Fortnite Virgins

Fortnite Virgins

Ooh Y’all suckers, done messed up. Now. I got the Daryl Dixon crossbow! Ooh Oh Hold up girl, Ooh I’m about to cancel Christmas on your dumb butt Got to be more careful! Get you some! Hold up look at that booty girl. How am I supposed to concentrate when I can see that booty from the front? Yeah, you better run. run back to your pimp. Bro, you look like Shaq shooting a free throw Um… where the freak are you guys? skshht [Imitation Walkie Talkie Static] Okay, boys where we landing? We already landed. Okay, we can ron-dizze-vous at tilted towers if you want to want to. Wait no, no, no, no, don’t go there Reddit says that if you go there. You’re gonna die Ron-dizze-vous! Tilted! Dropping in three, two, one. Yolo, fish! LeBron what’s your 20? over. Skshht [Imitating Walkie-Talkie] Shoot I don’t know, I’m with King Kong queesha We sure we just found a chuck-e-cheese Gigi stop making that sound we’re not on walkie-talkies we’re on headsets guys Ron disa vous There’s a boo tilt the towers come on Hank, but you Finna die no. I’m not I’m bout to go ultra instincts on all these chicken heads. I worried about nuttin Midnight, I worried about no all right see a blue pump on this roof right here, okay? There’s a guy underneath me, one second, hold on okay – wait – two three. Okay. There’s 17 guys here. I don’t even care. Let’s get wet! y’all boys soft. Tengo Sucka! Oh shoot. Oh, no these pools back in yo Y’all don’t know me, get off me. Guys, I need help! Come through, blood come through! Squad, pull up, pull up. What part of Ron-dizze-vous did ya’ll not understand? [Screams] I need backup! Oh my Gooch, this game is so violent… skshht GiGi, stop saying skshht before I drop kick you in your forehead! Aimbot, you dead bro? No, I’m not dead I’m hiding under the stairs like a little punk. No thanks to y’all. What part of ron-dizze-vous did y’all not understand ? Wait, so what happens if you die? y’all gonna have to take this L I’m confused: do we automatically die if you die? question mark. Naw, this is your first time playing so there’s no Humanly possible way you’re gonna win without me so when I die in a few seconds Y’all gotta find a bridge and jump off of it so we can start a new game I’m the only one I played this game before Yeah, um I don’t want to do that. Yeah me either retweet… skshht Stop saying ‘skshht’ ! I’m being honest. I’m gonna be playing this game because I heard Drake plays it What’s the point of this game again? You gotta be the last team alive oh? Sure, you can building this game. I’m about to build a strip club! inside a nail salon inside a footlocker I Think somebody’s shooting at me. Do you see anybody? uh no, ‘skshht’ It’s probably somebody trying to snipe you. You’re standing out in the open like an idiot? No….. skshht Girl, you’ve got to be more careful. You’re in the middle of loot Lake Go inside that house behind you I’m not running from nobody 4 to 4 on deck. You already know what it is, cuhhh I’m from the streets shut up. You ain’t from no streets It’s available I listen to the Black Panther soundtrack like every day I downloaded it and I didn’t even pay for it no no no no, Nana Nana Nana That’s Pink Panther not Black Panther you idiot GiGi you got to be more careful! Did not go inside for a little bit All right guys so in a more serious topic is aggro advice my next-door neighbor She’s like so sexy, but she thinks I’m a stalker then one of her friends. Tell you this No, she said it in her diary and her private Twitter Wait wait wait wait how did she read her diary? Bro she keeps her right there under her pillow for anyone that just climbing the tree and go through her window and read it hmm Send me this girl’s IG if you won’t uh thanks for the $10. Don’t know Josh. Don’t be an a-hole caught my merge – wait Are you streaming this game right now? Yeah, how many viewers you got? Oh, you know just like 16,000? What is your first time playing the game you got 16 K guys okay? No no seriously. Let’s okay. Let’s start over I’m supposed to be showing y’all how to play um we can win without you. I’m a really good at video games I Unlock the Egyptian sage on Goldeneye I bet y’all a hundred dollars right now. We won’t win this game Oh my god hunter You’ve been for real milf hunter 97 is a guy in the chat, and he just said he believes in us, and he’ll donate us $10,000 if we win this game yeah to be more careful. Everybody’s not everybody stop stop. Stop. Everybody stop and listen We can win this you got to do exactly as I say first of all everybody open your map and then

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  1. Says that she downloaded the black panther soundtrack, starts singing the pink panther song 😆🤣😂💀☠️💀

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 YOU GAT TO BE MORE CAREFUL

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