Free Million Dollar Game Plan

Free Million Dollar Game Plan

Welcome back my friend. Today, we’re going to be talking about your
free million dollar game plan. And kind of meet mean by a couple of things
by that. I just finished writing my fourth book. Except this book is different in any other
book I’ve written before. I decided to leave out as much as the fluffest
possible. Instead of writing like a 200-page book. I wrote this short little clip notes on the
steps of making your first million dollars in real estate. So I thought today in this video, I give a
little bit of a preview of what your million dollar game plan looks like. And if it’s serves you then in any point you
can click the in the description below and actually talk to a member of my team. They will give you a free copy of that book. Free of charge and it’s design to be your
customed blue print to how to make your first million. Now, we talk about your custom blue print
inside this book. And I want you to understand that even though
it’s one book, I formatted it in a way where it’ll speak to you if you got no money, it’ll
speak to you if you have some assets and it’ll also give you a path if you have a lot of
assets. And what it’s designed to do is basically
have you kind of choose your own adventure and figure out, “Alright, this is where I
am at. And then how do I get where I want to go? For me that’s really big because I started
in life with a pile of debt. I had no money and I had to find my way into
this career. And I don’t think I’m anymore special than
anyone else on this planet. I think God, made us all special in our ways. But this is my gift and I learn how to do
this and so today, I am passing it on to you. So, first of all, we got to get something
out of the way. I call it a million dollar game plan. And automatically, you get a little shutdown
saying, “Part of says, it’s so exciting and part of me says, I’ll never do that.” Okay, you got to financial barometer and there’s
a certain amount of money that okay with. And here’s what I am asking you to do. Push it up. And let me make that easy for you. Million dollars may sound like a lot to some
people but it is a small amount of money. As in like a million dollars. Earning just 10% a year is like 8 grand a
month. Dude, your not going to be rich. Like 8 grand is not living in a mansion, alright? It’s living a good life. Take one trip a year. Or maybe 2 trips a year. You get to drive a nice car, you can live
in a nice-ish house. So, million dollars is not necessarily a lot. If you want to make 2 million or 5 million,
you can. I just want to get started on the first million. And I want you to do things in the next 12
months that will add multiple 6 figures to your networth. Let’s talk about it. Million dollar. So your million dollar game plan, it’s all
about helping you understand to how to get from where you at to where you want to go. What I want you to do is I want to kind of
give you basic structure of understanding so when you click the link and go talk to
member of my team and actually download the copy, the book. What I want to have happen is I want you to
get basically… I want to take years of success in millions
that I have made and condense it into, “Okay Kris, you took a lot of deviating paths along
the way and then you eventually find you way to the straight path. I am going to give you the straight path right
now. Here’s what you’re going to do. Number 1, you’re going to make you million
dollars purchasing you real estate. It’s going to be what’s called SFH, SIngle
Family Homes. This is not multi-family, this aren’t triplex
or duplexes or condos. This is a home that is designed for family. What you’re going to do with that home is
what we call compassionate financing or lease option. And the reason why is because you’re going
to earn double the money than rents. Now, don’t argue with me. I’m just… Listen, it’s only a short video so I’m just
going to tell you exactly what it is. The book can actually argue the merits of
the why. Because you’re going to have this questions
like, “What’s this? What’s this? What’s that?” House, single family, lease option and it’s
got to be purchased under the median. Which for of you means you’re going to buying
a home under $200,000. Now when you buy this house, if you follow
the criteria that I lay out in my new book, what it’s designed to do is earn you a 20%
ROI. That means return on investment. That means that whether you got no money,
I’ll show you how to buy this house. If you have a little bit of money, I’ll show
you how to buy this house. If your money is sitting in 401k or IRA, i’ll
show you how to buy this house. But the important part is the what? Buy this house. So, if you buy this house, if it’s earning
20%… Do some math with me. Imagine that this finger was a year and it
represented 20%. But then it made 20% this year and 20% this
year and 20% this year and 20% this year and 20% this year. 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 percent. In 5 years, double your money. Make sense? Now, on this house, you do need to understand. You’re going to be making $5,000 upfront. And I do also want you to understand that
there is $500 a month of a residual income that you’re getting. And because of this 20% growth, if you we’re
to sell it in 5 years, it’s also going to produce tens of thousands of dollars of profit. So, now that we understand what we’re doing
right here, this is how we’re going to get it to a million. We want to take one home and we want to turn
it into what? 2 homes. Doing all of this all over again. But not ones but what? Two. Do you have to put more money in to doing
this? No. It’ll propel itself. You might have more money and you can accelerate
it because later in the book, I talk about my accelerants. Dude, I think it’s 20 page book. Like, “Shrinks.” And there’s a lot of graphics. Like it’s designed to be the clip notes of
the wealth creation, okay? When you go from one house to this 2 homes,
guess what the goal is from there. Yes, more residual income. Yes, more money, collected upfront. But we want to take 2 homes and we want to
turn them into what? We want to turn them into 4 homes. From 4 homes into what? That’s absolutely right. We’re going to turn them into 8 homes. And here’s my goal, if you can in your first
year start with the couple of homes, the goal is to turn it into total of 16. And the reason why 16 is important is because
that’s the magic number that can get you into that million dollars. $8,000 residual income, stay at your job,
quit your job, let your real estate support you. It’s all up to you. And now, this might take you 10 years. This might take you 20 years. But in my book then I talk about accelerants. Like, “Hmm, I figured this out.” I’m freaking pretty boss at it. Like, how do I go faster? And if you want to go faster, you don’t want
to just do 1 or 2 homes in your first year. If it’s working, you want to do what? You want to do like 4 or 5 homes right? So, with 5 homes in your first year, you completely
alter the trajectory. In fact, I’ll show you gameplans in that book
where you can start with enough homes to then turn it into an empire. Like a hundred plus homes. Dude, some people buy a thousand plus homes. In fact, when you learn how to do this, there’s
no reason to actually have to stop. So, friends, this is my book to a million
dollar gameplan. This is what you do and then it’s all about
multiplying it. I’m not getting into the jargon on how we’re
going to do it. Because I’ll let the book do that. 10-31 exchange, cash-out refinance, tax benefits,
blah, blah, blah, blah. The important thing is for you to get a customed
gameplan. Like, where are you at in your life? Are you starting where I did poor in debt? Young? People are telling you you couldn’t do it? Are you starting of with some moderate assets? Have you already exit in college and have
something building for yourself? Listen, everyone’s in the… Everyone’s in the different spot in life. And whatever yours is, you need like a custom
plan. You need someone to put themselves in your
shoes and say, “This is how to do it.” The book will do it for you and I’ve also
set some of my staff aside to do that for you for free. So that literally, all you need to do is click
the link, check out the description below. When you click it, it’s going to give you
a lot of information about how well this works. And then you can put in your information to
talk to a member of my team so that they can actually break down for you what it’ll looks
like to help you crush it in real estate. Thank you so much for watching this video. I am really excited for you to get the book. It’s an awesome book. It’s going to be good to you. And more important, it’s going to expand your
awareness of wealth creation. Maybe for you it’s not how you’re going to
make a million, but it might be part. Or it might be how you get it in a journey
of making a billion dollars. Listen, I am teaching so many people who knows
what the wall turned into. I only can keep track on so many of you. So I hope it’s useful, I hope it’s good. And if you like today’s video, give it a thumbs
up and also subscribe. I you haven’t you need to ring the bell so
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