Game of Thrones S8E06 Finale Explained

Game of Thrones S8E06 Finale Explained

The final episode of Game of Thrones starts
in the ruins of King’s Landing. Thousands of people are dead because last
episode, Daenerys burned the city. And now Grey Worm is killing prisoners . He
says that Lannister soldiers are “free men” who “chose” to fight for Cersei . But
random soldiers don’t really choose – they’re forced into war by their lord . Feudalism
is kinda similar to slavery. But Grey Worm has no sympathy, and kills the
Lannisters. Tyrion sees the small council room, where
he served in the early seasons. There are so many memories here of Tyrion’s
successes and failures and his family. Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei’s bodies under
a surprisingly light dusting of bricks. Tyrion tried to protect his siblings from
Daenerys , but he supported her war because he thought she would make the world better
. Now, Daenerys is a tyrant, and Tyrion’s family’s dead anyway. So all Tyrion’s work these last seasons
have only brought death to his family and to thousands of others. Daenerys goes full Targaryen. She gives a victory speech to her soldiers,
and it looks just like a Nazi rally, with Daenerys as Hitler – but with a dragon. She says she “liberated” the people of
King’s Landing, which is delusional – she killed those people, after they’d surrendered. And she says she’ll continue her war, to
‘liberate’ “all the people of the world” . She mentions Winterfell and Lannisport – threatening
Jon and Tyrion’s family homes. She also mentions Qarth – in Season 2, Daenerys
threatened to destroy that city . So Daenerys is set to bring death and destruction to the
world. That flaming spiral in Episode 1 does look
like the Targaryen sigil. Turns out the real threat to the world isn’t
icy white walkers – it’s Targaryen fire. Tyrion quits as Daenerys’ Hand. And his Hand pin looks like Jaime’s hand
– Tyrion refuses to follow the woman who killed his family. Daenerys arrests Tyrion for treason – because
he freed Jaime, and tried to save Cersei . Arya warns that Daenerys is a threat to Jon,
because Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne . Dany’s also a threat to Sansa, because
Sansa won’t accept her as queen . So Daenerys is not just a threat to the world, she’s
a threat to Jon, and to Tyrion and their families. Tyrion tells Jon that Varys was right about
Daenerys – she went bad, and supporting her was wrong. So when Tyrion ratted out Varys, he got his
friend killed for nothing . Jon tries to defend Dany, but Tyrion argues that her massacre
was unjust and unnecessary . Tyrion says that for the sake of their families and the world
, Jon should kill Daenerys – even though Jon loves Daenerys . So once again, Jon has
to choose between love and duty . This is like when Jon gave up his love Ygritte to
stop the wildlings. Now, Jon has to kill Dany to save the world. This scene is similar to when Varys convinced
Ned Stark to make a false confession – to do something dishonourable to protect his
family. Ned was only convinced when Varys mentioned
Sansa’s safety . And now Jon is only convinced when Tyrion mentions Sansa’s safety . So
Jon is following Ned Stark’s example, even though Ned isn’t Jon’s father – Rhaegar
Targaryen is. But as Jon says, people aren’t defined by
their blood – they make their own choices . And Jon chooses, like Ned, to do the right
thing, even when it costs everything. Daenerys approaches the Throne. She’s wanted this for eight seasons, and
it’s not quite how she imagined. She thought the Throne would be bigger, “a
mountain of swords” – and in the books, the Throne is much bigger. Daenerys had a vision of the Throne in Season
2, and this scene recreates it. But this time, Daenerys touches the Throne. Jon confronts Dany about the killings and
imprisoning Tyrion. Dany argues that she has to punish Tyrion
for conspiring with her enemies – just like Jon has killed people who disobeyed him . But
Daenerys has no justification for killing the people of King’s Landing. She just says she’ll build a new world , and
that she knows what’s good, and other people don’t get to choose . As Tyrion said, Daenerys
has spent years gaining power and killing people and being rewarded for it. She’s been surrounded by adoring followers,
people who worship her as messiah. Daenerys once said that what keeps her going
is “faith” in herself . Now her faith blinds her to the evil she’s committing. She’s so convinced of her destiny to destroy
tyranny that she’s become a tyrant . Daenerys tells Jon to join her, fulfil his destiny,
and rule the galaxy together as nephew and aunt – and Jon makes his choice. They embrace one last time, and Jon stabs
his lover in the heart. It’s like the legend of Azor Ahai, a hero
who sacrificed his lover to save the world. There are lots of hints in the series that
Jon is this prophesied hero , and it seemed as though that meant that he would stop the
white walkers. But in the end, Jon’s destiny is to save
the world from the woman he loves. Dany dies in his arms like Ygritte – Jon
chose duty over love. The dragon Drogon sees Daenerys dead. She was his mother, she hatched him from his
egg. And a for a moment it looks like he’ll kill
Jon, but instead, Drogon burns the Iron Throne. Cause in a way, it was the Throne that killed
Daenerys. The Throne represents power, and all the ways
that power corrupts people. We saw Cersei and Joffrey and Robert and Stannis
all destroyed by power in different ways. Wars for the Throne tore Westeros apart, so
the Throne is the real enemy, just as much the Night King was. By destroying the Throne, Drogon finally ‘breaks
the wheel’ that Daenerys talked about. It ends the cycle of conflict in Westeros
– symbolically, at least. And the Throne is destroyed in dragonfire,
just like it was originally forged in dragonfire. It’s like the One Ring in Lord of the Rings
– it also symbolises power, and drives people mad to possess it, and is destroyed in the
fires that forged it. Drogon takes Dany’s body and flies east. Dany thought that Westeros would be her home,
but it never felt like home . The east is where she found love and success, so that’s
where she returns. In her vision in Season 2, Daenerys leaves
the Throne, then goes to be with her dead lover Drogo. Now, in death, Daenerys returns to her love. Weeks later, a meeting is held with the high
lords of Westeros. There’s Sansa for the north, Edmure for
the riverlands, Robin for the Vale, Gendry for the Stormlands, Yara for the Iron Islands,
and the new prince of Dorne. Grey Worm has Tyrion and Jon prisoner – Tyrion
for his treason , and Jon for killing Daenerys. Sansa has brought down an army of northmen
to secure Jon . Davos says the Unsullied should start their own house in the Reach, which
is a weird suggestion – cause the Unsullied are eunuchs, so how could they start a noble
family? Grey Worm says he just wants justice for the
murder of Daenerys – so you’d think that Grey Worm would’ve just executed Jon by
now. Jon murdered Grey Worm’s queen, surely the
punishment is death. Why does he wait around to ask Jon’s family
for their opinion? Tyrion says they need to choose a new king
. And Edmure says he’d like to be king . Edmure is Sansa’s uncle. The Red Wedding was his wedding, then he was
imprisoned by the Freys for half the series. Edmure’s kind of a doofus, so Sansa makes
him sit . Then Sam suggests democracy. He says the King of Westeros should be chosen
by all the people . Some parts of Westeros do have elections. The Night’s Watchmen vote to choose their
leader. And the ironborn lords elect their king. But the lords laugh at the idea of giving
peasants a vote – it’s a big step from feudalism to democracy. Tyrion says that stories unite people , and
Bran has a great story . As the magic three-eyed raven, Bran is the world’s memory, he remembers
the past – so he should lead Westeros in the future . And all the lords agree to make
Bran their king . Which is a very weird choice. These lords don’t know Bran, and they don’t
know what a three-eyed raven is – they have no connection to the magic of the old gods
of the north. Even to his own family, Bran is confusing
and mysterious. To these southern lords, he’s a creepy foreign
cripple. Bran also has no claim on the Throne. For the last three hundred years, the Throne
of Westeros passed down a line of succession. That’s why Daenerys had a claim, as the
daughter of the Mad King. Jon Snow has a better claim, as the son of
the Mad King’s firstborn. Jon also has a pretty good story, and he’s
an actual political leader who people know and support. Jon’s identity as the true heir to the Throne
was a mystery built up throughout the whole series , but his claim is not even mentioned
in this scene. Tyrion says they should ignore the line of
succession, cause the sons of kings are often terrible like Joffrey. Ending the line of succession is ‘breaking
the wheel’ , it’s stopping a bad system. But this could also lead to more conflict. Tyrion says that each new king will be chosen
by the lords of Westeros . Which means every time a king dies, there’ll be new uncertainty. At least the old system had the stability
of a royal family – now, anyone can be king, so it could turn into a free-for-all every
time a king dies. Sansa says that the north will be independent
from this new realm . All the other kingdoms will be ruled by Bran Stark, but the north
will be ruled by Sansa Stark. This whole meeting is basically a Stark coup
– their family takes over Westeros, and for some reason, all the other lords agree. What happened to their ambitions? In Season 6, Yara made a deal with Daenerys
that the Iron Islands would be independent . But now she kinda forgets that and agrees
to be ruled by Bran. And Dorne has a long history of proud independence,
and they should be in a strong position now, since their armies were untouched in the recent
wars. But this unnamed prince hands his kingdom
to the Starks. This whole story was about ambitious noble
families fighting and scheming for power. But now, in one scene, all the great houses
agree to give up their power to a weird psychic kid cause ‘he has a good story’. Maybe everyone’s just too tired and confused
to argue right now. But Sansa set a precedent for kingdoms to
secede, so there could be rebellions in the future. This brave new realm is delicate and uncertain,
but there is hope. King Bran represents a different kind of ruler. Past kings have been bad because they’ve
been proud or cruel or power-hungry. Bran doesn’t care about power . He has no
pride or cruelty. He barely has a personality – so in theory,
he’ll be fair and unbiased. He’ll be a good ruler because he’s inhuman
– which is a very depressing message. Game of Thrones was always about the struggle
between human good and human evil within each person . Bran being king suggests that the
solution to human evil isn’t human good, it’s being not human. And with the failure of Jaime and Daenerys,
this whole season feels deeply cynical about the very possibility of human good. Bran makes Tyrion Hand of the King , which
is another strange choice. Tyrion totally failed at being Daenerys’
Hand, and he ended up betraying her. And Tyrion’s widely hated as the Imp – a
kinslayer, kingslayer, and betrayer. It’s hard to believe that any of these lords
even listened to Tyrion at this meeting . But Bran says that Tyrion will be Hand as punishment
for his crimes – he’ll spend his life fixing his mistakes .
The Starks want Jon freed, but Grey Worm wants justice for Daenerys. So they make a compromise – Jon is sent
to rejoin the Night’s Watch , where he was in Season 1. The purpose of the Watch was to defend the
realm from white walkers and wildlings. Now, the walkers are gone, and the wildlings
are friendly, so Tyrion says the Watch will just be like a penal colony for “bastards
and broken men” . Jon feels guilty and conflicted for killing Dany. She was a threat to his family and the world,
but Daenerys trusted and loved Jon. Daenerys was Jon’s queen, and she was his
aunt, which makes Jon a kinslayer – a terrible crime in Westeros . This makes Jon the last
Targaryen – and as Aemon once said, “A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible
thing” . Tyrion says he’ll visit Jon – that he’ll come and “piss off the edge of the
world” , like when he visited in Season 1. We see some Dothraki at the docks. In Episode 3, it seemed like all the Dothraki
died , but apparently many survived to the end. These guys were fanatically loyal to Daenerys,
they saw her rise from fire twice – and they followed her across the world to win
her Westeros – so how’d they react to Dany’s death? In Season 6, Dany made all her Dothraki her
blood riders , her sworn protectors. The books say that if a khal is killed, his
blood riders live to avenge him . So surely when Jon killed Dany, her blood riders would
be honorbound to kill Jon. But here, the Dothraki just walk past Jon. They don’t even react to the man who killed
their khaleesi. What are the Dothraki doing now that Dany
is dead? When Drogo died in Season 1, his khalasar
scattered into warring factions. The Dothraki way of life is to raid and pillage
other people . In Season 1, Daenerys was conflicted, cause she knew that invading Westeros with
Dothraki would have serious consequences . But the show never explores how the Dothraki and
Westerosi get along – there’s only one named Dothraki in Season 8, who only gets
one line. The Dothraki were part of Dany’s story all
series, but in the end they get no closure. Grey Worm and the Unsullied sail to Naath
. Because Naath is Missandei’s home. They dreamed of returning there together , and
for the Unsullied to protect the Naathi – so Grey Worm is honouring his dead girlfriend’s
memory. In the books, Naath has a disease carried
by butterflies that kills foreigners, so hopefully that’s not a thing in the show. But now that the Unsullied are gone, who’s
forcing Jon to stay at the Wall? You’d think most people would be glad that
Jon killed the tyrant who burned King’s Landing. King Robert pardoned Jaime for killing the
Mad King. Why doesn’t King Bran pardon Jon for killing
the Mad Queen? As the last Targaryen, some people are gonna
wanna make Jon king. Staying at the Night’s Watch can be a way
of staying out of politics. That’s why Aemon joined the Night’s Watch. Years ago, Aemon was almost made King of Westeros,
but instead, he chose to join the Watch, and give up his claim, so that his brother could
be king instead . Maybe Jon is staying at the Watch so his brother Bran can be king. Another sacrifice for the good of the realm. Jon farewells his family at the docks, like
Frodo in Lord of the Rings. And Sansa apologises for having Jon sent north
. She should probably also apologise for breaking her oath and revealing Jon’s parentage to
undermine Daenerys. That contributed to the conflict that drove
Dany mad and got Jon exiled – removing Jon as King in the North – and making Sansa
queen. Last season, Arya accused Sansa of undermining
Jon so that she can rule the north . And that’s kinda what ends up happening. Sansa uses information to create chaos and
climb to power – which is exactly the strategy used by her mentor Littlefinger. In Season 1, Sansa was a naïve girl who dreamed
of being a queen . But she learned that queens and princes aren’t as wonderful as she thought
. To survive, Sansa learned politics from the worst people in Westeros – like Littlefinger
and Cersei and Ramsay , and those people made Sansa who she is now . So it is a triumphant
moment that someone who was abused for so long finally gets power of her own. And no doubt, Sansa will be a strong ruler
of the north. She won’t make the mistakes that Ned and
Robb and Jon made. But there’s something dark in that Sansa
got here by embracing the lessons of her abusers .
Arya says she’s not coming home – she’s sailing west, to discover new lands , as she
said she would in Season 6 . So Arya is rejecting a life as a noble lady, and rejecting the
violence of being an assassin. Her story was always intertwined with death
– but now she’s killed the Night King, she’s defeated death, and she chooses a
life of adventure and freedom instead. But she’s also abandoning her family. In Season 6, she declared she was Arya Stark,
and her home was Winterfell . But in Season 7, when she tried to reconnect, she ended
up almost murdering her sister. After everything she’s been through, Arya
feels unable to come home. Like Frodo, she’s damaged, so she’s sails
into the sunset sea – it’s kind of a metaphor for death. And practically speaking, everyone else who’s
sailed west hasn’t returned. Like this is some Columbus Magellan edge-of-the-world
type shit, and Arya’s not exactly an expert sailor. So Arya is letting go of her old lives. But she keeps Needle – a symbol of her home
and family. Bran makes a weird comment that Jon was exactly
where he was “supposed to be” . At the council, he hinted that becoming king was
Bran’s destiny all along . Bran has had visions of the future before. And it seems like Bran guided recent events
– he gave Arya the dagger than she used to kill the Night King. And he told Sam to tell Jon about his parentage
– which divided Jon from Dany, leading to her death and his exile, clearing the way
for Bran to become king. Like Sansa, Bran spread information that created
conflict that gave Bran power – like Littlefinger does. In Season 7, Littlefinger gave Bran Arya’s
dagger, and Bran quoted Littlefinger’s line that “Chaos is a ladder” . Littlefinger
once said you should see all possibilities in your mind all the time , which is kinda
what Bran does as the magic three-eyed raven. So did Bran manipulate everything to become
king? It would be pretty evil if Bran knew that
King’s Landing would burn, but he made it happen anyway. But that’s exactly the sort of magic Machiavellian
shit that the three-eyed raven does. Like, the previous raven used visions to lure
a crippled boy to a cave full of skulls, and deleted his personality to make him an avatar
for the magic of the old gods. In the books, the raven is called Bloodraven,
and he has an even longer history of doing terrible things for the sake of some vague
prophetic greater good. Bran Stark as we knew him is dead. Bran said that he’s not Bran any more , he’s
the three-eyed raven now. So given the raven’s long history of psychic
fuckery, it’s very possible that Bran has manipulated everyone around him to gain power,
and what we call is Bran is now really a puppet, a host for the ancient psychic hivemind of
the old gods. What if the raven never gives up power? The previous raven said he’s been alive
a thousand years , sustained by the weirwood roots. Maybe Bran will become an immortal god-emperor
like in 40K or Dune. Author George Martin’s old sci-fi stories
are full of evil hive minds doing crazy shit like this. But the show mostly avoids the high-magic
stuff, so Bran is left ambiguous. What he is and what kind of king he’ll be
is open to speculation. Brienne becomes Commander of the Kingsguard
– the highest and most respected position for a knight of Westeros. And there’s a new symbol on the Kingsguard
armour. In Targaryen times, the armour had a Targaryen
dragon. Under Robert, it was a crown. When Tommen joined the sparrows, it was the
Faith’s star. And now it’s a three-eyed raven, to represent
Bran. This highlights again how weird it is to make
Bran king. Cause the raven is a mysterious mystical figure
of the children of the forest and the old gods, who are only* worshipped in the north
– and the north isn’t even part of Bran’s realm. This’d be like if the USA used a Canadian
maple leaf to represent their presidency – culturally and politically it’s just jarring. But as Commander of the Kingsguard, it’s
Brienne’s job to update the White Book, which records the accomplishments of every
Kingsguard knight. Jaime’s page had no great achievements , so
he hoped to get some good deeds in there before he died . So now, Brienne fills in Jaime’s
page. He took Riverrun peacefully. He outsmarted Daenerys’ war plans. And he helped the living save the world from
the dead. Brienne writes that Jaime rode south to save
King’s Landing from destruction, which is not really true. Jaime said he went south to be with Cersei. He said “She’s hateful. And so am I” , and he died saying he and
Cersei are all that matter in the world . Jaime died hateful, and his redemption failed. But one of the great lines in the books is
that “Men’s lives have meaning, not their deaths” . Jaime’s death was a failure,
but he did great things in his life – and maybe that’s what matters in the end. This room is where Jaime gave Brienne the
sword Oathkeeper, and showed her the trust and respect that she needed – so the legacy
of Jaime’s good deeds lives on even if Jaime failed in death. Also apparently Podrick has become a Kingsguard
knight, and it’s great that he’s rewarded, but Kingsguard knights swear vows of chastity,
they’re not allowed to have sex – which seems a terrible waste of Pod the Rod. The small council is the government of this
brave new realm. Tyrion is Hand, Davos Master of Ships, Sam
is Grand Maester, Bronn Master of Coin, and Brienne’s there as Commander of the Kingsguard. It’s surprising that Sam is Grand Maester,
cause becoming a maester takes years of study – Sam just scrubbed bedpans, stole books
and ran, so is he qualified to represent the Citadel? And maesters take vows of chastity, they’re
not meant to have children and wildling girlfriends. Maybe the rules have changed. But Bronn as Master of Coin is even more questionable. What does he know about responsible fiscal
management? A few seasons ago, he said himself that he
doesn’t know how loans work . And that’ll be a problem, cause the Throne owes money
to the Iron Bank – Cersei never paid back her Golden Company loan. We’ve been warned all series that the Iron
Bank is ruthless – they might start a war if they don’t get their money . After all
these years of expensive conflict , Westeros could face financial crisis – and it’s
up to Bronn to prevent this. Bronn is also Lord of Highgarden, and Lord
of the Reach – Tyrion kept his ridiculous promise and made Bronn one of the most powerful
lords in Westeros – even though Bronn is a disloyal amoral murderer who threatened
to kill Tyrion just two episodes ago. There are many powerful houses in the reach
who’ve wanted Highgarden for centuries – they’re not gonna easily accept Bronn as the overlord. Tyrion always said that he pays his debts,
and he’s Bronn deserves a reward for eight seasons of service to the Lannisters. But giving Bronn this much power is not a
recipe for peace. Sam has a new history book about the recent
wars . It’s called “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which is the title of the Game of
Thrones book series – it’s how there’s a Lord of the Rings book at the end of Lord
of the Rings. Thrones author George Martin has said that
that Sam is the character most like him , so it’s appropriate that Sam presents this
book. Tyrion is upset to learn that he’s not mentioned
in the book. Realistically, Tyrion would be mentioned – he
was Hand to a king and queen, he killed Tywin, and supposedly killed Joffrey. But this is a reference to what Varys said
in Season 2 – that Tyrion will never get recognition, and the histories won’t mention
him , because he’s a dwarf and a misfit, he’ll always be misunderstood and hated. But that only makes Tyrion more heroic for
fighting to make the world better anyway. King Bran arrives and says they need a Master
of War , which is ominous. The Master of War position was invented by
Cersei . You’d hope that this new regime would wanna emphasise peace, not continue
Cersei’s legacy. Bran also says they need a Master of Whisperers
, which is a spymaster, like Varys. And you’d think Bran could just do that
himself, since he can spy with animals, and has visions, and claims to “see everything”
. In the books, the previous three-eyed raven was once the Master of Whisperers, and used
his magic and spying to basically run the realm for decades. King Bran really is a continuation of his
legacy. Sam says that Drogon is flying towards Volantis
. If he continues that way, he’ll reach Valyria – the ruined empire of the dragonlords,
and homeland of the Targaryens. We saw Drogon in Valyria before. So maybe he and Daenerys are going back to
their ancestral home. Bran says he might find Drogon with his magic,
but he doesn’t say why. Does he wanna make sure that Drogon’s safely
far away? Or does the three-eyed raven have some sinister
plan? Bran lets the council do the ruling while
he goes and does whatever the three-eyed raven does. The last line of dialogue in Game of Thrones
is Tyrion telling his joke about the honeycomb and the jackass , but once again we don’t
get to hear the punchline. The scene pans out, and we see the map of
Westeros – it’s cleared of rubble, but there’s still a crack in the floor. Cause this new realm isn’t perfect. There are problems and divisions, and the
king is possibly an evil tree. But there are good people in government, and
there’s hope that the wounds will heal. The final scene in Game of Thrones has Jon
and the wildlings riding north. It seems like Jon is escorting the wildlings,
or maybe he’s abandoning the Night’s Watch and joining the wildlings. He reunites with Ghost and Tormund – maybe
he’ll spend his life with friends and have some fun for once instead of freezing his
ass off on the Wall. The scene recreates shots from the first scene
in the series, with rangers riding north. These rangers were hunting wildlings, and
got killed by white walkers. Winter was rising against them. But now, the Watch is friendly with the wildlings,
the walkers are gone, and it seems like winter is ending. The first line in the Game of Thrones books
is “We should start back” . But as Jon and the wildlings ride north, it feels like
they’re moving forwards. Things aren’t perfect, but there’s hope
– it’s a dream of spring. Author George Martin always said that the
end of Thrones would be bittersweet . And it was sweet in the show, to see Brienne knighted,
Sansa crowned, Theon redeemed. We got eight seasons of Lannister drama, Daenerys’
conquests, Jon and Arya’s journeys, adapted from the books with exceptional production,
acting and music. The tv show made some nerdy fantasy books
into the biggest thing in pop culture, with a global community of fans. [Start showing just S1, fadein other seasons
showing book gap] But it’s bitter that the show ended before the book series was finished. So for the last few seasons, the showrunners
didn’t have material to adapt. They made up their own plots, and tried to
connect them to the book ending that the author told them. So sometimes there were dumb plotlines like
the wight hunt. Sometimes the dialogue was weak cause there
was no book dialogue to use. Characters like Daenerys and Jaime had sudden
twists in their stories, which felt rushed and undeveloped because they were squeezed
into shortened seasons. The politics lost the realism and sense of
consequences that defined the early story. And the seasons of built up mystery and magic
kinda went nowhere. Complex characters like Varys and Littlefinger
and Cersei became less important, while asshats like Euron had huge impacts on the plot without
any character depth to give that impact meaning. Stuff happened not as a consequence of character
choices or themes, but simply to surprise the audience. The main points of the ending on the show
are apparently partly the same as what’s planned for the books . But the show’s ending
doesn’t have the same depth and detail that gives the books so much meaning. So it’s bitter that we didn’t get Daenerys’
conflict with Young Griff from the books. We didn’t get the horror of book-Euron and
Victarion. We didn’t get the book Dorne plot, with
Arianne and Quentyn, and Alleras in Oldtown. Or Sansa with Harry in the Vale, and Barristan
in Meereen, and Marwyn and Moqorro. Varys and Illyrio’s Blackfyre conspiracy,
and the northern conspiracy. Rickon on Skagos, and Stannis’ Battle of
Ice. Lady Stoneheart, Patchface, Strong Belwas,
and Nimble Dick Crabb. We didn’t get the full prophecies of Azor
Ahai and the valonqar, the mysteries of the white walkers, the Nightfort, Horn of Winter,
ice spiders and a long Long Night, and everything else that’ll happen in the next two books. Martin recently hinted that the next book
will be out in a year . It’ll be sweet to read his ending. And it’s sweet that the tv show happened. But it’s bitter that the show is not what
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  2. Elections for leaders would not work on the large scale cuz majority of the common folk are uneducated.
    They can be easily swayed or forced, one way or another, to vote for particularly people.
    To have a well led democracy, they need a “Bill of Rights” which will not happen any time soon in this universe.
    Elections work for smaller scale communities and/or ones that need a leader that is not dependent on blood or family to have status to rule.

  3. Tyrion:”who has a better story than bran the broken”
    The audience:literally any other f*ckin person ?!

  4. Dang dude please keep making these videos. Soothing voice, good thoughts and opinions, just nice to watch and listen. Your thoughts on why the ending of the show was underwhelming is right on how I feel.

  5. Cersei paid back the bank in full, i dont remember exactly when but i remember that meeting with cersei and that man from the iron bank

  6. Hi! Im a big fan of your videos and id love to see your take on the witcher netflix series if you had read the books that it was based on.

  7. I just realized The Targaryen House that came from the East with Aegon is symbolic of the foreign Invaders who came from the East to "civilize" The Americas. GRR did say he wrote his story inspired by history

  8. And westeros went from a corrupted Absolute Monarchy leaded by an incompetent King and a council of Corrupted Warmongers..:… to an Absolute Monarchy leaded by an Inhuman Orwellian Tree Boy and a council of Corrupted, Drunken Whoremongers. Now Westeros will be a 1984 like nightmare, leaded by an Inhuman God emperor and is cohort of corrupted lords who’s only interest is fucking Whores and Drinking till death. Besides Davos and Sam, of course.

  9. No explanation needed. The writers and the producers of the show surely had enough and just wanted to end it, no matter how much it would disappoint the loyal followers of the show and readers of the books. It became apparent by the end of season 7. I still admire the series via seasons 1-5 and the books as well. However, the ending was just a lazy excuse to end the show so D&D could continue on their way to collect bigger paychecks. It becomes apparent when the individual plots, character development, and dialogue are reduced to that of which the smallfolk can follow and appreciate.

  10. The lesson is… Give a woman power and she will go Stark raving mad. I think we all knew it was coming all along; with this "look at me I'm a powerful woman". Well after every woman says that, what do they do? They go f'n crazy as a biatzh. Every time, plain and simple.

  11. "Maybe everyone's just too tired and confused to argue right now." That line made me chuckle. That snark is what made this the best Game of Thrones channel hands down…

  12. This was perfectly explained, and give some credit back to the story writers. Ultimately, fans are upset for a lot of unjustified reasons. Some just wanted Dany on the Throne, or Jon, and to them that makes a good story, and anything that isn't what they want is shit. Which just isn't fair. The story of Game of Thrones is larger then any one King or Queen, its about Democracy vs Dictatorship.

  13. Please read the witcher books so you can make these amazing breakdowns once netflix s witcher series is released. PLEASE.

  14. Now they revealed the script and it turns out Drogon wasn't even aiming at the throne. What a dumb show this became lol

  15. I am someone from brasil that apparently knows more than you about this show. Now that i got your attention, here`s some pieces of truth that also apparently seems dismissed from everyone makin some analysis videos, i won`t try to explain everything, I DON`T WANT IT, but is the truth
    The north is bigger than the seven kingdoms, influence grows like a 420.
    Grey worm said it`s not enough, that should be enough to take his words seriously, as bran knows the small council will improve, he just didn`t said how.
    Cersei and Jamie swap bodies at the end of season 7.
    i could say so much more but it feels unfair at this point. The night is dark and full of terrors

  16. The way the show concluded, it seems as if Bran and Sansa are evil. i mean it seems as if Sansa wanted to be queen of the seven kingdoms her self if not so why did she tell her uncle to sit down why did she even get involved when they were selecting the new king or queen. Bran on the other hand it seems as if he can manipulate future events, so i gas it has been him using his magic to end up being king

  17. What's the fucking deal with HBO shows and circular symbology? Is the fixation with wheels and loops and flat circles supposed to signify that no matter how strong an HBO show starts, it'll inevitably turn to shit at some point before the finale? Because that seems to be the pattern.

  18. In the books the Night King will be introduced and Jon will kill Dany and the Night King by stabbing both in the heart not bloody Arya

  19. You've tried to build this up as a good ending, but honestly this ending was dreadful and Dany's arc was complete character derailment.

  20. political jon, season 7 and 8, jon never loved dany, he played her like fiddle to get what he wanted, to protect the most important things to him, the north and his family, esp sansa, jonsa confirmed, game of thrones has a way of repeating itself, a Targaryen prince falling in love with stark princess, and now he is king beyond the wall, he is bael the bard and stark princess, and war of the roses, a tudor married a York, so a Targaryen marries a stark, but im still rooting in the books for sansa to end up with the hound, the only one of four suitors who ddint betray her

  21. Imagine trying to explain and justify season 8 at all, like you try to say Drogon had motive for burning the throne yet the very script itself says Drogon burned the throne for no reason it was just in his way lol

  22. Your previous analysis of the books and show were better ideas than the actual outcome.
    Also, your explanation of this was actually better than the final episode.

  23. I feel like the last season was so shockingly bad that it's probably just killed any kind of enthusiasm to do anymore videos on GoT. It's not as if every fan hasn't already seen and worked out every single flaw and fuck up they made, but I'd love AltShiftX to do another video on just every thing that was "supposed" to happen but didn't. What would be best is to get his perspective on how he thought it should have ended.

  24. stupid that freeing Jaime was called treason. At that point there was no reason for them to arrest Jaime anyway as they had just then fought as allies. Why would they care at all that Jaime came south unless he had actually told them he intended to fight along side his sister.
    dumb plot point where we are just supposed to accept it as is even though it is contextually illogical. sort of like Dany flipping a coin and killing civilians and everyone knowing Jon killed Dany even though no one saw it and there was no body. .
    Edmire along with everyone else had a more interesting story than Bran.
    Shit show ending for a shit show season.
    Now all of it could easily be made to make sense with just a few more details but they decided they wanted surprise and spectacle over a constant and coherent story. cept the Dothraki who were supposed to be dead in episode 3 and then they werent. Also it had been suggested that Bron could not even count on several occasions. or at least not count very high. him as master of coin is dumb.


  26. Really surprised at how you didn't give much hell to Drogon burning the throne. Since when are dragons that smart? People have said they were smart enough but it's never actually been demonstrated. And if he's been that smart the whole time, why did he go along with Dany's lust for power? There's also the fact that he solved nothing and instead just created an impactless visual metaphor.

  27. I think it would’ve been a bit better if when drogon was flying over Valyria it zoomed into danys eyes and they open up and they’re blue. Before, Jon would’ve killed her by shoving dragon glass in her heart. When Jon and the wildlings are going through the forest it fades to black and three horns sounds

  28. Just came back (August 27) to hear your voice again and look back on all the good times we all had as a community.

  29. What is the reason for telling the plot and explaining once more that it comes to be just another variation of "the lord of the ring" but less talented and much dumber?

  30. I mean I can understand Jon and it was right but couldn’t he told her while she was dying that he loves her… I was so sad because of that…

  31. Seasons 5 through 8 are garbage:
    – Dorne was hardly featured, ruined the sand snakes and Ellaria Sand, Arianne Martell didn't exist, and Doran was hardly featured as well as be misportrayed!
    – Euron was a one dimensional fuckboy, instead of an evil, menacing pirate hellbent on harnessing forbidden powers! Plus no Victarian Greyjoy nor Moqorro!
    – Lady Stoneheart cut from the show because…reasons I guess?
    – Stannis lets Mel burn Shireen alive, yet in the books he tells his men that if he dies to protect her with thier lives and make sure she sits the throne!
    – Quaithe, Daario, and Illyrio just disappear from the plotline altogether, no closure whatsoever with them!
    – Other characters not featured include: Marwyn the Mage (a drunken Maester that practices dark magic), Stong Belwas (a eunuch pitfighter who has cuts all over his body from head to toe), Penny (another dwarf who keeps Tyrion company, and in check at times) and Varamyr Sixskins (Another Warg who can control 3 wolves, a bear, a eagle, and a cat).

    This list just scratches the surface of what they could of used to keep the series going longer and it would have kept the show interesting but either their laziness and/or ineptitude prevented this and thus D&D should never made this show if they weren't going to fully commit to doing so. THEY HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH MATERIAL TO WORK WITH!!!!!

    Edit: you mentioned a lot of these things after I wrote and posted it because I was writing this while listening! My bad.

  32. Jon's ending makes no sense with Tormund's farewell at Winterfell, when he tells him that Ghost and Jon will be happier in the true North. Greetings excellent analysis.

  33. She killed the soldiers because they were free men, not slaves. Who backed cerci. She has leaned in war, many people declare their loyalty to avoid death, but will still undermined the person they claim loyalty to. She could of done what other Targaryens have done before her, gave rewards to seeking alliances with, but… she'd be only paying them off, and reward or money does not equal true support, just as the history of g.o.t. has shown. She looked at it from a military way. Not a political way. I'm not saying that's right or wrong. I just think the point of the show points out how even the leaders who have the best intentions can be manipulated and swayed to behaving like their enemies under dire conditions and the psychological impacts of war. That, sometimes, not even the ones that want the best can withstand the pressures that war can face on others. On top of that, this is no ordinary war, she is no ordinary leader. This is her fighting for her family. Not the ones that are blood, but the ones that were killed in the mean time… while she tried to be patience, and do what advisers said. While her loved ones she vowed to protect and who protected her, were killed because she was being patient. Trying to save the innocents. The people who died were the only loved ones — family she ever had. She holds that against herself because this whole time she could of swooped in at any point and took out cerci, just like ancestors before (Visenya Targaryen with Queen Sharra Arrynruling the Vale as Regent… Bypass the military swoop up to the kingdom to talk one on one.) Daenerys blamed herself for not doing similar actions and as her loved ones. The only family this woman has ever knew, who were loyal to her and she was loyal to them, ended up one by one dying at the hands of her not taking actions sooner, and listening to advices… certain advicers who had their own beat interests (aka their own family in mind — if cerci lived she'd come back shortly after to avenge it. Threatening Daenerys life and everyone else. There was no turning a new leaf with cerci and that's clear.) The story at the end if g.o.t. with Daenerys is there are no simple choices in war. Its defeat the enemy or be killed. As well as the real emotional struggles war does to the psyche and pain that builds. It's not about a character that's a female being emotional or about an alleged family mental illness –which both the show and book painted clear pictures that was not the case with both Daenerys and her father, by further showing how all those who ended up ruling the iron throne suffered from paranoia that was legit. People back stabbing, conniving to get their family or a member of their political alliance on the iron throne. If people who you think you can trust or even feel you can't trust manipulated situations to harm you, it truly messes with anyone's head, let alone someone in a high position of power.

  34. Shifty! Hope you're enjoying the well-deserved break after some really good work you did on this final season! Whenever you are ready for more videos, however,… So are we 😉

  35. he is not. Jon is not AEGON TARGARYEN. And he is no king. Nor next in line. Rhaegar's marriage with Elia Martell was legitimate. Lyanna's marriage with him was not as legitimate since the Faith does not support double Wiving. This makes Jon a Bastard.

  36. Wait, so at 4:59 you said that Jon fulfilled the prophecy of Azor Ahai, but then at 29:43 you said that nobody did?
    Keeping in the true spirit of season 8’s writing, I see.

  37. Alt Shift X: I don't know if you like those kind of shows, but maybe it is an idea to make these kind of videos about TTRPG series like 'Critical Role' or 'Kollok 1991'

  38. if the kingsguard takes oaths of chastidy, then there are not many who keep them…… jaimie fathered 3 children with cersei and had sex with at least another woman (brienne) and meryn trant was a well known visitor of a brothel in bravos

  39. I wont never get over the huge incoherence of Tyrion reaching the dongeon which was still standing (despite the end of episode 5), miraculously finding the golden hand which was miraculously not covered by bricks (a lot of spaces on the floor were not either…) and the two bodies just covered by around 10 bricks. Plus, all of that was unnessessary because Tyrion didn't need to find out their death at that time, he had enough reasons to blame Daenerys, and he could have learn their death later during the rebuilding, also with emotion.
    That, plus the mistake in Jaime's speech to Brienne before he leaves, when he told her he strangled his cousin while he strangled a Karstark's son, but smashed his cousin's head with a rock (and given the context it was definitely not the moment to make a mistake)
    For me it's the two major mistakes because it's the result of laziness from the writers, and it gets me out of the story

  40. the worst thing is that, according to the writers, Drogon didn't even burn the throne because of a metaphor, because of his consciousness that the throne represents power who corrupts people. No he actually just did it randomly, because he was angry but has avoided burning Jon and so, burned the thing next to him… the writers even ruined this thing

  41. 11:24 I never thought about this implicit message behind Bran's crowning before, and it's relevant. He's metaphorically dead, depersonnalized, with all that implies in terms of lack of emotivity, empathy, caring… even with a unlimited knowledge it's depressive and worrying (but besides his powers, he's pretty vulnerable and depending on the other humans, so there is still a kind of balance of power)

  42. I think Bran sending Jon to the Wall was a sneaky/wise way of giving him what he wants the most, while hoodwinking the Unsullied into thinking he’s being punished. They don’t know Jon’s back story so that arrangement placates them and gets them out of the Starks’ hair. So now Jon is free, ranging with people who don’t care if he’s a Targaryen or a supposed bastard.

  43. 7:35
    Why GreyWorm wait?

    The in-universe explanation would be the fact that Northern army was already in KL (you said Sansa brought them, but Northern army was already there, and in the end of S08E05 they fall back from the city, outside the gates). I think the show did a good job in previous seasons by giving GreyWorm agenda (the talk about coming back to Naath, and his love for Missandei)… So in the end, we know he is not mindless eunuch.

    The war is done, city is burned and Daenerys is dead. What killing Jon could achieve is outbreak of fight between Unsullied and Northmen, and why would he die for a lost cause? So in the end, not killing Jon is the most human-resembling choice he could make… Although it's up to us to decide whether Grey Worm was only mindless wight or actual human being with his own hopes… in my opinion show set him up to be believable enough as a human being who would understand what killing of Jon would do to his people… i also think it's more fitting to see Unsullied with their own agenda instead of fighting Daenerys' wars for the throne and land they don't care about.

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