Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Dragonstone (HBO)

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  1. Y'all should notice that when ice and fire meets dragon glass is formed. Imagine when the dragons are on combat they creat dragon glass instantly which is easier to wipe out the dead

  2. With all the footage and now the first episode out, is it possible that this teaser basicly tells how the story will end? Lemme break it down.
    First we see ice fog moving south on the map freezing the stark wolf, the fog keeps slowly moving past wintherfell. We see a few frames of one frosen dragon, as we know from the last season has been turned by the night King. After this we see fire on a lanister lion standing in kings landing. Tha fire seems to start from behind the lion, so I guess everyone still alive in wintherfell will retreat after the first battle against the dead, and head for some trouble with cersei. The battle between cersei, Jon and darneryes will cause such madness and ultimately the south of essos will be in flames whilst the north will be covered with ice and the army of the dead. Oh and there will be a new wall between the two sides after the final battle

  3. Peaky Blinders , Viking , friends and many other shows are such an incredible series . but game of thrones have numerous of interesting event and unpredictable end .that makes it is spectacular and the most beautiful show in the history
    who agree with me ?

  4. I remember a teaser in which at the end you could see winterfell in flames, i search it and failed, does anyone know where to find it?

  5. i REALLY HOPE THEY KILL CERSI (BROTHER SHAGGIN) LANISTER IN THIS SEASON ,,, I Cheered every time they killed off one of her inbred bastard offspring but now,,, PREGNANT BY THAT SAME SCHMUCK AGAIN, MAYBE IT'LL BE A WHITEWALKER AND EAT HER FROM THE INSIDE OUT… OF COURSE if it meant a minutes more power with her butt glued to that throne she'd probably serially do the whole white army

  6. Am I the only one who goes into COMPLETE character for 2-3 days (real time) after every show?!👀
    Me: I called you when you got out of school…. You didn't ANSWER THE CALL!
    You called me… I ANSWERED THE CALL! I would do it again for MY HOUSE!
    Kids: What in thee ENTIRE hell is wrong with momma?!😞She's so extra…

  7. Ok, so….. Does this maybe foreshadow that Cercei somehow knows how to build a wall? like the ice wall?

  8. I don't think this trailer gives us nothing. It's actually full of clues. You just have to analyze it. From what I get, the north will be lost, the night king will get it. Starks and Targaryen will die. Cersei will fight back with fire, but house Lannister will burn. And to save what is left of the south of the seven kingdom, they will build another wall. A wall of dragonglass. (Maybe Melisandre will come back with someone who has that ability… like Bran the builder had.) The main houses will be lost, but the kingdom will be rebuild even if it's smaller. Maybe Jon will make it though.

  9. So Winterfell will lost and the final fight will be at King's Landing with Jon, Daenerys and with Cersei against the Night King…nice

  10. i think this sums up what will happen, Night king will win the battle at winterfell and take Dragonstone also then head south towards the kings landing and cersei will use the wild fire and win the battle…. my comment was after watching S8 episode 2 and im waiting for episode 3

  11. I think that Denaris will sacrifice herself to save John Snow and Searcy will come and help them with the Lannister Army and Searcy and Jamie will die and eventually John Snow and Sansa will be together and get married

  12. I am still confused with this trailer NK is dead and north is still with starks no wolf (stark) was killed by NK why the North is shown as it will be captured by NK with freezing wolf and as well with a dragon last but not the least final clash at kings landing between the living and the dead how it is possible once the night king is dead🤔

  13. You assholes.. this teaser revealed more interesting plot than the actual one you showed.. I know I'm going all butthurt, but it had to be said. And the lannister fire engaging the cold dead meant literally nothing, Jaime and Tyrion did nothing spectacular.. and I was expecting Cercei.. I really did.. somehow enjoyed the episode but still managed to disappoint a lot of people, full of nonsense and terrible decisions 🙄

  14. Here after episode 3 🙋🏻‍♀️
    I know it’s only a teaser and doesn’t mean literally but I now don’t understand why they show ice and fire clashing when SPOILER ALERT

    The nk died in winter fell

  15. Long night didn't even crossed winter fell in the episode and here it goes up to kings landing At least they didn't showed like crossing narrow sea and going to essos these are created for hype that's all..

  16. If there are no more appearances from the White walkers after episode 3 then unfortunately GoT will go down as the new 'Lost' in my mind … where the final season ruins 6 excellent series and makes them unwatchable in the future. please let me come back here in 3 weeks and be wrong

  17. I'm just surprised by the amount of people that think the ending of ep.3 was amazing. If you thought the ending was great, then you never knew what Game of Thrones was.

  18. Seeing this trailer again after E03, and my hopes is up again, there must be twist here.

  19. sau tập 3, có vẻ 1 đạo quân người chết khác sẽ tiến xuống winterfell. có vẻ như night king ở tập 3 chỉ là 1 phiên bản và còn những phiên bản khác, có 3 trailer khẳng định băng tuyết của night king chưa hề kết thúc

  20. I think the Night King will come again while they will be busy having a war and fighting in King's Landing! I'm so sure it could happen in episode 6. Or at the end of the episode 5 as cliffhanger! Then they will have a clash North vs South, White Walkers vs Starks, Targarians, Lannisters!

  21. So far season 8 , is really slow. Ep 1 and 2 was a waste of time, and EP 3, had the big war against the dead. Now, Episode 4 was just more boring stuff. SEASON 7 and 8 should have been all one season. I even thought they milked out season 5 and 6 too much.
    ARYA Stark, kills the King of the walking Dead. This I saw coming. I had a feeling that when she left the City after being trained that was going to happen. And I think she is going to do some damage when she arrives in King's Landing. The reason they are killing off so many people is to save money. But HBO could have made season 5 and 6 combined, and 7 and 8 combined, condensing the four seasons, leaving out the bull shit talking, and saved a lot of money paying out to the actors.

  22. really easy an wolf and 1 dragon John and Dany and lions on fire….means Cersei will be ROASTED:)

  23. This shows how, Daenerys will burn King's Landing to the ashes and be the Mad Queen. Just as everyone predicted.

  24. It makes sense rn, the lion is burning and Daenerys will burn the Kings Landing, maybe it also shows that North will be separeted country 🤔

  25. Ice and Fire = Cannibal (wild dragon that lived on Dragonstone) oldest, strongest and biggest dragon ❤️

  26. I finally get it. The White Walkers will defeat Jon and Daenerys. But they will be stopped by Cersei and she will build the new wall!

  27. was I the only one who thought this would lead to a new wall? So disappointing

    yall are just getting cruel at this point like damn dude

    I hate that feather, too.

  28. Night King didn't even make it this far South…. Didn't even get past Winterfell 😐 This map should be like 5% ice and 95% fire.

  29. so here i am after watchin the whole s8 and trying to figure out things in this teaser
    what is the ice from the north?
    and what is the fire from the south?
    there is NO fire from the south at all
    there were fire TO the south
    and ice was ended at ep 8×3
    so this teaser means n o t h i n g at all

  30. Right before the GoT title shows up, when it's zooming out of the map. Kinda reminded of me of the first sequence of Ep3. when the Dothraki charged. Fire against ice. very nice lol

  31. Now the season is over its makes perfect sense… Ice in the North, fire burned the Kings landing… Both forming a wall in the middle…. Means the north being independent kingdom.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  32. The wolf is engulfed in ice. One dragon will die because of the ice. The fire will devour the lion, but then continue to burn everything until the ice turn into stone to stop it.
    Aka, Jon will embrace his Stark side and stay in the North, Cersei (and Jaime) will die because of Daenerys. Daenerys' thirst knows no limit so she will need to be put down. The clash between ice and fire is Daenerys and Jon's final moment.
    Yep. This trailer can be seen as a big spoiler for the last 2 episodes of season 8.

  33. This teaser was fire but the song of ice and fire was destroyed this season. The white walker storyline was treated like an inconvenience this season like nobody else got affected by the army of the dead except for the North. They built up the white walkers as if they would at least wipe out half the population but no they were defeated the first night they came. The white walker scenes were always there to remind us that everyone playing the Game of Thrones doesn't matter because there was a threat coming to wipe mankind off the face of the earth forever but this season showed us that playing the Game in fact was more important…idk anymore they just threw out what they built up for 7 and a half seasons.

  34. Another lying teaser that made the season look cooler than it actually was. Notice how all teasers fed the narrative that the NK was the most important part of the season but he was gone in one episode

  35. The teaser is better than season 8 itself. And I just realised it foreshadowed that westeros was avenged by the white walkers forever.

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