Game of Thrones: Immigration is Coming | We The Internet Sketch

Game of Thrones: Immigration is Coming | We The Internet Sketch

Welcome back to the program. For thousands of years, the wretched, depraved wildlings have threatened our existence. Thanks to the Night’s Watch, and more importantly, the wall along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, the realm has been safe and secure. But all that has changed, now that the thousands upon thousands of wildling hordes have snuck across the northern border. What should be done to address their illegal immigration? Joining me to debate is one of the filthy barbarians. Sir, what do you have to say for yourself? First, we did not sneak in across the border. We were invited in by the Lord Commander of the NIght’s Watch, Jon Snow. You people said it first, Jon Snow knows nothing. And now you think that the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has the authority to just unilaterally change immigration policy? Jon Snow is a man of vision. He sees that the Seven Kingdoms will be stronger with open borders. That by letting the wildlings in, you’re going to increase economic activity, and national security. Many politicians, including Lord Donald of House Trump, have said that, when the wildlings send their people into the Seven Kingdoms, they’re not sending their best. How do you respond? It is true that many of our best, some of our greatest warriors, died in battle, but we still have many… Rapists! That’s what you’re sending over. Your best and brightest rapists. That’s preposterous. And I find it ironic considering all the raping that happens in the Seven Kingdoms. Exactly. We have a thriving rape industry right here in Westeros! We don’t need to import rapists, who are willing to rape for less than minimum wage. Look, are some of us rapists? Maybe. People are awful, wildling people, Westeros people, but we’re not just sending our worst! We’re sending everybody! ‘Cause we gotta get the hell out of here! But there’s a legal way to immigrate, and an illegal way. We are here as refugees. Some say you’re terrorists! No! We’re escaping the terrorists! You have never seen a White Walker. You have no idea what it’s like to face the army of the dead. Which leads us to our next guest! All the way from somewhere beyond the wall, is none other than the spokesman for the mythical White Walkers, Jerry WhiteWalker! Thank you for joining us. [terrifying screech] That was a passionate opening statement. I can’t believe you invited humanity’s worst enemy onto your cable news program! When you give these monsters an audience, it only encourages them. Well we like to hear all sides of the debate. Now, Jerry WhiteWalker, this wildling calls you “humanity’s worst enemy.” How do you respond to such an accusation? [terrifying screech] Wildling, your thoughts? My thoughts about what? He’s just screaming, he didn’t say anything? Well I agree he is a bit hard to understand, but he is speaking a foreign language. Of all people, I thought you’d be more sensitive to such a thing. You listen to me. If you don’t let us south of the wall, the White Walkers are gonna turn us into f***ing zombies. Whoa whoa whoa, the z-word is an offensive term. We don’t allow hate speech in the no-snow zone. With talk like that, you’re not making a great case for the wildlings. Jerry, do you agree? I agree, yes. Oh, f*** you. Mark my words, people of the Seven Kingdoms, winter is coming! But how can winter be coming, if global warming is real? We’ll discuss that after the break. Thank you so much for watching our video, please pass it around, and make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel, We The Internet TV, we release videos every week. [terrifying scream]

14 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Immigration is Coming | We The Internet Sketch

  1. Never forget Kate steinle also the police officer who was killed by a Criminal Alien who is illegal immigrant from Fiji Paradise

  2. Wait how the fuck did the host change his politics from far right to far left, and then just mixed it all up inconsistently?

  3. I really didn’t like GOT, is full of rape and inbreeding, I was actually the guy rooting for the white walkers to win the War, they just killed everyone equally and didnt care about social stature or raping woman just killing everyone equally

  4. Seeing this after GOT ended like: they didn’t even stay here after the war, they just left like a bunch of pillocks!

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