Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Hi, I’m videodonkey. Today I’m playing… Game Dev, uh, Tycoon. I’m starting my new company. I’ll call it Paul Beenis Games. Uh, run, of course, by Paul Creenis. Let’s develop a new game here. Let’s make some – makin’ video game magic. This is really the chance to make your own game, with this game. All you do is really make the titles, though. I’m gonna call this game Kill Butt. Uh, it’s an action/military, um… Let’s see… We’re gonna go PC. ‘Cause I think there’s more future in the PC, I think. And it’s a text based game, of course. Um, I don’t know if cranking this actually does anything, but I’m just gonna crank that all the way up there, ’cause I want this game to be really good. We’re just gonna crank – I want a fully cranked game. Crank it up. Just crank all that shit up. [ clears throat ] We’re seein’, uh, we’re seein’ 8 on design, here. We’re seein’ 8 on technology. I want – I’m afraid of bugs. [ gasps ] I’m afraid of bugs, so we’re gonna get the bugs outta that game. And it’s lookin’… Great combo, new combo, new topic. It’s lookin’ to be a new smash hit. And maybe we can get out foot in the door in this business and establish some ground. And I think this is a good game that we’ve made, here. Critics are calling it “pretty bad,” “meh,” “military is a great combination.” Still gives me three out of ten. Um, “disappointing.” It was the first game, I don’t know how it’s disappointing. But it is sellin’ some copies. Ooh, look at that. Sold 1,000 copies. So it’s gotta be pretty good. I mean… It’s sellin’ – it’s sellin’ some monies. So… I think we need – All right, I got an all-new fresh concept. Kill Butt 2. [ laughs ] Kill Butt 2, get it? And this time, we upgrade to 2D graphics. All right, we’re done with the text. The text is – it was – it’s fully cranked. Uh, it’s a whole new record. Whole new record on the technology front and the gameplay. So it’s really the full package with Kill Butt 2. Uh, fans of the first, they’re gonna love Kill Butt 2. We really – we pulled out all the stops. And just great reviews there. Four. Uninspiring. Falls a bit short. Just – critical acclaim. Masterpiece. Now, I got an all-new deal with Will Smith. To make a new Wild Wild Smiff. It’s a western RPG, in the most literal sense of the word. Um, and we use Will Smith’s likeness to sell some… games. Bank account is in the red, so I can’t get – As long as I don’t hit 50k, I’m still good. We still won’t go bankrupt. And my new game, Wild Wild Smiff, is now ready. Uh, it’s an all-new record. Really looks to be a real – a real work of genius, here. And I think this is gonna – [ gasps ] Six! [ laughs ] Ooh, fun at stages. Still – still pretty good. OK. That’s OK. I’ll go with that. [ laughs ] But I think this game is – you’re really seein’ us on the rise here. Oh! Thirteen fans! Ooh-hoo-hoo! We sold 4,000 copies, and thirteen people liked it! That’s – so it’s gotta be pretty good. Um… Now, my next game… Let me think. My next game’s gonna be… a medieval adventure for the G64. I’ll call it Bool’s Realm 64. ‘Cause it’s on the Nintendo 64. Uh – OH MY GOD OH – IT’S A M – IT’S A H – IT’S A SMASH HIT! It’s a – I’m a millionaire! I’m a million – I can make my dream project, Dance Dance Mans 64. All right, that sucked. Uh, Beaverball. We’re puttin’ it all on Beaverball. Chan’s – I got a deal with Jackie Chan. Uh, his likeness should sell some copies. Now, for my next game, I’m gonna take a classic franchise… Kill Butt – and put a new twist on it. [ laughs ] Kill Butt Racing. And this is gonna – I really think audiences are gonna warm to the – to the effort that I put in this game. And it shows potential. OOH – audiences are just eating it up! They’re just eat – it’s a smash hit! I’m a millionaire at this point. I can make any game I want. Kill Ass Fuck. My first M-rated game. These guys want to interview me, it’s one of the first M-rated games of its time. Kill Ass Fuck. The hype – whoa. Hype is 10! People are gettin’ excited for Kill Ass Fuck. They want to play this game, because I came up with a good title. And the critics are going ga-ga for it. WHOA I GOT A SEVEN WHOA IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL It’s so b – it’s so beautiful – it’s a beautiful game! I put a lot of work in there. Now, if you buy this for your kids, you’re just a bad parent. It’s called Hooker Fucker. And, you know – Oh my goodness! People are just buyin’ Hooker Fucker! People just – they just – they just wanna fuck a hooker. I mean – I mean, I knew it. I knew it in my heart that that game would sell. Now I can develop my dream engine. Which is, of course, you know, with this money I can develop… The… the Bumbo – The Bumbo Engine The Bumbo Engine 2.0. ‘Cause it’s – it’s – you know it’s… We’re gonna team back up with Will Smith. Um… I can come up with a better name than that. I can come up – let me see… Let me think. Smiff Smiff Wild 2. [ laughs ] And it – beautiful. Beautiful. OHH MY GOD OH MY GOD I GOT A NINE oh my god i got a nine And Will – Will Smith will be so proud of me. It’s sell – oh, it’s sellin’ like hotcakes! [ music, chicken clucking ]
MILLIONAIRE I’M A MILLIONAIRE I’M A FUCKIN’ MILLIONAIRE I’m a fuckin’ genius! I’m a fuckin’ million bastard – I’m fuckin’ Will Smith! Me and Will Smith suckin’ down drinks at the – at a millionaire lounge. We’re fuckin’ millionaires. Now I’m gonna return to the old franchise. Kill Butt f – Kill Butt 3. On the Game Boy. And we’re really gonna – This – I’m gonna bring Kill Butt 3 to a whole new level. Audiences, I think – I think I got the technology to really realize what I wanted Kill Butt to be originally. NINE – OOH HOO HOO [ excited babbling ] IT’S A FUCKIN’ MASTERPIECE IT’S A MASTERPIECE, POP THE CHAMPAGNE [ cork pops ] Champagne drinkin’ tonight, baby! OOH HOO HOO [ music, chicken clucking ]
I’m a millionaire! I’m a million-fuckin’-aire! I’m gonna sell a million – I’m a millionaire! I’m a fuckin’ millionaire! I’m a fuckin’ millionaire genius! I’m a fuckin’ millionaire! [ music stops ]
All right, I got an all new idea. Kill Butt 4. [ laughs ] How about that? Kill Butt 4. It’s a – it’s a masterpiece! It’s a masterpiece, ladies and gentlemen! Millionaire!
[ music, chicken clucking ] Um, I’m a millionaire! [ laughs ] Millionaire, coming through! It’s not – it’s actually not selling that many copies as the last one. But still, I’m pretty good off. I’m gonna have to make a new Killbutt Engine here. You see, I – I got a new office. Um… Really, we’re – I have a whole new fresh concept. Kill Butt 6. We skipped – we skip – that’s the genius. We skipped Kill Butt 5. We go straight to six. So that people know – and this is a Game Boy game with – we have cutscenes… Steering wheel support. Um… mono sound quality. It’s very advanced. Uh… Critics, what the heck? This – it’s a whole new technology! What – This is stupid. I’m making the best games and nobody wants to buy it. I’m a millionaire, I don’t have to take this shit. I’m a fuckin’ millionaire. I spent a lot on my G3 booth and a million dollars on finding a new employee, so I’m no longer a millionaire. Unfortunately. But I have an all new concept… And I’m gonna be right back on top with this new game. Uh… Cock CockFuck CockFuckDick CockFuckDickShit CockFuckDickShitPenis. And the PlayStation came out. IT’S A MASTERPIECE [ cork pops ]
IT’S A MASTERPIECE [ music, chicken clucking ]
I’M A MILLIONAIRE I’M A FUCKIN’ MIL – MORE MILLIONAIRE THAN I EVER WAS BEFORE I’M THE BIGGEST MILLIONAIRE IN THE WHOLE WORLD I’M A MIL – I’M A FUCKIN’ GENIUS All right, I gotta translate that success into a child-friendly game. ButtFart… Poop… Dickassfuck. HEH – w – What the heck? Well… What if I do… what if I come back to an old – to an old classic franchise? An old classic game that fans have really been waitin’ for. You know, I think – ooh! Kill Butt! You can’t go wrong with Kill Butt. Now, Kill Butt 3, that was the big leap, so I think fans want a sequel to Kill Butt 3 in specific. So… ’cause Kill Butt 4, Kill Butt 6, you know, they were – they were OK, I guess. But we gotta – I gotta make a true sequel to Kill Butt 3. So this is – this is my – this is my idea. Kill Butt 3 Kill Butt 3: 2. You see what I’m sayin’? IT’S A MASTERPIECE [ cork pops ]
I’m a genius! Um, it’s a masterpiece!
♪ Here comes the money ♪ Um, masterpiece time! Here comes the money!
♪ Here comes the money ♪ I’M A GENIUS
♪ Money money money money money money money money money ♪ I’M A MASTERPIECE GENIUS
♪ Money money money money money money money money money ♪ I’M A MILLIONAIRE I’M A FUCKIN’ MILLIONAIRE All right, who came up with the title AssBallsDicksBigButt? You can’t sell a game with that title. It doesn’t sell. This was just… This was just a video clip of Jar Jar Binks dancing. I’m not surprised it flopped. Uh, we need, uh – we need a sequel to an old classic. Somethin’… Hoo hoo hoo! I got a – I got a genius idea. I got a – I got a whole fresh concept. Get this, get this, get this. I put it on the PlayStation. I call it Kill Butt 3 2 I call it Kill Butt 3 2: 2. You see what I’m sayin’? It’s gonna be – it’s gonna be – [ babbling ] It’s not… it’s not sellin’ that well. It’s, uh… big disappointment. So we’re gonna – we’re gonna build a whole new engine. Humphrey Imax 4.0. This… Buttassbitch. It’s got pretty good reviews. IT’S SELLIN’ LIKE HHHHHHHHHOTCAKES HERE COMES THE MONEY
♪ Here comes the money ♪ I’M A FUCKIN’ MILLIONAIRE
♪ Money money money money money money money money money ♪ Um, lemme think, lemme think… [ laughs ] I’m a genius. Typing for Fucks, for the Dreamcast. You play it with a controller. That’s the absurdity of it. Uh, steering wheel support, though. That’s how we get – that’s how we bring in the big bucks. It’s a m – it’s a masterpiece!
♪ Here comes the money ♪ It’s a masterpiece. Why am I not surprised? It’s a typing game with no typing.
♪ Money money money money money money money money money ♪ It’s a masterpiece. What the hell is this? It didn’t sell good ’cause… …target audience wasn’t right? [ sighs ] Oh my god. Dreamcast? Is that Dreamcast? We’re goin’ – OK, I got an all new – I got a new idea. Hear me out, hear me out. Now, we go way back in time. And a sequel… to… An old classic… Uh, Beaverball: Revenge! [ laughs ] It’s – it’s masterpiece! I’M A GENIUS, WE’RE BACK IN THE MONEY
♪ Here comes the money ♪ WHAT THE FUCK DREAMCAST? KISS MY DREAM KISS MY DREAM ASS You’re ruining my whole – I’m pourin’ all of my money into this new engine. And we’re gonna make Call of Duty. Literally, we’re gonna make Call of Duty and we’re just gonna get paid. We’re gonna make our payday. IT’S A MASTERPIECE IT’S A MASTERPIECE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN [ gunshot ]
[ music, chicken clucking ] THAT WASN’T A CORK THAT WAS A GUN I’M SHOT I’M SHOT IN THE CHEST CALL THE – AMBULANCE I’M GONNA DIE CALL THE AMBULANCE Is the game selling well, at least? When I was in the hospital, I got this idea. Why not make a game called Shithole Hospital? And spell hospital wrong. This is gonna bring us back out of the red. Oh, shit. We overdrew. And we have to take out a big ass loan from the bank. OK. Well, hopefully this game sells good. Um… They did… they did not like it. We’re gonna team up with Will Smith. You can’t go wrong teamin’ up with Will. He always gives you a good game. And this is gonna be the jam that we need to get out of this rut and pay off this bank. And it’s… Hoo. That’s… that’s not what I wanted to see, there. OK, and we have to pay them 1.7 million back. We’re $100,000 in the hole. So I’m gonna have to let you go, Brock. I’m sorry. And we’re gonna have to fire you, too, Bubby. Uh, just me now. And we’re gonna call this game… Last Hope. Because if this one flops, then I go bankrupt and I lose the game. There’s the Nintendo Game Sphere. All right. Good job, Nintendo. Stupid ass idea. Um… we’re strippin’. No sounds, no soundtrack, no sounds at all. And they did not like it. Well, we had a good run. Uh, remember Beaver Bounce? That was a good game we made. Aw, man. Butt Tease. Fun shooter. Uh, it was great – great workin’ with everyone. Game over. [ gunshot ]

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  1. When it was announced that Paul Creenis committed suicide it really hit close to home. The Kill Butt franchise was such a large part of my childhood and there haven't been any games that fully cranked since.

  2. YouTube really age restricted this? YouTube is either run by morons or 2 year olds that think naughty words are bad. Like youtube literally gets shot up cause they're so brain dead and still don't change their practices XDDDDD

  3. It actually hurt me to watch you think that the title and genre were what got sales, you can’t have the 3 categories even for every game that’s why ratings were so bad for so many

  4. y’all won’t stop talking about Kill Butt, but no one ever talks about AssBallsDicksBigButt.

    critics panned it at the time but it was so ahead of its time. without AssBallsDicksBigButt, there’s no Godfather, there’s no iPhone, and there’s certainly no Youtube. We owe it all to AssBallsDicksBigButt

  5. This is the game where if you pirated it, you could play it, but eventually you'd lose all your money from game pirates stealing copies. It was super passive aggressive about it, but also really funny.

  6. Age restricted? All you did was talk about dicks balls ass cocks (chickens) say fuck and bitch. I see nothing wrong with that. Also I think there should have been a Killbutt 3 3

  7. Killbutt 6 has horrible graphics, it's not even a game. You just watch the grass grow. Literally. You sit there and eatcithe fucking grass grow. In conclusion…It's got a little something for everyone.


  8. What an emotional rollercoaster… I really felt the highs and lows of Dunkry throughout the video. 10/10 masterpiece

  9. Cant Paul Beenis Games dared to make the jump to put Kill Butt 3 2 2 from gameboy to playstation. Thats why he gets paid the BIG bucks

  10. I see why it was age restricted: the ending second. Nothing else in the game mattered. Cursing, isn't liked, but it's not a big deal. But the last second is really taken seriously.

  11. wow, remember when Will Smith teamed up with those guys to make fortnite and they became millionaires

  12. You know why your business failed?

    Because you didn't acquire the rights to SUPAH MARIO BROTHAS 2 BABBEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY
    *Money money money-^

  13. I was gonna make a silly comment about this video, but I just think.back on when this game came out, and this video and how my best friend and I would laugh our asses off at Dunkey. Unfortunately my friend isn't alive anymore. I really miss him, and seeing this old video made me think of him.

  14. Kill butt 3 was an absolute shitty game, odd that anybody found it enjoyable. I wouldn't go for a second playthrough nor would I recommend it.

    It's fun and has a bit for everybody. 9/10

  15. im sorry Mr Creenus but Kill Butt Racing is trash and a garbage game i had 0 fun playing it and there wasnt even racing
    9/10 – IGN

  16. Kill Butt: Butts n' Bolts

    Though unlike that, this was actually good.

    Also, I wonder what a Kill Butt x Tales of Alumina crossover would be like. I would say Scattman coming onto Elysia Terran would corrupt a bunch of X-pys into Buttbots, which are like human flavored Guardian Stalkers, also corrupting Mimi into the Lady Metalbutt and hijacking the Color Callers Society into the Elimination People, so Blaise, Hydranius, May, Mocha and Diurno have to collect a ton of Alumina Shards and then harness the Alumina Stones once again to fight the corruption. Also, the Pancake Cult forms a temporary alliance with Scattman, their arch rival, as well as the Five Defenders because Mimi's corrupted form is just too strong and they have to focus on stopping the corruption before they can kill Scattman once and for all. Probably not gonna happen, cause the CEO of Paul Beenis Games said in a Tweeter post that he hates most turn based/JRPG games. But then again, Tales of Alumina is said to take a lot of influence from Cardboard Marlo, and he said that was one of the few exceptions, so there's that.

  17. I remember wild wild smiff as a dtaple of my childhood, but it was clear that smiff smiff wild 2 was just grasping for copies.

    9/10 fun at some stages.

  18. Just like with many AAA game companies, if a game doesn't perform well due to a bumbling executive's decisions, it's the employees who lose their jobs. xP

  19. everyone's always "Killbutt 3" this, "Wild Wild Smiff" that but I find shithole hospital to be criminally underrated, what it did for the world of gaming is just totally ignored. Hopefully the game gets a bigger following, truly deserves it.

  20. The real reason his first games got bad reviews was because the critics were nitpicking and biased I win bye bye

  21. Wildwildsmiff 3, had really slow pacing and boring story, not to mention the unskippable cutscenes and horrible gameplay.

    It had a little something for everyone

  22. this game is so far from reality, i mean you remove all bugs from the game before releasing it. cmon. 0/10 realism.

  23. Oh wow dude ur a fucking masterpiece im a hard dude to impress but I always liked your videos and they always Make me die in laughter but somehow you can always manage to rise the bar again.
    Love ya bitch👍

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