game industry resists the urge to make every single game a Battle Royale style game with absolutely zero plot So basically, never gonna happen. But you know what, that’s probably for the best. Because just think of all the disturbing Sonic fanart, 20 million theorists could generate. *ECHOING FLASHFORWARD* “WOOSH” Anyway, when I met up with Dominic, (Which, let the record show, did not happen in my recording closet. We went out for pizza, Thank you very much. His parents were there, I am NOT as creepy as I seem.) He asked me the following: If Sonic runs so fast, what would happen to his legs? Wouldn’t they wear out and get hurt? Which, honestly, is a completely legitimate question and completely deserves an answer. And even just stands to reason that it can’t be good for anyone much less a rodent thats basically a mango with legs to run that much and that fast. So today we’re putting this adorable little hedgehog’s feet to the test to see if Sonic would survive his own primary game mechanic or whether his arthritis by the end of the first level should be sending him to REHABILITATIONOPOLIS ZONE. To figure out whether Sonic is actually going fast or whether he’s dead on his feet we have to know something about the actual mechanics of running. Running is something that a lot of us are lucky enough to take for granted but it also seems like common knowledge that running puts a lot of stress on your body. I mean, we’ve all heard the warnings, right? “Too much running is bad for you because of all the pounding of your joints on the pavement” Especially the force delivered on your knees Knees are what are called hinge joints, made up of just three bones and a relatively thin layer of protective padding called cartilage. When running, every single step puts an immense amount of force on that one joint. To make matters worse, cartilage is one of the few types of tissue that doesn’t regenerate in the body. And after so much abuse it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume that by the time Sonic’s a few levels in, he’s going to be hit with rigid stiffness in his knees, bones grinding against one other because he’s worn out the cartilage, throbbing, agonizing pain, and an extreme loss of mobility. In other words, Sonic would be demonstrating all the hallmarks of OSTEOARTHRITIS. But, in order to know for sure, we have to dig deeper. Just how long is it going to take for Sonic’s knees to give out? One game? Two games? One level? I mean, he is running super fast and taking a lot of steps in that first act of Green Hill Zone. So let’s get to it FAST. As I said before, the knee is made up of three bones. Those bones are the femur, better known as the thigh bone, the patella, or kneecap, and the tibia, aka the shin. Between all those bones you have two kinds of cartilage. Hyaline cartilage, which covers all the areas in which the bones articulate, and fibrocartilage, which acts as padding around the balls at the end of the bones. Articular cartilage and fibrocartilage are found in the knees of pretty much everything that has knee joints. And yes, that includes hedgehogs. But honestly, for the purposes of this episode, I had to stop treating Sonic like a hedgehog and treat him more like a human. And that’s for good reason. Hedgehogs don’t actually have the physical capacity to hold themselves up the way Sonic can. Their muscles just don’t support it. Their bones aren’t structured for standing upright on two legs. So in order to get any kind of real-world calculations here, we need to assume Sonic’s joints can function just like a normal person’s would. So let’s see what kind of force Sonic is producing. In other words, Sonic Forces! *BA DUM TSST* You get it? Cause… that was a game that came out? Called Sonic Forces? You know what? Sir Isaac Newton would’ve appreciated it, alright? In a study run by Southern Methodist University’s Locomotor Performance Lab, they calculated the force of running to be 2.32 times Bodyweight when running at 5 meters per second. And 4.64 times body weight when running at ten meters per second. At the SMU lab, they use this kind of data to demonstrate that running force increases linearly with speed, making it really easy for us to calculate the force of running at higher speeds like the ones that Sonic is going to be running at. We’ll just need Sonic’s official weight and his speeds of–! Haha… oh God. *DUN DUN DUN!* We need to calculate Sonic’s speed! Now, if you’ve watched this channel over the last five or six years, then you know Sonic’s speed has been a bit of a sensitive subject for viewers of this show, BUT! I’m going to try to get a reasonable number of calculations so even BluHedgehog4Lyfe and I

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  1. that's when we remember that Sonic is a experiment or,genetic lab creature.
    So Matpat's theory can be wrong.


    btw i said "CAN be wrong"

  2. I watch this then question… What about the sonic in the new movie and flash

    Edit: and roadrunner! I NEED ANSWERS MATPAT!!!

  3. Heres the real solution for Supersonic velocity : supersonic velocity Velocity greater than that of the local speed of sound. In dry air at standard temperature and pressure (STP), this speed is c.331m/s (1080ft/s) or 1190km/h (750mph). Its magnitude is usually expressed as a Mach number.

  4. I believe Sonic can go supersonic speeds but given that he has years of experience to hone and practice mastering his speed he doesn't go that fast that often. Once you go fast keeping yourself in control gets harder and harder.


  6. Hey… Ik this is old but on thw sonic stopping part..
    What if he's turning on his hand and his legs are in the air.. He turns his self around to keep his run

  7. Hmmm… 😶 OH! shouldn't there be a theory on Amy roses speed??? 👩🌹 🏃 or on knuckles true strength?
    👊✊💪 Orrrrr… Shadows chaos energy? SO MUCH TO KNOW! 😫😫😫😫😫

  8. Sonic may get to his destination at the speed of sound, but he arrives as a pile of twitching meat. Not sure the trade off is worth it.

  9. the only thing i could think of, would be if sonic was able to go at supersonic speeds, then his increase to those speeds sould increase the strength of the cartilage enough to where those forces should still not be an issue. matpat did not take that into consideration


    after watching the whole video

    I was that closed ;-;

  11. Sonic is not human . He comes from another world . It probably has a body suitable for speed . Sonic is extraterrestre/alien . He has superpowers . Suposition and reflexion . Speak bad english sorry . I don't understand everything in english .

  12. Matpat said Sonic should be treated as a human more than as a hedgehog matpat is the reason why the first Sonic trailer looked horrible

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