Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Inside the Episode (HBO)

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Inside the Episode (HBO)

ARYA STARK:Are you sure
you want to do this?
It’s not what I want.
It’s what honor demands. So much of that scene is
about what happens beforehand,
and building up the tensionbetween Sansa and Arya
in the earlier episodes
of the season where
you really believed
that one will potentially kill
the other.
It’s one of the benefits
of working on a show like this, where, over the years,
so many beloved characters have been killed,
and so many characters make decisions you wish they hadn’t,
that you can believe that Sansa might conspire
against Arya,or that Arya might decide
that Sansa has betrayed
the family
and deserves to die.
Knowing that you’re aiming
at that, it really helpedin the writing of it,
because then your only goal
in those scenes is to build
towards what feels like
a real rift between them
in a way that makes
it extremely fraught when
you get into that room with them at the end. How do you answer these charges,
Lord Baelish? I was actually very interested
and excited to seewhat Aidan would do
with that moment,
because it’s a moment
he’s never been in before.
He’s imagined
every conceivable eventuality,except this one.Lady Sansa, forgive me…
I’m a bit confused. Whatever you wanna say
about Littlefinger, and he’s clearly a sociopath
amongst other things,he does have strong feelings
towards Sansa.
They’re not necessarily
healthy, appropriate feelings,but they are feelings
towards her,
and so I think he has
a hard time believing that she’ll be able to do this. Sansa, please. I’m a slow learner,
but I learn.Unfortunately for him,
he’s trained her too well,
and she’s not
about to be swayed by his tears or his pleas. Thank you
for all your many lessons, Lord Baelish. D.B. WEISS:
You have sixty-plus hours
at this point of main characters
who you hopefully are
really invested in.
It was a challenge,
because there are
so many different ways
it could go,
but the fact that
it was centered
around the effort to persuade
Cersei to stand down and to accept a truce,
that gave it a spine. JON SNOW: This isn’t
about living in harmony. It’s just about living. There’s so many different
interconnections between all these people.The Hound-Mountain scene is
one we felt we needed
to highlight.Remember me? Just as Euron’s not a person
who’s gonna wait his turn, the Hound is not somebody
who’s gonna let this person or thing or whatever he is
now walk by him unchallenged, given who the Mountain is
to him and has been to him in his life. You know who’s coming for you.
You’ve always known. DAVID BENIOFF:One of the themes
of the season,
that characters might be
skeptics about religion
and the supernatural,
but once they confront it,face-to-decomposing-face…(SCREECHES) BENIOFF:…it’s really hard
to deny it anymore.
I cannot serve two queens. Then there is nothing left
to discuss. BENIOFF:I don’t think
Tyrion goes to see Cersei
out of pride, or to prove
that he’s brave. Again it’s one of the situations
where it’s the only choice he can see, it’s the only way
he feels that he can salvagethis peace mission is
to go himself.
WEISS:He’s the only person
who can talk to her,
because as much as she hates
him, as much as he hates her, they know each other better
than probably anybodyin the world knows them.I don’t care about checking
my worst impulses. I don’t care about making
the world a better place. Hang the world. BENIOFF:It’s a little bit
of a poker game
they’re playing there,
because it seems
like she’s bluffing
and he reads her bluff,but she wanted him
to read her bluff.
This was all part of her game.You’re pregnant. BENIOFF:
Cersei’s become quite good
at playing this game.
She wasn’t in power,
but she was on the edges of power, and she learned
how to operatein that environment,
and she plays Tyrion
pretty beautifully here.CERSEI LANNISTER: A darkness
is coming for us all. We’ll face it together. We were in that dragon pit
for many, many days.It’s a deceptively difficult
thing to shoot,
because there’s
so many different moments
between different people,
and they need to be shot that way. Otherwise,
it doesn’t feel likeanybody’s looking at the person
they’re supposed
to be looking at,
or playing off the person
they’re supposed
to be playing off.
BRIENNE: We both saw
just what happened. This goes beyond houses
and honor and oaths. It’s an interesting moment
for Brienne, because Brienne is so defined
by loyalty. But this goes beyond that. Talk to the queen. Jaime’s chosen to side
with his sister.She is unequivocally bad.Everyone knows this,
including Jaime.She’s just trying to get him
to see beyond that.
And tell her what? BENIOFF:I think that’s
certainly on Jaime’s mind,
but then the final straw
is when he realizes that this was all a scam. I always knew that you were
the stupidest Lannister. WEISS:
I think seeing the truth
of what’s in the North,
it meant one thing to Jaime,
and it meant something else
to Cersei.
They both acknowledge
the truth of it. They’re both smart enough
to realize what it means, but she is still seeing it
from a cold,strategic stand point,
and he is seeing it
from the position
more of existential survivalfor everyone.This isn’t about noble houses. This is about the living
and the dead. And I intend to stay
amongst the living. BENIOFF:
It’s one thing to say,
“Okay, Cersei played a trick
on her enemies,” but she didn’t confide in him,
so he’s realizing that his loyalty to her is
not reflectedin her loyalty to him.No one walks away from me. I think that absolutely is
what informs his decision to leave King’s Landing. I don’t believe you. He needs to know the truth. SAMWELL TARLY:
The truth about what? About himself. BENIOFF:
Jon’s not Jon Sand.
He’s actually,
as Bran finally overhears from Lyanna, Aegon Targaryen. And that means he’s
the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.That changes everything.WEISS:
I would say the challenge
with this sequence was finding
a way to present information
that at least a good portion of the audience already had
in a way that was dramatic and exciting,
also had a new element to it.Part of the answer as to how
to go about doing that
was in the montage,
inter-cut nature of it.
It was about making it clear
that this was
almost like
an information bomb
that Jon was heading towards.BRAN:Robert’s rebellion
was built on a lie.
The only way to really
emphasize that was to tie those two worlds together
cinematically, and to have Bran actually narrating
these facts over the footageof Jon and of Dany.BRAN:He’s the heir
to the Iron Throne.
Just as we’re seeing these
two people come together, we’re hearing the information
that will inevitably, if not tear them apart,
at least cause real problems in their relationship.
And she’s his aunt. BENIOFF:
It complicates everything
on a political level,
on a personal level,
and it just makes everything that could have been so neat
and kind of perfectfor Jon and Dany, and it
really muddies the waters.
BRAN:We need to tell him.(HORN BLOWING) We tried to contrast
the various season endings so that they don’t feel
too similar.So last season we had
a pretty triumphant ending
with Dany finally sailing
west towards Westeros.
This one is definitely
much more horrific.
Many years now, we’ve known
this would be the ending
of the penultimate season.WEISS:The Wall’s kept these
things out for 8,000 years.
There’s no real reason that
it can’t keep doing that, unless something puts
a hole in the Wall.There’s one thing on the board
from the beginning
that is now big enough
to do that,
and that’s a dragon.It just started to suggest
itself as a logical way forward.
We write, and then the Wall
comes tumbling down,and it’s really easy
to tape those words…
It’s really hard for them
to make it look good.
We needed it to be a thing
you go out of the season on.
First four or five years
of the show, it was the expanding universe,
and as we get near the endof the show,
the universe contracts.
The characters are going
to a place thatthey never have before,
quite literally in some cases.
But also just
in the larger sense,where they’re facing
the conflicts they know
will decide their fates.The lone wolf dies,
but the pack survives. Winter is here,
and it’s all hitting the fanfrom all directions.

58 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Inside the Episode (HBO)

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  3. Good season, felt really rushed tho which left some major plotholes, have to really use imagination to solve them.. 10 episodes would have been better, but I also understand the reasoning behind it all.. shame but what can u do 🙂

  4. Anybody think that Bronn and Podrick weren't really going to get a drink but were planning something? That maybe Tyrion's version of Cersei's "Let Euron pretend to leave for the Iron Islands."

  5. It's weird, I always talk about which characters in GoT I want to see a scene with (e.g. Randyll Tarly and Stannis, Drogo and the Mountain, Bran and Melisandre, Tywin with just about anybody) but I wasn't as affected by this meeting. Maybe because my list didn't include any of these combinations and because we've seen these characters so often as viewers that somehow Cersei + Daenerys didn't seem that overwhelming.

    Qyburn and Varys was probably the only combination I wanted to see but they didn't have a word of dialogue in the meeting.

  6. Going back to Season 1 Episode 1 and watch one episode a week. That should take me to December 2018, hopefully Season 8 starts after that. In the meantime, I'm going to record a bunch of 'firsts' or 'ends' in Game of Thrones:

    I'm also going to suggest some What If questions but only ones that I think could've easily gone the other way:

    First Time:
    – Whitewalkers have appeared (~8000 years)
    – A Stark was Hand of the King since Cregan Stark who was Hand for exactly 1 day (~140 years)


    What if:

    Season 1:
    – The direwolf pups had been killed instead.
    – Bran had died in the fall.

  7. Main reason why Season 7 was a let down was not just because of the spacing, but mainly because it wasn't "Game" of thrones anymore, it was just "War" for throne. You take any war in history, when war starts, the game intensifies, not stops.

    All the clever persons were dumbed down with hardly any role (Little Finger, Tyrion, Varys).

  8. How is Jon "rightful heir" to the iron throne? Robert won it in a war. If Jaimie hadn't killed, Robert would have. Even though a b, gendry still is his only living son, so may be he is the rightful heir.

  9. i was sad to see diana rigg leave the show. her sass was all i loved about this season. but she got offed in ep3/4? then along comes ep7 and it's littlefinger near the end of part1. the actual two people who actually killed joffrey. he helped her kill her granddaughter's soon to be abusive husband. altho i kinda thought, like what margaery did w tommen. joffrey would've been redeemed, but tommen was too young to marry her and was also easily brainwashed by the high sparrow. thats what ruined s6 for me. all of jersei's children were dead and only myrcella knew jaime was her father. quite pathetic actually. but none the less, it may not be the last we see of aidan gillen on GOT. ofc i still hope he comes back for the final season, since arya killed littlefinger… maybe he will be back, but pretending to be arya. they would be fun to see gillen portray his character but from arya's point of view. i do, hope arya kept littlefinger's face… it won't be the same without seeing littlefinger one last time. also, the mockingbird may be dead in reality, but who's to say… the spider himself won't be next… come s8… like OMFG

    i still like to think since ep7 was almost 2hrs. it was actually 8eps, not 7 😀 as for part2… it was just intense, horrifying and absolutely disgusting. bran is just too slow. he doesn't even know the night king is like him, which is why he was and still is many steps ahead of both teams jonaerys. im still pissed jonaerys werent told this episode, it really pissed me off. just dragging it on in s8 is bad enough. when jon finds out he just got his fathers sister pregnant, i felt like dany shouldv kept her eyes on jorah. jon only had a crush on her and shudv known better she was spoken for w jorah. so much for jon's honor and oath from the night's watch to never father a bastard… well he's about to, if bran and sam don't bloody hurry up in s8 ffs! hahahah! sorry got alil carried away with my overreaction. jon slept his paternal aunt, and she slept with her nephew. thats several scars for life. and another thing. i really wanted one more reunion b/w littlefinger and varys but so much for this happening in s8. i actually wanted sansa gone, and arya to do so. i wanted to see arya w sansa's face on in front of littlefinger… oh well, nvm :'( sure we haven't seen the last of 'aidan gillen' have hope he'll be back, portraying his dead character but from arya's POV would make the series final awesome. LF died &got away w joffrey's murder and jersei will never know this fact of truth.

  10. You know what I love? The fact the jonerys fandom (including myself 😍) does not give any zombie viserion FUCK about the aunt x nephew thing. well…..not enough to make them not be together anyways

  11. I don't know who to blame, but I'm thinking Tyrion or Bran. Think about it, Bran went behind the Three-eyed Ravens back and allowed the Wight Walkers past the wall. But they still had no proper way of getting past the wall, until Tyrion thought it would be a good idea to have a capture mission. Now it's safe to say that Daenerys had to take her dragons to rescue Jon and the gang, but if the mission never happened in the first place, The Night King never would've obtained Viserion. Without Viserion, they wouldn't have gotten beyond the wall. Now there probably is another way that they could've gotten beyond the wall but I personally can't think of one.

  12. when the continues is coming… after season -7 episode 7 please we need it fast..plz plz…
    so eager to know what next?…..

  13. "Whatever you wanna say about Littlefinger, and he's clearly a sociopath , amongst other things, he does have strong feelings towards Sansa ."
    With other words even "sociopaths" like him have an emotional / human side and are able to love.
    Littlefinger was a sneaky Player, but Petyr was always the same romantic, who just wanted that someone loved him back.

  14. Talking theories who the white walker could be .. he can ride a dragon so I’m assuming he has to be targeryn

  15. if John Snow really loves Danny and likewise her John would tell her the truth Danny would look pass the "incesty vibe" and just keep that whole aunty nephew situation to themselves and he would still serve his queen leaving the north with lady sansa and live happily ever after with Danny OR maybe not


  17. Loads of past footage show that the dead don't heal. How is it, then, that the dragon that was damaged enough to lose the power of flight (and crash to the ground), is now healed and flies with absolutely no problem? TAKE THE HEAD WRITER TO THE DUNGEON AND SHOW HIM THE PAINFUL PUNISHMENT FOR IGNORING THE MATTER OF PLOT CONSISTENCY!

  18. I have to. For a writing team to even imagine that a brother and sister having sex is even a considerable without being fired for suggesting it. Good thing I was not there. And for those that watch and support this show and consider it entertainment. For all of those produce and direct it and create the show having filmed despicable for lack of a better word. Disgusting. I am a writer and a mother once told me that she and her daughter framed what I wrote and read it together ever night before she goes to bed.
    What part of the word sacred do you not understand.

  19. This show is going off the window like Tommen style since those two producer guys took on the writings. The whole season 7 was nothing but a big fucking joke, and the most remarkable death was the 'well written script'.

  20. There's alot of mouth-breathing
    I hope everyone is using enough mouthwash lol especially Jon when he's on top of Daenerys fogging up her eyeballs!!

  21. I mean, why Daenerys don't send a letter to everyone and who don't bend the knee she just kill? I bet everyone would bend the knee

  22. everyone saying how there should have been 10 episodes, well…
    originally there WERE going to be 10 but they decided to make 3 MORE , making a whole new season with six episodes

  23. IMagine if the Night King got Drogon the biggest and baddest of the dragons.. How much heartbreaking and terrifying would it be for Dany having to face off against her favorite child.

  24. literally no one believed Sansa and Arya would try to actually kill one another, it was annoyingly useless filler

  25. I hate when Sansa says "I'm a slow learner". She's still a teenager and actually she starts playing the game the best she can from when she's in kings landing as a child. It just really undercuts her moment saying that, and it's so unnecessary

  26. Hey I’m from the future and I’m still waiting for the inside ep-


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