Future of Gaming

Future of Gaming

He’s here to chat with us today about his new video game Jerry Rice and Hepatitis D football And uh and y’know we wanted to target uh the older kids but also the younger kids And and you got dog playing football It’s so exciting uh Y’know And and I’m glad to be a apart of it uh I was able to uh to team up with uh Judo baby And I think it’s a great concept and the graphics are good And you can go to uh Gamestop y’know to uh to go pick up the game up So it’s a fun game You should try it out Interviewer: mmHmm There’s like y’know (of course she knows) 20 breeds of dogs And you can y’know choose your team And uh And like I said it’s a very fun game and- The Graphics ™ That’s you know that’s really what this is all about and- And do you play Football with Vaginitus at home My dog is a very affectionate dog and the only tiny thing about this (The fuck) Where we did the photoshoot uh he loves the camera So he uh he took some that camera He took some of that spotlight away from me uh But Laryngitis is he’s a rottweiler and… The Graphics(tm) That’s you know that’s really what this is all about and- The next thing you’ll notice when Batman runs around this is with physics off The environment looks cool and it’s got that nice Batman look to it, but it’s a little bit flat Now with physics on, what you’re going to see is all of this kind of atmospheric fog And the fog reacts realistically to motions of the characters Here’s with it- fog off, fog on. And, The Graphics(tm) that’s you know that’s really what this is all about- Sometimes, you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue Today, I’m the pigeon and you’re the statue (Dingbat flies into a wall) that hurt and, The Graphics(tm) that- the future the way of the future the way the future the way of the future (slams hat) the way of the future (laugh track) May I cut in? What they really wanted in this game, in Call of Duty Ghosts is they wanted, emotional reality. Y’know ™ They wanted these characters to feel real to feel like real people So, the story opens up with a mass event America is crippled Our military forces are devastated Our government is in disarray And as the player, you are actually the underdog fighting back against these superior forces So the team you are apart of is formed from the remnants of all the U.S. special forces- -and, The Graphics(tm) That’s y’know ™, that’s really what this is really is all about And uh- (Despair) The Way of the future ™ (Why) The Way of The Future ™ (Horse girls would love this) The Way of The Future ™ (Ew) The Way of The Future ™ (fml) The Way of The Future ™ (Some EA bullshit) -and, The Graphics(tm) That’s y’know ™, that’s really what this is really is all about and-

100 thoughts on “Future of Gaming

  1. The funny thing is, most game reviews nowadays still always talk about the graphics, because it's really what this is all about.

  2. 1:18 "it's got that nice batman look to it"

    Never in my life or in any batman game that I played have I said "Wow this place looks batman"

  3. Can someone confirm that they also saw the part with the dog and little girl dancing? I haven’t seen anyone comment on it and I’m wondering if I’m just going insane and hallucinated that whole section of the video.

  4. Graphics are great and all, but I'm not sure mister man's dog understands that the graphics are what life are really all about.
    I really feel like Batman.

  5. You put your Graphics there, You put the Graphics there, you do a little promo and say they're beautiful, that's what it's all about

  6. " And, the graphics, thats y'know, that's really what this is really all about and-"
    ~ Hitler on the Holocaust

  7. " And the graphics, that's what it is all about, that's the way in the future"

    — Some Dickhead EA Video Game Developer explaining realism.

  8. whenever i see a new game release with good graphics, i subconsciously think of Jerry saying "The GRAPHICS, thats what its really all about"

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