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Hi. My name is Clinton Woodward. And I’m a lecturer in computer
science and software engineering at Swinburne
University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. I started programming when I was
in primary school because I wanted to write
my own games. Sure, I loved playing
games, but I wanted to do it a bit different. I wanted to add more stuff. I wanted to change things. So you’ve got to programme. I’ve done a lot of programming
since then– little programmes, big
programmes, more games, large games. And I want to help you
understand the concepts in game development. We’ll begin by looking
at game design. Because when we’re developing
games, everything should be centred on that design. We will then look at ways of
turning a game design into something real, a game we can
play, by first identifying the key parts and then realising
them one step at a time. Finally, we’ll look at one of
my favourite topics, adding artificial intelligence to our
games so that we can create richer and more interesting
experiences for our player. I’m not going to teach you how
to programme or how to create just a single game. I’m going to provide you with
the understanding and the ideas you need to be part of
a game development process. So whether you’re a graphic
designer or 3D modeller, a programmer, somebody who loves
playing games and wants to learn more, I’ll present to
you basic concepts in game development. It would be great to
have you with us. So enrol now.

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