Game Boy Accessories – Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 147)

100 thoughts on “Game Boy Accessories – Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 147)

  1. What's always bugged me about the Gameboy was that Nintendo didn't learn their lesson about backlighting the screen from 1989 all the through 2001. It wasn't until people started bitching about it that they FINALLY released a gameboy with that feature.

    God, the Game Gear was a waste of money unless you had a mountain of batteries at your disposal lol

  2. fun fact" a neil young album cover neil used a picture took by i think ether his dauter or granddaughter by a gameboy camra.

  3. I have the saitek game booster. I don't have a gameboy anymore, so it sits on top of my medicine cabinet and holds up the curtain rod because I tried to put a curtain rod holder thing on the wall but fucked it up.

  4. There was a portable system that came out in the 90's its release title had some sort of caveman with a really big head can anybody remember what that game system was called?

  5. Legend has it that there was a hand you can hook up and it would jerk you off while you play, if im lieing im dieing.

  6. Just noticed @1:03, the colors of the headphones resemble the neon colors of the joy-cons of the Nintendo Switch. Neat…

  7. fun fact

    with teh gameboy printer, you can print teh diplomas you get by finishing the pokedex… yes, that is a thing. you get the diploma by meeting the game developer at their…. well wherever the fuck they are

  8. nerd screaming
    His neighbor: hey was that
    Nerd: [louder] Ï wãñt tœ bë šëdætêëd by thē gåmębøÿ
    Neighbor: yeah I think that's
    Nerd: I want to be sedated by the game boy!!!!
    Neighbor: yep it's him again

  9. I used to have a light that would plug into the link cable port. It kinda looked like one of those snake lights people clip onto books to read in the dark. It worked pretty nicely, actually!

    I love AVGN!!

  10. I like how The Nerd could barely find anything to yell about, so he just randomly yells about the company name being STD

  11. this guy is a wanna be nerd. so pretentious. there is no different between him and logan paul. he is one of those people who wanna act nerd to be cool without much substances.

  12. Best one so far I haven't seen you this happy in a long time I didn't think it was possible why do you have so many games if you don't like them that's a waste of money lol

  13. This whole time I kept thinking that game boy sewing machine loooked soo familiar but after all these years I checked.. it’s the same.. I have the game boy sewing machine!!!
    I even uploaded a video to fucking prove it!!!

  14. I remember seeing the Handy Boy (used to own a Light Boy myself) but I never had the honor of being put under tonsil surgery with the Sedated Boy.

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